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GOD IS GREAT YOU ARE MY WORLD B E F# All creation cries to You B E F# worshipping in spirit and in truth G#m7 E F# Glory to the Faithful One G#m7 F# E Jesus Christ, Gods Son1

Hillsong Music Australia

B E F# All creation gives You praise B E F# You alone are truly great G#m7 E F# You alone are God who reigns G#m7 F# E F# for eternity B E God is great and His praise F# E fills the earth fills the heavens B G#m7 And Your name will be praised F# through all the world B E God is great, sing His praise F# E all the earth all the heavens G#m7 E cause were living for the glory F# of Your name E G#m7 F# The glory of Your name

B E F# All to You oh God we bring B E F# Jesus teach us how to live G#m7 E F# Let your fire burn in us G#m7 F# E F# That all may hear and all may see B E2


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Holy is the Lord G#m7 the whole earth sings F# the whole earth sings


E Esus4 E Esus4 Proclaim Your awesome power E Esus4 E Esus4 Tell of mighty deeds E Esus4 E Esus43

Hillsong Music Australia

Declare Your future Kingdom E Esus4 E Esus4 Of everlasting peace Esus4 A7M E/G# Bsus4 And my eyes they look unto You always A7M E/G# Bsus4 And I am captured by Your Majesty E/G# A All of my days C#m7 Bsus4 I will sing of Your greatness E/G# A All of my days C#m7 B I will speak of Your grace E B/D# All of my days A/C# G#7 I will tell of Your wondrous love A7M B A7M Your love in my life A7M B Your love

GOD SO LOVED YOU ARE MY WORLD F - Fsus4 - F - Fsus4 F Fsus4 F God so loved the world that he gave F Fsus4 F4

Fsus4 Fsus4

Hillsong Music Australia

God so loved the world that he gave F Gm7 F2/A His only Son Bb C Dm7 Csus4 C Wor - thy is the Lamb that was slain Bb C Dm7 Csus4 C Wor - thy is the Lamb that was slain Bb2 C He's ri - sen from the dead Dm7 C/E He is ri - sen Bb2 C He's high and lifted up Gm7 C Hea - ven and earth adore


Bb/D - C - Dm7 - Csus4 C

EMMANUEL YOU ARE MY WORLD Eb/G - F/A Eb Bb Dm7 To - gether in this place of worship Eb Fsus4 Your great - ness we pro - claim Bb Dm7 We stand as one in gi - ving You Eb Fsus4 F5

Hillsong Music Australia

All glo - ry and ac claim Gm7 Bb/F C/E To You our hearts are o - pen F F/Eb Bb/D To You our hands we raise Eb Bb/D Cm7 Come take the place of hon - our Fsus4 In our lives Eb/G F/A Em - man - u - el Eb/G Fsus4 Our God is with us Eb/G F/A Prince of peace, Mighty One Eb Fsus4 (Eb/G) The e - ver living God Bb Dm7 See the praises of our Saviour Eb Fsus4 Rise to open skies Bb Dm7 With the dawning of redemption Eb Fsus4 F Your glo - ry will arise Gm7 Bb/F C/E For You a - lone are wor - thy F F/Eb Bb/D Here in Zi - on You are praised Eb Bb/D Cm7 Our Lord and King for - e - ver Fsus4 You will reign.


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Hillsong Music Australia

YOU STAND ALONE YOU ARE MY WORLD D - Dsus4 - A/C# - Bm7 - Asus4 - G - G2 Em7 - Gm(maj7) - Gm6 - D - G/A - A D Dsus4 D A/C# I will lay me down Bm7 A G At Your feet in wor - ship Em7 Gm(maj7) Gm6 And lis - ten to the swee - test sound of D G/A A all D Dsus4 D A/C# Oh God, You are my God Bm7 A G How my heart it longs for You Em7 Gm(maj7) Gm6 I'm thir - sty for your pre - sence in my D G/A A world G2 A Asus4 I cry out night and day for more G G/A A To hold the ma - jes - ty of You G/B A/C# My God You stand a - lone G2 D And I wor - ship at Your throne Bm7 Asus4 G2 D/F# I will look to see your po - wer and glo - ry Em7 G/A A Je - sus, Lord of all Em7 Gm(maj7) Gm6 D Je - sus, Lord of all


Hillsong Music Australia

YOU ARE MY WORLD YOU ARE MY WORLD Em7 My Father I adore you more than C2 G Anything my heart could wish for D/F# I just want you Em7 And Jesus my beloved Saviour C2 G Everything I have I owe to You D/F# I owe it all to you Am7 C2 Dsus4 D And angels come and adore You Am7 C2 Dsus4 D And we Your children worship You G D You are my world You are my God C D And I lay down my life for You G D You are my Lord the one I love C Cm6 No one could ever take your place Em7 And everything I have I give C2 G To You my Lord the One I live for D/F# I live for You Em7 All my days are gifts from You C2 G I pray I'd use them as You want me to D/F# Use them for You


Hillsong Music Australia

IRRESISTIBLE YOU ARE MY WORLD A G I behold Your pow'r and glory A Bring an offering G Come before You Em7 D/F# G Wor ship You, Lord Em7 D/F# A In the beau - ty of Your ho - li - ness D G2 - e - ver I call You're there Bm7 A/C# deem - er and friend D G2 - ished be - yond all words Bm7 A/C# D love never ends

