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  • 1. Melissa GonzalezAnthropologyDr. Leanna Wolfe

2. This is the inside of the Hindu temple. It is surrounded by the deities, and decorated with very colorful offerings. Templesare often sought as quiet places for meditation. Worship canbe done in front of altars at home, and can be done at a temple too. 3. I was given a small picture of adeity and was handed flowers to perform rituals called Pujas.Pujasinclude prayers, prayer rituals, andofferings. 4. Hindu women traditionally saris tothe temple. Nowadays, it is usuallyworn by elderly or rural women. Young women in urban areas dont prefer wearing saris. 5. Fruits are also used as offerings.Usually after the rituals the Hindu people eat them. 6. Darshanis an important aspect ofHindu worship. In large temples where there are a large number of attendants, the image is woken upin the morning and washed, fed and prepared with flowers and incense before it is placed on its throne inthe shrine room. 7. This is a woman making flowers todecorate around the deities. It isput around the deities as offerings.Offerings generally symbolize one of the five element of existence: earth, water, fire, wind and earth. 8. Hindus believe that fire is sacred.Deities are honored, and prayersare often made with the lighting ofincense or oil lamps. To them fire issymbolic of internal power. 9. The woman are singing and chanting. Hindus believe that chanting the names of deities willspeed up their path to salvation andhelp them achieve moshka andescape from reincarnation. 10. Offerings like fruit, flowers, and candles, honey are usually putaround the deity and people usually walk in front and pray. 11. This is where they display all thedeities. It is considered very sacred. It is always decorated with flowersand incense.