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Strategic marketing Management Report onHIlal Cup kake

Submitted to: Maam Ayesha Aman

Submitted by:Muhammad Salman Qurashi Muhmmad Furqan Muhammad Waqas MazharWaqar WajidMasters in Business Administration Department

Date: 02 January 2014

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January 02, 2014Course Instructor, Ms. Ayesha AmanStrategic Marketing Management Karachi.Dear Respected Maam, We are submitting here, a report on Strategic Marketing Management. All the information provided in this report is comprehensively discussed with a satisfactory background of valid facts and figures.In this report we discussed the entire strategic marketing management concepts that we have learn in our class. If there are any questions or queries you have about the material presented in this report, I will be extremely glad to appear before you.Sincerely,

Furqan, salman, waqas & waqar


With the blessings of ALLAH the almighty, the report enclosed has reached its stage of final completion. This report is a result of exhaustive and much enthusiastic work. We extend our heartiest thanks to Maam Ayesha Aman, for conducting this course and making it interesting and knowledgeable, without her efforts and co-operation the report could not have been possible. We also thank for her confidence and trust she had on us, which cannot be anyway under estimated. We are also equally grateful to Our University for providing us the opportunities to pursue our endeavor.We hope readers of this report can complement the depth of the study and efforts put into it.

Table of Content1. Synopsis 2. Company Introduction Mission Vision Core Value

3. Positioning1. Positioning Statement2. Positioning Strategy3. Slogan

4. Product Product Attribute Quality Design5. Price Method Objective Price Strategy6. Promotion Awareness Advertising 7. Environment1. Market definition2. Market size3. Competitor Direct Competitor In direct Competitor

8. Positioning & Product1. Segmentation Geographical Physiographical Demographical Behavioral Micro Marketing Target Market Kids youngsters

9. Consumer Analysis Nature of buying Participant Physiographic Demographic Brand Equity BCG Analysis10. SWOT Analysis1. Our Own SWOT2. Distribution channels

11. Contact Method

12. Marketing Channel1. Geographic coverage2. Distribution channel3. Distribution Overview

13. Requirement and selection

14. Direct marketing

15. Research overview

SynopsisThe product we have chosen is Hilal Cup Kake. The vision of Hilal becomes a development partner to their key customers. They create integral solutions for various areas where they can identify the need of good taste cake. The company generates the profit by setting pricing strategy skimming to generate the maximum profit from innovators in earlier adopters and grab the market share.Cup Kake has several powerful strengths on which to build, and one of it is brand awareness and brand image in the market.The major opportunities is changing life style of people that delivers a number of valued benefits, eliminating the need for Customer to use this product as it has good taste which is good for children.They also face the threat of ever higher Competition from their biggest competitors, as well as downsizing pressure and chance of price war.Cup Kake strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats has been discussed.Hilal targets families of upper middle and higher classes, small and large family size. The companies analyze the market situation where DAWN is the major indirect competitor.The company establishes the market strategy choosing the target market approximately 10 million people in number after carrying out a market survey they found out that their existence a need of this Cup Kake , 60% people were positively reply about the constant need for such product.Pakistan is very potential market (basically we are targeting urban population, the growth rate of urban population is 0.75%) so we can say that the environment for this product is beneficial.Hilal has a B2C distribution channel which includes the company itself, the wholesalers and retailers.It basically uses a pull strategy for Promotion of its brands, focuses more on communication and is the only consumer goods company that gives the lowest markups to retailers.

Company History and Background:Hilal has been synonymous with excellent quality confectionery products for the past fifty years. Over the last half century, the company has diversified its product range, with a variety of popular new confectioneries for consumers all over Pakistan to enjoy. Hilal Confectionery is a market pioneer and leader with their classic range of candies and bubble gums - now newer, improved, and innovative products like chocolates, wafers and powdered drinks have also had a substantial impact on the marketplace. The extensive Hilal portfolio includes, but is not limited to, such recognizable products such as Amras Candy, Chooran Chatni, Khopra ,Pan Pasand and Ding Dong at one end, to Milker Bar Bar, Line Up, and Sun Sip at the other end.

Hilal is an ever-advancing company, with its vision firmly entrenched in the future. In line with this vision, the production units at Hyderabad were recently shifted to the main city of Karachi. The company has been busy looking at new ways in which to approach its market, and in line with such an innovative approach, is now consolidating the launch of packaged cakes, produced on the finest imported machinery. Taking into account Hilals stellar track record, and appreciation from the customer base, Kake is destined to be another one of Hilals Halo brands.Hilal's latest product, 'Kake' is part of the company's new baking division, which has enabled the company to gain market share within the snack food industry.Growing companies respond to changing market trend. This adaptation helps them to secure good market share. Hilal with its associated concerns have always been given importance to market changes and consumer preferences. Hilal has developed variety of products, which appeal to almost all market segments with basic objective to capture the all-demographic segments. Hilal got the title of market leader in local confectionary items.

Mission To achieve customer satisfaction in response to changing market trends To innovate within existing products and technologies according to market trends To maintain its high market share and market leadership To be accessible to all segments in the market To constantly maintain its high quality standardsHilal Confectionery (Pvt) Ltd has always given priority to consumer preferences in the market, appealing to different market segments inclusive of all demographic segments. Given the companys focus on high quality, food safety, nutritional value, and consumer appeal, Hilal has achieved the title of market leader in the Pakistani confectionery marketVisionHilal, along with its ancillary concerns, currently holds the title of market leader in confectionery, and it envisions to not only maintain this position, but also to replicate this success in new product categories also. Being number one means having to anticipate the customers needs and desires. No one does this well than Hilal.Core Values: Sister concerns of Hilal, involved in manufacturing of confectionery and powdered drinks, place a great emphasis on quality control by using modernized plants that are operated by qualified and trained staff. Automization is encouraged, and progressive, custom software has been introduced for nearly all the departments. Innovation through latest technology utilization and optimum utilization of qualified staff members is the basic tenet on which Hilal thrives.

POSITIONINGPositioning Statement:Positioning involves what values offers to the segments and also designing the product image that will occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the consumer of the target market. Hilal Company has decided to create its own unique image and then strong position in the consumers mind. Hilal positioned its product in the mind of the consumer as: Kids, students and youngsters (TARGET MARKET) Cup Kake (brand name) Providing taste with more exciting flavors(concept) More flavors (differentiate)SLOGAN:THE CUPKAKE THAT EATS LIKE A MEALPOSITION STRATEGY:They are offering innovative features and flavors in the cupcakes. This brand meets peoples expectation as having light treat in evening. Hilal has placed the bill boards on roads, bus stops, actively using of page on social websites and playing attractive ads on TV channels.


PRODUCT STRATEGYProduct Attributes: QualityHilal offering the quality product to their customer with different benefits in the cupcake and flavors to fulfill need and wants. Hilal believe that the customer should come back not product. The company goal is that, make the product free of defect that make customer reliable for the product. Thats why Hilal made valuable product for customer point of view to satisfy customer and build long term relationship.

DesignThey are offering unique cupcake by introducing more flavors and different packaging which no one in our competitor is thinking. They know their product form is unique and it will make their customer life tastier. Their product, Cup Kake is made from high quality vegetable oils, so it isimportant source of essential fats and vitamins A, calcium and iron.

Cupcake makes a big contribution to the healthy growth and development of the whole family. It is a good