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  • 5A Hiram College education is one of the best investments you will make in your lifetime.With a history dating back to 1850, Hiram Colleges liberal arts education has remained second-to-none. Since our inception, students have benefitted from the unique opportunity to stand out, to be First at Hiram: Ourinnovativecurriculumallows students to chart their own course to combine multiple areas of interest into something no one has done before. Smallclasssizesprovideanidealsetting for one-on-one interaction with some of the nations best faculty. Becausewetreateachstudentasan individual, they become leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. Hiram College alumni are prepared to make a difference in the world.


  • 7We change the world here at Hiram.In our rapidly changing world, a liberal arts education has never been more valuable. The world needs critical thinkers who can offer creative, interdis-ciplinary resolutions for the urgent challenges of the times. Hiram College has earned national respect and rare distinction for providing that educa-tionformorethan160years.AHiramCollegeeducationemphasizesclose student-faculty interactions, experiential learning environments and international study encounters.

    In addition to being one of only 10 percent of colleges and universities nationwidetobeawardedaPhiBetaKappachapter,Hiramholdsaccreditations from the following: HigherLearningCommissionoftheNorthCentralAssociationof Colleges and Schools CommissiononCollegiateNursingEducation NationalCouncilforAccreditationofTeacherEducation OhioStateDepartmentofEducation AmericanChemicalSociety NationalAssociationofSchoolsofMusic

    Studentscanchoosefrom30academicmajorsorcreateindividualizedmajors.EightCentersofDistinctioncapitalizeonHiramslong-standingstrength in applying interdisciplinary approaches to complex questions that dont lend themselves to simple solutions, providing collaborative learning experiences.

    Im a college graduate with a nursing degree from

    a liberal arts institution. I want to take that forward

    and do any random job that comes my way. I want

    to taste everything the world has to offer.

    Megan Orosz 13, nursing major


  • 9Your major is just the starting point. No two Hiram College experiences are exactly alike, and you will be the first to do it exactly your way. Hiram College offers 30 majors and 36 minors for undergraduates. We also offer pre-professional programs for students bound for specific career paths or law school. Many of our majors and minors are interdisciplinary.

    Major areas of studyAccounting and Financial ManagementArt HistoryBiochemistryBiologyBiomedicalHumanitiesChemistryCommunicationComputer ScienceCreative WritingEconomicsEducationEducational StudiesEnglishEnvironmental StudiesFrenchHistoryManagementMathematicsMusicNeuroscienceNursingPhilosophyPhysicsPolitical SciencePsychologyReligious StudiesSociologySpanishStudio ArtTheatre Arts

    Our Honors ProgramThe Hiram College Eclectic Scholars Program serves committed, self-motivated and intellectually curious students. Entrance into the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program is not based on GPA and test scores. We seek students who are academically ambitious and can demonstrate the following types of interest or experience: Creatingorholdingaleadership position in an academic or social club. Leadingorparticipatingina community volunteer effort such asRelayforLifeorBigBrothers/ BigSisters. Workinginorvolunteeringata social service agency or hospital to make a difference in others lives. Participationinindependent research or other academic project. Anentrepreneurialspirit demonstrated through ideas and actions. Involvementinenvironmentalor sustainability clubs or efforts.

    MinorsStudents may minor in all major subject areas (except education and nursing), as well as:EntrepreneurshipEthicsExercise/SportScienceGender StudiesInternational StudiesPublicLeadershipPhotographyWriting

    Pre-professional studiesPre-CPAPre-LawPre-Medical Studies, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry and Physical TherapyPre-Veterinary StudiesDual-degree Options in Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Engineering

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    At Hiram, we have always been on the forefront of curricular innovation. Our distinctive 12-3 academic calendar, known as the Hiram Plan, provides two different formats, enabling you to enjoy the breadth and depth of the liberal arts. The Hiram Plan uniquely prepares graduates for rewarding careers. It consists of 12 weeks of traditional semester hour courses and three weeks of intensive study during which students and faculty focus on just one course. During the 3-Week session, students can study abroad, complete an internship and engage in research or work off campus. Hiram faculty and students engage in hands-on learning opportunities throughout the country and around the globe with no other distractions or commitments to limit their time or interest in exploring an area of academic study.

