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1. Hiring Process Workers Compensation Time & Attendance Incident Reports Policies Handbook OT Forms Training. 2. HIRING PROCESS. 3. The Hiring Process begins as soon as a position is vacant. Once a resignation or retirement letter is received, the job is posted. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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  • Hiring ProcessWorkers CompensationTime & AttendanceIncident ReportsPoliciesHandbookOT FormsTraining *


  • The Hiring Process begins as soon as a position is vacant.

    Once a resignation or retirement letter is received, the job is posted.

    Postings are open for 10 days.

    A register is requested as soon as a posting closes.

    Once the register is received, a copy of the register goes tothe hiring supervisor for the interview process to begin.

    It can take any where from 2 to 8 weeks to receive a register from the Division of Personnel.


  • Once you have made the decision to resign or retire, you need to compose a letter to the Commissioner with the following information: The reason for your resignation

    If it is for retirement, please state thatyou will be retiring

    The date you intend for your resignationor retirement to be effective

    Your last working day and your choice to have your leave paid out in a lump sum or that you choose to stay on payroll until your annual leave is paid out.

    Once approved you will receive a letter of acceptance from the Commissioner*

  • TO HIRE A TEMPORARY EMPLOYEEThe Temporary Personnel Record form must be filled out. This form must be signed by the CommissionerThe 90-day Appointment must be signed by the candidate and a justification must be provided.*


  • Zurich Insurance Company

    is the new provider for Workerscompensation beginning October 1, 2011

    The State of WV has chosen Zurich to administer their Workers Compensation insurance.

    Zurich has established a relationship with CompNET to provide our Workers Compensation customers with a Managed care Organization Program.

    This provides customers with a medical provider network, medical case management services and utilization review services when a workplace injury claim is filed.*

  • What are your responsibilities?Step 1 Report the injury to your immediate supervisorStep 2 Complete an incident report formStep 3 Choose a Network Provider and seek Medical AttentionIf your injury is an emergency, you will be taken to the nearest medical facility.If your injury is not an emergency, you will need to choose a Treating Physician from the network directory and schedule an appointment for treatmentStep 4 Keep your team informed, including your claim adjuster, your nurse case manager and Human Resources*

  • Once I am notified, you will be sent a letter, with information about Zurich and CompNet. This will include:

    An Employee ManualThis explains your rights and the procedures for filing a Workers Comp claim, plus gives you access to the Provider directory

    ID CardThis will be the ID Card you will use for treatment and prescriptions

    You will be required to keep me informed if you have any issues or questions once you have filed a claim


  • If you choose not to file a claim at the time of injury, you are still required to fill out an incident report.This is not optional!If you are a supervisor and you know or are informed that your employee is injured on the job, regardless of how minor, it is your responsibility to ensure that the employee completes an incident report.*

  • EPAS*

  • When should EPAs be done?EPAs are to be done when an employee is hired (within the first week of employment)When an employee changes jobs and goes from one supervisor to anotherAn EPA 3 is also completed at the end of the 6 month probationary periodAnd once per year.

    The EPA 1 is due in November and runs for one year. Example: November 1, 2011 through October 31, 2012.The EPA 1 lists the employees job expectations for the year

    The EPA 3 is due in October. The rating period for an EPA 3 would be from November 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012. This EPA rates the employees performance of their job expectations for the year. *


  • Incident reports are to be filled out for any incident that occurs during working hours, on the complex, or at any of the site complexes.The incident report must contain, who, what, where, when and how.It must also contain a date and time of the incident, and if there were any witnesses and a signature. A new incident report is available from Security.*

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  • A copy of WV Division of Culture and History Policies are attached.

    In signing for a copy of the guide, you are also acknowledging that you have received a copy of the policies

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.*

  • The Division of Culture and History Employee Handbook has also been revised and is included with the policies. All policies, handbook and other forms will be available to all employees on the website, this information will be provided at a later date.*


  • Procedure for getting all new hires access to computers, email, and the S: Drive:When a new employee is selected, the supervisor of the section needs to fill out the Office of Technology forms to gain access to the above. These forms need to be submitted to Heather to be approved and sent to OT. Forms can be found at These forms should be submitted one week prior to the new hires start date. If an employee leaves, the supervisor needs to complete the forms to delete access also.*


  • If you are interested in taking any Microsoft office classes, please contact me and I will sign you up.

    All new supervisors or supervisors who have not completed the supervisor training must do so. Please contact me and I will schedule your classes. *

  • If you attend a training class, I would like to have a copy of your certificate to place in your Personnel file. It can be a copy, it does not have to be an original. This will enable me to track what classes you have taken.

    Occasionally there are required computer training session which are set up by the Division of Personnel. Once you completed these sessions, I will need a copy of these certificates also.If it is a class that someone else has mandated we take, I must have a copy of the certificate and you must complete the class within the timeline allowed.*


  • OPEN ENROLLMENT:Open Enrollment is during the month of April each year, to be effective July 1 of the same year.This is the one time of the year that you can make changes to your insurance policy. For example you can change plans for the next year.During Open enrollment, you can also make changes to your Mountaineer Flexible Benefits package (dental, vision, flexible spending accounts). It is your responsibility to know what your coverage's are for both your health insurance and your supplemental insurance coverage. They both require separate enrollment/change forms.


  • CHANGE IN STATUS:To make changes any other time of the year, you will need to fill out a Change in Status form from PEIA or Mountaineer Flexible Benefits and attach the required documentation.


  • CHANGE IN STATUS REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION:Documentation is required for any Change in Status during the year. A Change in Status must be submitted within 90 days of the event, otherwise you will have to wait until open enrollment. Below is a list of approved events and the documentation required for each event. The documentation must be provided to Elaine Britt at the time your Change in Status forms are submitted. No forms will be accepted without the required documentation.*


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