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  • HighWire PressInnovation by & with scholarsMichael A. KellerStanford University Librarieshttp://highwire.stanford.edu

  • What is HighWire Press?A dept of the Stanford University LibrariesA service to scholarly societies & responsible publishers A community of publishers An enterprise (it is self-supporting) Not an aggregator Not a serials jobber Not free, publishers charged fees for services Not going to be sold, soon or ever

  • What is the mission ofHighWire Press? Engage advanced network & other I.T. to enhance scholarly communication-- innovate constantly on the basis of-- publishers & editors desires &-- feedback from readersContribute to marketplace correction by improving the competitive posture of scholarly societies and other responsible publishers-- lifting the performance bars high-- attracting authors & readers to scholarly societies

  • Content -highly cited, frequently read

    Publishers/societies 65Titles/sites21140% of top 100 of most cited journals20% of top 500 of most cited journals52% of HW in top 500 most cited journalsFull text articles295,000, of whichFree full text articles172,000Total content (articles/abstracts)743,000per monthgrowth in 1999Distinct hosts ~ 3 million 73%Data deliveredover a terabyte126%

  • Sheet:

    5 years or more

    3 to 5 years

    2 years or less

    # Titles

  • Content: Representative JournalsScience MagazineProceedings of the National Academy of SciencesJournal of Biological ChemistryBritish Medical JournalEMBO Journal & EMBO ReportsJournal of NeuroscienceAmerican Journal of Physiology (all sections)Annual Review (all sections)Health Promotion International

  • Content - available as published

    No delay of content for institutional readersPublication is becoming faster: Ever shortening time between author submission & publicationManuscript acceptance & publication are becoming simultaneous eventsThe issue is becoming a relicPrivate overnet to Brazil (& 24 other nations)

  • Articles become free


    Free Back Issues

    4 free

    45 up to and including 12 months

    8 18 to 24 months

    5 after 5 years


    # Journals


  • Content multimedia with purposes

    ~ 2000 articles have data supplements (.01%) Movies 26%Documents 6%Images 60%Excel 6%

  • Content easily accessible, even free

    Free back articlesPublishers24Titles62Articles172,000~60% of totalDatabase grows ~7,000 articles/month10,000 to 12,000 pp per weekFree prepublication articlesAccepted manuscripts (unedited papers) available for free, forever, e.g. JBC Papers In Press

  • Content are older articles accessed?Use decay ~users/article/monthAt publication 100%After 3+ months ~13%After 6+ months~ 7%(forever?)More readers online: they are accessing old articles & need more full text articles onlineInstitutional statistics of use availableGovernments should fund retrospective conversion else science will cease before ~1995

  • Content: More is betterMarketplace competition & choiceContent, content, contentHighly cited, frequently readBack filesEasily accessible, even freeAvailable fastFormats follow function, multimedia with purposesServices to enhance research, teaching, learningToll free linking among HighWire titlesPersonal alerting functionsPerpetual access

  • Services - links~ 2 million links from bibliographic references to full text articles & abstractsMedline, ISI Web of Science, GenBank, HW jrnls~ 500,000 links to free full text articles

  • Services - alertsTable of Contentscurrent future Subject and Authortopic/author matcharticle is cited hot link in e-mail messageForward citation alertNew titles~1 million alerts to 1/3+ million readers Growth ~100,000 alerts/month As of 4.16.00

  • Perpetual AccessSTM publishing is a record of scholarship Online is superset of the paperPaper journals are no longer an archival record

    E-journals are dynamic, have links and services Static PDF or SGML archives are not sufficientBack files & free access are services, not archives

  • Perpetual Access Need many different systems and approachesHighWire migrates files (5x, so far!)HighWire maintains source and operating file tape archive off-site LOCKSS Lots Of Copies Keeps Stuff SafeA software protocol to locally store and manage web contentdecentralized, distributed, highly replicated easy to use, inexpensive to operateInsures web content functionality, integrity, access http://lockss.stanford.eduSUL Dark Cave digital archive in development

  • InnovationsDesign/development & production site for Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd ed http://www.oed.comSignal Transduction Knowledge EnvironmentAAAS content & HighWire technologyA digital library information and information servicesFirst of many http://www.stke.orgConcept (semantic) searching in development

  • http://Highwire.stanford.eduContacts: vreich@stanford.edubzavon@stanford.edu

  • More about lockssif questions ariseProvides simple web cache that:never gets flushedholds authorized content The cachepre-fetches content as publishedcontinuously validates against other cachesrepairs gaps from publisher and other cachesPersistence via redundancynot via media archivingCheap hardware; free open source software