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  • Historic HousesYearbook

    New flagship publication for 2019

    Historic Houses represents Britain’s largest collection of independently

    owned, lived-in, historic houses, castles and gardens. This includes

    virtually all the finest historic houses and estates in Britain.

    Media Pack 2019

    Directory and List of Members 2018

    Annual Report 2017/18

    Incorporating the Directory and Annual Report

  • Our members collectively represent a

    large and financially significant market.Historic houses need £1.5 billion-worth of essential repairs and

    maintenance, of which nearly £500 million is urgent.

    Owners constantly invest in the upkeep of their properties buying

    products & services for preservation and maintenance of the buildings

    and estates that they manage. Many are open to the public, offer

    weddings, conference facilities, Holiday accommodation, corporate

    hospitality days and are used as film sets.

    Historic Houses represents Britain’s largest collection of independently

    owned, lived-in, historic houses, castles and gardens. The Yearbook

    reaches over 2,500 historic house owners which includes

    virtually all the finest historic houses and estates in Britain.

    Publishing in August 2019, the newly created Yearbook will combine the

    contents of the Directory of Historic Houses and the Annual Report in a

    high quality publication of over 150 pages, specifically designed for

    members who are owners of historic buildings.


    Free technical advice has always

    Historic Houses membership.

    It may cover almost any issue

    encountered by the ownership of

    listed property including technical,

    security, HSE, disability access,

    matters. Similar problems are

    encountered by most historic

    houses whatever their size, and

    whether private, or operating as a

    commercial attraction. This year

    advice on traditional topics such

    as woodworm, repair of sash

    windows and electric gates, and

    more unusual subjects including

    death watch beetle and sand-cast

    lead manufacturers.

    Increases in the frequency with

    which common queries occur are

    usually driven by the introduction

    of new regulatory controls, but

    there has been little major change

    for some years. The problems,

    much covered in the media,

    resulting from the imposition of

    not materialised – helped by

    our detailed technical advice to

    members. Proposals for adverse

    housing development that will

    have an impact on members’

    historic settings continues to be a

    threat to many, however. We are

    normally happy to offer a letter of

    support against harmful proposals.

    Advice visits have been made to

    Northamptonshire and Scotland,

    covering the whole range of

    membership from private to

    commercial and charitable

    ownership. Most of these visits

    are in preparation for, or after,

    and involve reviews of changes

    to family living arrangements

    and business plans for

    commercial enterprise.


    Members of the Dent-Brocklehurst family at Sudeley Castle

    more visitors a

    year by 2023

    748,000 Historic


    adopting a

    HMF would

    be able to


    public access

    by 20 days

    each year on



    Promotes health and wellbeing

    Increased public access Delivers a neteconomic bene t

    Reducing income tax

    on HMFs to 20% would

    generate a net ben

    for the UK economy of

    £85.5m by 2023

    Exchequer revenue

    would increase by

    £4.6m by 2023. This

    would offset part of

    the static costs to the


    Independent analysis commissioned by Historic Houses indicates that reducing income tax on

    HMFs to 20% would be the most cost-effective means of conserving independent heritage for

    public ben t. This targeted reform would generate funding to tackle the £1.38bn conservation

    backlog, while guaranteeing public access, generating economic growth and supporting

    people’s health and wellbeing.



    The health and

    wellbeing value of

    these additional visits

    to historic houses

    would be worth

    £89.4m to the UK

    economy by 2023



    WE ARE





    Data compiled from an independent study carried out by Saffery Champness and Nordicity (2018) using a best practice approach

    which followed HM Treasury Green Book methodology, as well as data from an independent study carried out by DC Research Ltd

    in 2015, and analysis of the 2017 Historic Houses member survey.

    HMFs are a means by which nationally important historic

    houses that are open to the public can ringfence funds (from

    their own resources) for heritage maintenance. In this way,

    HMFs generate private sector funding for public ben t. We

    welcome the government’s support for HMFs; however, in

    their current form HMFs are subject to a high rate of income

    tax – 45% – and capital gains tax continues to apply.