    Intensive study during the 3-Week period mimics how students will be asked to learn on the job, where the ability to think critically, work with diverse people and make informed decisions under deadline pressure is essential. Its the skill set employers tell us they are looking for when hiring.

    Here are some examples of 3-Week courses:

    More than lab workProfessorofBiologyBradGoodnerengagesHiramstudentsinge-nomics research that is more than just a lab exercise. Goodner and his students work shoulder-to-shoulder in areas that have real world applications, such as creating edible vaccines for parts of the world without refrigeration. Immersed in research around the clock, stu-dents produce work that is published in scholarly papers. This gives them an advantage when applying for their first jobs or entry into the countrys most prestigious graduate schools.

    Studying Chinese culture hands-onProfessor of Management Gail Ambuske led a group of students to China to explore its triumph and turmoil as it enters the modern world. It was more than a study abroad trip; it was immersion into the culture and history of the Chinese and has proven to be a life-changing experience for the students.

    Sleeping in class?Naptime is generally long gone when a student enters col-lege. Not so for students enrolled in the 3-Week course, Science and Culture of Sleep, taught by Assistant Pro-fessorofBiomedicalHumanitiesErinLambandAssociateProfessorofBiologyCaraConstance.Theinnovativeclassexplores the biological and cultural significance of sleep, and the first assignment is a forced nap.

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    In The Art of Making Dough, its the first opportunity many students have had where they get to drive the agenda. They get to decide whats important and how to make it happen. That part is missing in a lot of education, but at Hiram, students get to do it from the very beginning.

    Ella Kirk, professor of French

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    Weve specially designed the first-year experience to capitalizeonallthefirstsyou will encounter inside the classroom and out. Freshman year is all about finding ones footing in college. As students transition between the structured days of high school and the more independent nature of college, there are bound to be challenges, and our First Year Program helps students adjust.

    The first class Hiram College freshmen take is First Year Colloquium. With coursetitleslikeGlobalizationandPopCulture,CulturalMeaningofMonstersandTheScienceofBeingHuman,thesecoursesaredesignedto engage students and foster discussion around popular topics. Through this interactive class structure, students learn the writing, critical thinking and discussion skills they will need as they move forward through college.

    First Year Colloquium professors also serve as freshman advisers. Students can expect to receive one-one-one attention from their Colloquium pro-fessors and advice on choosing a major, study habits, careers, internships and more.

    Colloquium Snapshot: The Art of Making DoughFirst-year students in The Art of Making Dough First Year Colloquium learn business skills through making bread and other baked goods. Started byFrenchProfessorEllaKirk,thecourserunstheon-campusTerrierBakery.Intheclassroom, students learn the history of bread and the techniques associated with baking it. Then, they put their skills to work, becoming entrepreneurs, marketers, product managers and more, as they sell their product to campus.

    Within the structure of the course, first-year students have the chance to step up and be leaders, making meaningful contributions to campus life.

    Did You Know?Upperclassmen at Hiram College also help teach Colloquiums. Each Colloquium has a student teaching assistant, who gives the student perspective on academic life at Hiram College. First-year students can turn to their teaching assistant to get advice on campus events, social life, studying, classes to take and more.

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    Betweenthetransformingeconomy and rich ancient culture, studying in China offered me something Ive never experienced before. It was great seeing the big attractions, like the Great Wall andBeijingOpera,butevenbetter experiencing the simpler joys haggling in the market and eating something that could be on one of those bizarrefoodshowsonthe Travel Channel.

    Hannah Petcovic 13, studied in China, Spring 2011


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