When Re Cher

This F2 Mor - ning by morning BbMaj7 C D Your mer cy a - wa - kens my soul G2 I lift up my eyes to see Bm7 A/C# The won - ders of hea - ven D G2 O - pen - ing o - ver me Bm7 A/C# Your good - ness a bounds D F2 You've ta - ken my breath away BbMaj7 C D With Your ir - re - sis - ti - ble love


Hillsong Music Australia


CM7 F Am7 F (2X) C Praise Him in the sanctuary CM7 F Praise Him in the mighty Heavens praise Him Am7 G/B All the earth praise Him C Praise Him in His awesome power CM7 F Praise His great and holy name praise Him Am7 G/B The whole world praise Him G F2 From the rising of the sun G Let His praise be heard F2 From the east to the west And the north to the south C Let everything that has breath F2 Praise the Lord forever Am7 Let everything in my soul F2 Praise the Lord Am7 F2 Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord G F2 (2x)


Hillsong Music Australia

SHOUT TO THE LORD D Em/D G/B A/C# D D/F# I will never be the same a - gain, G Asus A G/A A/C# I can never return, I've closed the D Em/D door; D Em/D G/B A/C# D I will walk the path I'll run the race, D/F# G A G/B A7/C# D And I will never- be the same a - gain. C G/B Asus A/C# D Fall like fire, soak like rain, C G/B Asus A/C# Flow like mighty waters, again and a D C gain; Bb C/Bb Sweep away the darkness, D/A chaff, Em7 D/F# And let a flame burn, to A7sus A G/A name. D Am7 burn away the Dsus/G glorify Your

Em7/D There are higher heights, G/B A/C# D There are deeper seas, D/F# G A Whatever You need to do, Lord, Bm7 A/C# D G/D do it in me. D Em/D G/B A/C# D The glory of God, fills my life, D/F# G Asus A G/B A7/C# D And I will never be the same a gain


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G Jesus, Em Jesus, G You've Em Set my

D lover of my soul C I will never let you go D taken me from the miry clay C feet upon the rock and now I know.

G D Em I love you, I need you, though my world may fall C I'll never let you go G D My savior, my closest friend Em C I will worship you until the very end.


Hillsong Music Australia

{INT} -> |G D/F# C D | 2X G D/F# Em Em/D Bm Lord, I come to You, let my heart be Em changed, renewed, D C D Em D Flowing from the grace, That I found in You G D/F# Em Em/D Bm Lord, I've come to know, The weaknesses I Em see in me D C D Will be stripped away, By the power of Your G G7 love C Em D C G D Hold me close, Let Your love surround me C Em D G D7 G7 Bring me near, Draw me to Your side C Em D C G And as I wait, I'll rise up like the eagle D/F# Em D And I will soar with You, Your Spirit leads C me on D G In the power of Your Love G D/F# Em Em/D Bm Lord unveil my eyes, Let me see You face to Em face D C D Em D The knowledge of Your love,As You live inme G D/F# Em Em/D Bm Lord renew my mind, As Your will unfolds in Em my life D C D In living every day, In the power of Your G G7 Love


Hillsong Music Australia

FATHER OF CREATION SHOUT TO THE LORD E We come into Your presence F#m7 B F#m7 B To sing a song to You, a song of praise and honor A7M E2/G# F#m7 E For all the things You helped us through; A/E E F#m7 B You gave a life worth living, a life in love with You, F#m7 B A7M E2/G# F#m7 E And now I just love giving all my praises back to You. B/D# C#m G#m7 Youre the Father of creation, the risen Lamb of God, A E Youre the one who walked away from the empty tomb that day; B/D# C#m G#m7 And You set Your people free with love and liberty, A2 Bsus B (C#m) And I can walk with You every night and every day.


Hillsong Music Australia

SHOUT TO THE LORD SHOUT TO THE LORD A9 E My Jesus, my Savior, F#m7 E D Lord, there is none like You; A/C# D A/E All of my days, I want to praise, F#m7 G D/F# E The wonders of Your mighty love. A9 E F#m7 E D My comfort, my shelter, Tower of refuge and strength; A/C# D A/E Let every breath, all that I am F#m7 G D/F# E Never cease to worship You. A9 F#m7 D Shout to the Lord, all the earth Esus E A9 F#m7 D E Let us sing power and majesty, praise to the King; F#m7 F#m7/E D7M Mountains bow down and the seas will roar, E D/F# E/G# At the sound of your name A9 F#m7 D E I sing for joy at the work of your hands A9 F#m7 D Esus E Forever I'll love you, forever I'll stand F#m7 F#m7/E D7M D/E A9 Nothing compares to the promise I have in You


Hillsong Music Australia

E B B/D# - E F# - E B/D# - F# E B Would you believe me if I said B/D# E That we are the ones who can F# E B/D# F# Make the change in the world today E B Would you believe me if I said B/D# E F# That all of the dreams in your heart E B/D# F# Can come true today E B Would you believe me if I said B/D# E That life can be all that you F# E B/D# F# Want it to be today E B And if I had wings I would fly F# Cause all that I need You are E C#m7 And if the world caved in around me G#m7 F# To You Id still hold on C#m7 Cause Youre all that I believe A2 And the One that created m