    Increased tourism spend

    Now is the time to give our country’s

    irreplaceable historic houses the tools they

    need to drive growth and support our

    communities. If nothing is done:

    We risk irreversible damage to our unique

    heritage, which forms the backbone of our

    thriving tourism industry

    The £1.38bn conservation backlog of

    outstanding repairs will continue to grow

    Erosion of public access would lead to an

    economic loss of £34.8m by 2023, including

    £25.5m in lost tourism spending

    Additional visitors

    to historic houses

    would spend an

    extra £11.4m

    Driving regional economic growth

    26m annual visits to Historic Houses places

    generate £1bn in visitor spend, £720m of which is

    spent ‘off site’ in local towns and villages

    Nearly 50% of goods and services purchased by

    Historic Houses places is with local suppliers

    Historic Houses places generate 33,700

    FTE jobs, injecting £496m into the

    economy as GVA

    [email protected]


  • The Yearbook includes:● Annual Report of Policy, Education, Awards, Tourism, Marketing,

    Accounts, Membership, Committees, Charitable partners

    ● A-Z listing of all historic house member properties and a separate A-Z

    listing of members by name

    ● Names and addresses of museums, societies, trust, associations and

    other useful organisations involved in heritage and conservation

    Corporate members index, listed under the services provided to house


    The opportunityThrough The Yearbook you will reach:

    ● Owners of Historic Houses and their Professional employees.

    ● Owners, are interested in architectural services, fine arts and auction

    houses, insurance, home security, legal and tax advice.

    ● Professional employees are interested in home and garden products,

    professional advisory services and contractors.

    Promoting in the Yearbook will ensure that your company or

    organisation is at the forefront of members’ minds for the next 12


    All images provided courtesy of Historic House DLOM 2018 and Annual Report 2017/18.



    safety function in the National Trust until April 2011. He also

    has several years’ previous experience as an Inspector with the

    Health and Safety Executive.

    Mark can advise on occupational safety and health issues in

    the historic environment and is available to provide free first

    line advice direct to members. Mark also provides site visits,

    audits and incident investigation work at an additional cost.

    LEGAL ADVICE: Farrer & Co.

    Farrer & Co. have been advising house members for over 15

    years providing online guidance notes and magazine articles

    on all aspects of historic house ownership and business

    management. An independent law firm with a rich history

    Farrer’s have a centuries-long tradition of advising private

    families, individuals and charitable institutions and is today

    complemented by their work with businesses and

    entrepreneurs, from asset managers and sports bodies to

    media groups.

    Farrer’s offer a series of downloadable advice notes and

    articles on a wide range of legal issues concerning the

    ownership, management and succession of a historic property

    and its wider assets. Farrer can offer free first-line general tax

    advice to individual house members on request through

    Historic Houses’ Chester Street office. Please telephone

    020 7259 5688 or email [email protected] for more


    SECURITY ADVICE: Peter Gough

    Tel: 01386 710310

    Email: [email protected]

    Peter retired after 13 years as Head of Security at the National

    Trust and now offers his expertise to clients through sound,

    practical advice to minimise risks from criminal activity.

    Operating as Gough Consultants Limited, Peter will identify

    potential risks and suggest methods of reducing a client's

    vulnerability to current threats. Having worked for the National

    Trust, he has in-depth knowledge of security measures

    relevant to country estates and historic houses and gardens,

    whether open to the public or not. These will be appropriate

    to the setting and respect the fabric of historic buildings as


    Peter also has over 30 years' experience in the security industry

    and, also being a Chartered Electrical Engineer, is well placed

    to explain and comment on electronic security systems,

    including intruder alarms and CCTV. He can also deal with

    procedural and physical security issues, the latter being

    particularly important on country estates where tools, plant

    and equipment are extremely vulnerable.


