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  • 1. Discover Riwaka Tramping and Kayaking Thursday, 20 September 2007 1

2. Contents tramping and Contents: kayaking gearMountain and parks to climb tramping dangersaround RiwakaTramping and kayaking gearkayaking dangers Tramping dangers Kayaking dangers mountains to climb intasmanThursday, 20 September 2007 2 3. Places around Riwaka to go hiking are: There is a mountain called Mount Arthur which has a ridge. It also has a lovely hut with a beautiful view you can stay the night at. There is another mountain called Mount Campbell which also has a lovely hut and an excellent view Abel Tasman Park is the most beautiful and visited national park in New Zealand Zealand places.It is well sign posted and has some excellent walking tracks and fishing spots. Thursday, 20 September 20073 4. Tramping and Kayakinggear Tramping. Strong boots , spare clothes , refreshments including : fresh water,food. camping gear: sleeping bag, good sized tent. Kayaking. Life jacket, spare waterproof clothes, flares.Thursday, 20 September 2007 4 5. Tramping dangersThe rain is dangerous because the track can get slippery causing you to slip. When it rains over a long period creeks and rivers can over flow which may stop you from getting home. Thursday, 20 September 2007 5 6. Kayaking dangersKayaking dangersRain is dangerous for kayaking because the water can rise andwash you further out to sea Rain is a danger for Kayaking because it can cause the water to rise and wash you out to sea. Thursday, 20 September 20076 7. A special thanks to: Jim Burrows,the Civil Defence officer for the Tasman District,for all of the information you gave us .We couldnt of done it with out you! Thursday, 20 September 2007 7


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