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Slides used in a webinar on 21 November 2012. Covered Historic Digimap service, a subscription service for UK further and higher education. Contains maps to view/download of GB, from 1843-1996.


<ul><li> 1. Content What is Historic Digimap? Ancient Roam Historic Download</li></ul> <p> 2. What is Historic Digimap? JISC funded maps licensedfrom LandmarkInformationGroup Provides access tohistoric maps ofGB from 1843 tothe late 1990s EDINA design andhost the serviceat EdinburghUniversity 3. What can I do with it? 4. What historic maps? Town Plan maps at 1:500, 1:528 and 1:1056 scales published from 1848 and 1939, for towns with a population in excess of 4000 at the time of survey, County Series maps at 1:2,500 and 1:10560 scales published between 1846 and 1969, National Grid maps at 1:1,250, 1:2,500 and 1:10560/10,000 scales, published from 1948 1996 (before the introduction of the Ordnance Surveys digital Land-Line product). http://edina.ac.uk/digimap/description/products/historic_products.shtm 5. Map revisions A map series covers a time period, for example the County Series 1:10560 series ran from the 1840s to the 1960s. Within that time period, the maps were resurveyed periodically and the maps were revised. Not all areas were resurveyed, only those with significant change. 1st Edition 1849 1899 Maps available in blue areas (note this map availability tool is in Historic Download) 6. Map revisions County Series 1st revision 1888 - 1914 7. Map revisions County Series 2nd revision 1900 - 1949 8. Map revisions County series 3rd revision 1922 - 1969 9. Content What is Historic Digimap? Ancient Roam Historic Download 10. Ancient Roam overviewTimeline Tasks: search, clear overlapping maps, save mapsTools: annotate,measure, 2map view, map details,print 11. Ancient Roam maps Fixed scales user cannot select scale Zoom in and out to different fixed scale map views 5 modern map views to help you zoom into the right location 12 historic map views different historical maps viewed at an optimal scale 12. 12 Historic map views ViewsWhat maps?Print scale Plan 1-4 Town Plans 1:500, 1:1056, 1:250, 1:500, 1:750, (mostNational Grid 1:12501:1000 detailed) Street 1-2 County Series 1:2500, 1:1250, 1:1800National Grid 1:2500 Parish 1-2 County Series 1:2500, 1:2500 ,1:5000National Grid 1:2500 Shire 1-4County Series 1:10560,1:7500, 1:10000, (least National Grid 1:15000, 1:20000 detailed)1:10560/1:10000 13. Plan view 1 1876, Town Plan, scale 1958, National Grid, 1:1056 scale 1:1250 14. Street View 1899, County Series 1989, National Grid, scale 1:2500scale 1:2500 15. Parish View 1875, County Series 1951, National Grid, scale 1:2500scale 1:2500 16. Shire View 1934, County Series 1988, National Grid, 1:10560 scale 1:10000 17. Search Place name, full postcode or grid reference search options Place name database does not include street names 18. Viewing historical maps The Timeline is located above the map pane. The timeline is not activated until a historical map is generated. Shows the availability of historical maps over each decade, for the current location and view level. Simply click on a decade to view the available map.Currently selected decade is highlighted in redDecades in blue mean there are maps available for thatdecade. Where there is more than one map available in adecade, the earliest map is shown.Decades in grey mean there are no historical maps availablefor that decade, at that location and map view. Your decade selection is retained when you move around and zoom in/out. 19. Viewing historical maps To zoom in/out of the map, you can: Double click to zoom in Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out. Use the drag zoom tool to zoom to a specific area. Select the tool, then draw a box on the map. Use the zoom slider bar to zoom in or out: To pan around: Click and drag the map i.e. click and hold the left mouse button,then drag to move the map. Use the navigation controlto move north, south, east or west 20. Viewing historical mapsNo available maps?Search againPan aroundZoom in or outTry a different decade 21. Map availability 22. Map availability 23. Viewing historical mapsClick and drag the redbox to move to a newlocation 24. Overlapping mapsOverlapping map selection tool will be highlighted in red ifoverlapping maps occur (happens when neighbouringcounties surveyed the same area more than once in the sametime period the maps are on top of each other in AncientRoam)Sometimes overlapping maps cause blurring, as above 25. Overlapping maps Select a county fromthe list to display onlyone map 26. Map detailsClickthen onceanywhere on map -Map series, tile,publication yearwe donot have survey year forEngland and Wales countyseries 27. 