    Members who have suffered a break-in or theft or have

    noticed suspicious behaviour at their properties should report

    this to The Stately Home Hotline Newsletter run by Sir Thomas

    Ingilby at Ripley Castle. The Hotline contains useful advice

    about security precautions and who to contact in the event of

    a theft. To sign up please contact [email protected]

    Please note that Historic Houses does not provide advice in

    this area and that contact between members and

    independent security advisers listed is at the members'


    TAX ADVICE: Saffery Champness

    Saffery Champness are leading accountants for private client

    tax work and provide expert support as part of Historic Houses'

    tax advisory service to house members. Their expertise and

    contribution to Historic Houses ensures they can offer advice

    on the full range of taxation and business matters affecting

    historic house owners.

    A series of downloadable tax notes provided by Saffery

    Champness are available on our website and highlight

    changes to legislation affecting the tax treatment of historic

    houses, as well as changes to business rates, relevant

    announcements from the Budget and updates on

    Government schemes for helping small- and medium-sized

    businesses. Saffery Champness can offer free first-line general

    tax advice to individual house members on request through

    Historic Houses’ Chester Street office. Please telephone

    020 7259 5688 or email [email protected] for more



    Historic Houses regularly organises seminars and workshops

    on a wide range of subjects which have included: security;

    taxation and maintenance funds; garden management and

    promotion; sponsorship, planning procedures, disaster

    planning, information technology, marketing, climate change,

    visitor welcome and succession to an historic house. These are

    directed at all types of member property whether it is a family

    home, visitor attraction, commercial business, or venue.


    We represent Britain’s largest

    collection of independently owned

    historic homes and gardens. We help

    our house-owners celebrate the past,

    secure the future, and speak with

    one powerful voice. We are here to

    ensure these historic homes stay

    alive and accessible for generations

    to come. With us, your home is safer

    and more successful. Your voice is

    heard and represented. You are part

    of a community of likeminded

    families. You are bringing the nation’s

    history to life.

    Historic Houses

    2 Chester Street

    London SW1X 7BB

    020 7259 5688

    [email protected]


    Published for the Historic Houses by

    Hall-McCartney Ltd

    PO Box 21, Heritage House

    Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 5SH

    01462 896688

    [email protected]


    ISSN 1743-6834

    © Historic Houses 2018


    Neither Historic Houses nor the

    publisher is as a body responsible for

    the opinions expressed in this

    Directory unless it is stated that an

    article or letter specifically represents

    the views of Historic Houses. The

    products and services advertised in

    this journal are not necessarily

    endorsed by Historic Houses.

    This Publication is produced

    exclusively for the information of

    members of the Historic Houses. It

    must not be made available to any

    non-member or to any outside body.

    No part of this book may be

    reproduced, stored in a retrieval

    system, or transmitted in any form or

    by any means, electronic, magnetic

    tape, photocopying or otherwise,

    without the permission in writing of

    the Historic Houses.

    All rights reserved.

    5 Your Association, by the Director General

    9 Officers, Staff, Past Presidents

    12 Council

    13 Regional Representatives

    15 Committees

    18 Advisory Service

    23 Member Access Scheme

    25 Invitation to View




    66 Cumbria

    66 East Anglia

    68 East Midlands

    69 Heart of England

    71 North West

    72 Northumbria

    73 South East

    74 Thames & Chilterns

    76 Wessex

    78 Yorkshire

    80 Northern Ireland

    80 Scotland

    82 Wales

    83 Overseas




    154 Index to advertisers

    Directory and List of Members 2018




    Historic Houses offers its house members an advisory service

    as part of the core benefits of membership and our general

    advice on such matters as taxation can save an individual

    member their subscription several times over.

    Historic Houses engages a number of consultants with

    expertise ranging from security and risk, to education and

    accessibility that members can contact for general or

    bespoke advice. In addition, supported by other corporate

    partners, we produce Advice & Guidance Notes on subjects

    relevant to owners of historic properties. While Historic

    Houses will advise on matters of fact, it is not possible for it to

    act on behalf of an individual member in dealing with a

    particular problem unless there is a principle at stake. Our

    expert advisors and their areas of expertise are listed below

    and our website provides access to a wealth of articles,

    guidance notes and seminar presentations on subjects

    important to our member properties.

