Hiring a personal fitness trainer to help you with your golfing

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<ul><li><p> Hiring a personal fitness trainer to help you with your golfing </p><p>By Jean-Sebastien Fabre </p><p>April 30, 2014 </p><p>Orlando, FL - When people think of high intensity sports, they tend to picture sports such as football, </p><p>rugby, athletics, swimming, etc. People consider these sports to be pretty intense and pretty risky </p><p>too when it comes to picking up injuries. One sport which people never used to even consider when </p><p>thinking about injuries, however, was golf. Golf was once considered a sport for elderly people and </p><p>safe due mainly to the fact that it doesn't involve running. Over the last few years, however, things </p><p>have changed and more and more people are now aware of just how dangerous golf can actually be. </p><p>Golf is a sport which requires great hand-eye coordination, flexibility, mobility, stamina, and even </p><p>strength. Fail to warm up correctly or even simply miss-time your swing and you could potentially </p><p>pull or tear muscles, separate your shoulder or other joints, and require surgery to correct these </p><p>problems. Golf injuries are actually extremely common and nasty in many cases. For this reason, </p><p>more and more keen golf enthusiasts are choosing to work with a personal trainer to help them </p><p>improve their golf fitness. </p><p>You can prevent injury This is arguably the most common reason that people choose to hire </p><p>personal trainers to assist them . A certified personal trainer will design a tailored program to help </p><p>you strengthen muscles, ligaments, tendons and even bones. Resistance training is also a great </p><p>way to correct muscular and mechanic imbalance due to the repetition of specific golf motion. By </p><p>restoring the elasticity of your tissues, flexibility work under the supervision of a qualified trainer </p><p>also helps to stay injury free. </p></li><li><p>You get fitter Believe it or not, cardiovascular fitness and conditioning is now a very important </p><p>aspect in any golfers game. If a golfer is relatively fit and healthy, this gives them a great advantage </p><p>against any opposition that happens to be slightly less fit. If swinging your club and reaching your </p><p>ball tires you out, then this will obviously affect your game and, as you know, golf is a game that </p><p>relies on consistency. </p><p>You improve flexibility Personal trainers will be able to show you stretches, exercises, and </p><p>activities designed to help significantly boost your flexibility. Better flexibility means youll be more </p><p>mobile. Better mobility means you can swing your club the way it should be swung and allow you to </p><p>better rotate your hips, core, and shoulders so as to maximize the effects of each swing you take. </p><p>You will add yards to your drive As you will be fitter, stronger, more flexible and mobile, youll </p><p>now be able to hit the ball the way it should be hit. A perfect drive from the tee is essential if you </p><p>wish to get the best possible score you can. </p><p>Find out how to structure a good fitness program for golf: golf fitness training Orlando </p><p>About Jean-Sebastien Fabre: </p><p>French, 41 years old, IFPA-NCCA Orlando certified personal trainer and weight management instructor, </p><p>owner at Darwin Fitness LLC. </p><p>Contact : personal trainer for golf fitness Orlando </p><p>darwinfit@gmail.com -- 407-274-4747 </p><p>Darwin Fitness Winter Park FL </p><p>1560 Orange Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789 </p><p>Darwin Fitness Longwood FL </p><p>1771 West State Road 434, Longwood, FL 32750 </p></li></ul>