2 up view 28. 2 up viewSelect the decades for the maps that you wish to viewby clicking the decades in the Timelines.Clickor to return to the one map view 29. Map Information 30. MyMaps Click here to save maps Available anytime you login Give you details such as View, date of creation 31. Save a map image Save a PNG map image to your computer, insert into documents Click the save as image to disk icon in the top right 32. Save a map image A new browser window opens: Right click on image, selectSave Imageasor Save picture as 33. Print PDF map Click Print icon opens new window Preview map area Options title, grid lines, include annotations A3/A4 PDF maps Include copyright statement 34. Annotations Toolbar appears at the top of the screen can be moved around Main options to add annotations in the Draw &amp; Create area - add: Add symbols, text, lines, polygons, pre-defined shapes Annotations remain on your map at the same scale as you zoom in and out Options: save annotations within Digimap, make visible on PDF print, export, import 35. Recreate this map Search with Lancaster University postcode, LA1 4YW. Generate 2up view. Compare 1890s, 1970s. 36. Ancient Roam practise 1. Create a map centred on Greenwich Park, Shire view, 1870s.Remove overlapping maps select Middlesex. 2. Zoom into Royal Naval College (near the Thames) to look atPlan views. We may have to switch decades for availablemaps. 3. Click i then click on the map for map details. Add somemarkers 37. Content What is Historic Digimap? Ancient Roam Historic Download 38. Select map data productClick on anymap series to select it fordownload 39. Select product 2 Select Original mapsheets, National Grid tiles or both 40. Search &amp; Select Tiles screenSearch,List ofSelect tiles selectselected tileshereoncemapappears hereyou are in theeditionright location 41. Search Additional search option Historic County or Parish 42. Select tilesOnce you are in the right location, and can see tilesmarked on the mapClick Select tilesand click on the map toselect the tiles of interest 43. Select tiles Selected tiles are highlighted on the map in red Selected tiles are in the list on the right 44. Download screen Here, you: 1.name your order and confirm your details, 2.refine your data order, 3.order your data. 1. Name your order, confirm email address 45. Download screen 2. Refine your data order you can delete any unwanted tileshere. Note that map sheets are included automatically, if you asked formap sheets AND National Grid tiles at the start 46. Download screen3. Select zip option and order data 47. Confirmation received You will receive an on-scren confirmation, which explains: You will receive an email when your order is ready. That your order will typically be ready within 48 hours (although generally it is much faster). You can check the status of your order on the My Account page 48. Email received when ready Includes a link to collect data note you must already be logged in to Historic Digimap to use the link 49. Collect data 50. Data download file contents Unzip the zip file to see the contents Sub-folder for National Grid tiles and map sheets.IFyou requested both! 51. Data download file contents National Grid folder: A TIFF file, for each tile of map data you selected. An ESRI tfw world file, for each map data tile. These files are read by ESRIGIS software to place the TIFF map image in the correct geographic location KEEP THESE FILES IN THE SAME FOLDER AS THE TIFF FILES. A MapInfo tab world file which is read by MapInfo GIS software to placethe TIFF map image in the correct geographic location 52. Data download file contents Map sheets folder: A TIFF file, for each original map sheet you selected. A MapInfo tab world file which is read by MapInfo GIS software to place the TIFF map image in the correct geographic location 53. My Account My Account allows you to view details of your data orders and to check their status 54. My Account Click on any order to see details Resend order collection email option</p>