    TECHNICAL ADVICE: Robert Parker

    Tel: 01200 423426

    Email: [email protected]

    Robert is Historic Houses Technical Adviser and is available to

    give free, first-line advice to members on a wide range of

    issues and problems they may encounter as owners or

    managers of historic properties whether they are open or

    closed to the public. Robert can provide advice on the

    following areas:

    TAX: capital, income tax and VAT relating to historic houses.

    PLANNING: planning enquiries; listing; legislation and statutory


    VISITOR-RELATED: planning; shops; catering; concessions;

    gardens; signposting; special projects; publicity and


    GRANTS: Historic England grants; Heritage Lottery Fund

    grants; European, local authority and other grants;

    sponsorship; other sources of funding; provision of public


    COMMERCIAL: feasibility of ancillary or alternative use;

    conferences; business entertaining; film and television location


    LAND MANAGEMENT: commercial advice on wider aspects of

    land and recreational management.

    ACCESS ADVICE: Ian Streets

    Tel: 01482 651101

    Email: [email protected]

    Ian is an access consultant who has carried out access audits

    across a wide range of sectors, including transport, leisure,

    commercial, retail and education. Ian is on the board of the

    NRAC and a member of British Standards drafting

    committees developing and reviewing inclusive design

    standards. Founding member of Network Rail’s Built

    Environment Access Panel.

    Ian can advise on access audits, design appraisals, training,

    access statements, as well as general consultancy about the

    accessibility of your property. First-line advice is free and Ian

    can be contacted by phone or email. More detailed advisory

    work, or that which requires a site visit or report writing, after

    the initial free advice would be subject to an additional

    agreed fee.

    EDUCATION ADVICE: Gail Bromley

    Gail Bromley is Education Adviser to Historic Houses. Gail

    worked at Kew Gardens for 38 years, initially as a plant

    taxonomist and later as Head of Education. She developed

    and managed their education provision. She left Kew in 2013

    to set up her own company, Planting Values, freelancing in the

    field of Heritage Education. She has just won a major 3-year

    EU funded project on Community Education, which she will

    co-manage. She is a director of the UK-wide Botanic Garden

    Education Network (BGEN) and Chair of Trustees for National

    Heritage (NH).

    Gail provides free advice and guidance for members through

    Historic Houses’ Learning Advisory Service which is supported

    by six further education advisers. Gail can be contacted

    through Chester Street or directly by e-mail:

    [email protected] .


    Tel: 01484 866070

    Email: [email protected]

    Mark Daniels works as an independent safety adviser

    specialising in visitor safety management in countryside and

    coastal environments and at gardens, historic buildings and

    structures. Mark has over 20 years’ experience as a safety

    practitioner and manager, previously leading the health and

    Advisory service

  • Yearbook Advertising Rates 2019If you are interested in advertising in the Yearbook please contact Mariam Oakley on 01462

    896688 or email [email protected]


    (height x width in mm)

    Full page (250 x 190) £1000

    Trim size (270 x 210)

    Bleed size (276 x 216)

    Half page £700

    Vertical (250 x 93)

    Horizontal (123 x 190)

    Quarter page (123 x 93) £550

    Special position + 10%

    Loose inserts POA

    Advertisement deadlines

    Month published August 2019

    Copy deadline 22 July 2019

    Copy requirements: high resolution (press ready) PDF with CMYK images and postscript

    fonts embedded.

    Advertising agency discount 10%. All advertisement rates are plus VAT.

    Please note that all advertisements and loose inserts are vetted by Historic Houses and a

    sample of loose inserts should be supplied to the publishers for approval well in advance of

    the publication date.

    For more information please visit historichouses.org

    Publishing department and advertisement office, contact Mariam Oakley for enquiries:

    Hall-McCartney Ltd, Heritage House, PO Box 21, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 5SH

    Telephone: 01462 896688

    Email: [email protected]

    Web: www.hall-mccartney.co.uk