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Brochure covering the Dynapac F1000T and F1000W highway class pavers (imperial values, publ no 3492 0230 93)


  • Highway Class Dynapac Pavers

    Dynapac F1000T / F1000W

  • PRODUCTIVITY BY DESIGN: With dynamic jobsite conditions and ever-evolving offerings in pavement materials, the Dynapac F1000 series prevents further paving compli-cations by being simple, reliable and robust. Productivity increases as operators can focus solely on the main objective: paving. F1000 series paver operators also benefit from dual swing-out, fully functional control stations; the lowest deck height; and unmatched superior visibility all around in the quietest operating environment.

    PAVING THE BEST WAY: Dynapac F1000 series pavers en-sure superior mat appearance, density and smoothness from a well-balanced tractor and proven screeds. Our innovative outboard auger drive system further enhances mat quality behind the paver by eliminating centerline segre-gation. The F1000 pavers precise traction system keeps the paver straight ahead. An infinitely variable feed control system provides smooth flow of material. And the hydraulically driven generator system provides constant heating for the screed. Together these systems consistently deliver a superior quality mat that exceeds your paving demands in all conditions.

    BUILT-IN EXCESS CAPACITY: F1000 paver systems are built to meet increased capacity demand of multilane highway paving projects. Their high performance systems are powered by 230 hp Cummins Interim Tier 4 engine, enabling them to push fully loaded trucks in extreme slope situations. Their material feed system can deliver up to 1,500 tons an hour. A 34 kW generator system can heat the full width of the screed, with additional capacity for night lighting and end-gate heating needs. The hopper can handle 15 tons of asphalt by itself and up to 20 tons of asphalt with hopper inserts. The proven screeds of the F1000 series are capable of paving up to 26 feet wide and 12 inches thick.

    Highway Class Pavers

    DYNAPAC F1000T and F1000W

    INTRODUCING THE F1000T, F1000W: The Dynapac F1000T tracked and F1000Wwheeled pavers are our second generation North American highway class pavers. Withtheir state-of-the-art design and unique features that focus on North American paving principles, these pavers yet again represent Dynapac as a pioneer in paving products.

    UPTIME: The most critical feature to contractors is uptime. With off-the-shelf hydraulic and electrical components, simple operator controls, customer-focused application and service experts, F1000 pavers are built to keep you on the road all day, every day.

    NEW LEVEL OF SERVICE: F1000 Pavers are built to reduce frequency of service and maintenance. Parts availability and service intervals have been increased for its Interim Tier 4 engine. Multifunction display-based calibration and diagnostic features eliminate the need for a laptop at the jobsite. Remote lubrication points, Illuminated DIN connectors and relays, individually numbered wires and hoses, and the use of readily available, off-the-shelf components further enhance serviceability.

  • Highway Class Pavers


    Powerful Drive System F1000 series drive components ensure efficient power transfer and increase longevity through the following features:

    - Cummins QSB 6.7 engine developing 230 hp at 1800 rpm, emission certified to Tier 4 Interim- High performance cross-flow cooler to meet high altitude and high ambient temperature demands- Temperature-dependent, hydraulically driven cooler fan that significantly reduces sound levels- Reversible fan option eliminates need for power washing to remove debris sucked in by the cooler- Generously oversized hydraulic system components put less stress on the hydraulic components, which increases life of the hydraulic system

    Agile Wheels Offer Great ManeuverabilityF1000W offers great maneuverability to pave tighter applications.

    - 5-foot turning radius utilizing rear wheel assisted steering with front hydraulically assisted steering- Precise steering and traction uses single forward reverse lever, speed setting dial and dual path technology- Standard offering of two power-assisted front wheels to meet tractive effort demand in highcapacity paving- High flotation-style sand ribbed rear tires and solid rubber bonded wheels in the front.

    Rugged Tracks Ensure Precise TractionF1000T tracked paver offers tractive effort needed to push fully loaded paver and truck in extreme slope conditions.

    - Precise, smooth traction uses dual path and return to center steering wheel technology, a speed setting dial, and a single forward reverse lever- Steering trim dial for extended long turning reduces operator fatigue- 18-inch-wide, smooth or threaded, rubber track band- Automatic band tensioning system utilizes hydraulic power and ram style cylinder- Oscillating bogie system for greater load support and flexibility to drive on uneven surfaces- Innovative use of fiberglass bushing eliminates frequent maintenance associated with bearings


    Smooth Material Feed SystemDynapac F1000 pavers ensure constant head of material and smooth flow needed to produce flawless mat.

    - Dynapac exclusive material feed system utilizing 4 ultrasonic sensors, pile height knobs controlled by Plus 1 technology

    - Unique operator-friendly featuresclean mode, potentiom-eter feed control

    - 16-inch diameter flight outboard auger system with 27-inch wide dual slat conveyors

    - Increased longevity and rugged construction with thicker hopper wall, Hardox conveyor floor pans and chain guards, heavy duty drag chains and bars and wear resistant alloy steel auger flights

    Simplified Smart Controls F1000 pavers simplified operator consoles allow operators to focus on paving. Standard off-the-shelf electrical/electronic components mean greater parts availability.

    - Ergonomically designed, rugged steel construction of dual operator consoles for increased operator efficiency

    - Functionally grouped smart switch layout and simple toggle switches allow gloved hands to operate easily

    - Multifunction display on both consoles for monitoring vital parameters of paver

    - Unique smart control of generator system to maintain 60 Hz frequency regardless of engine speed or load

    - Screed heating possibility when engine idling provides improved fuel efficiency

    Fully Loaded Dynapac provides additional value to customers by offering a range of add on features part of the standard paver package.

    - Roading lights and warning beacon- Wash-down system with hose reel- Front wheel assist system (wheeled paver only)- Uptime kit


    Curved, heavy-duty hopper

    Dual independent conveyor

    High capacity cross flow cooler

    High performance drive system- Cummins engine- Hydraulic components

  • High performance rubber track system

    Low profile deck

    Dual stack exhaust system/Fume Extractor

    Innovative outboard auger

    Dual swingout operator station

    Proven Carlson rear screed

  • Ever-changing mix designs and oil content create challenging conditions that make it difficult to eliminate centerline segregation. Paving industry experts have attempted to address this issue with various techniques.


    10-inch, hydraulically powered auger height adjustment capacity

    Robust outboard gear reduction system

    Optional auger extensions to 24 feet wide, can be added in a few minutes

    Optional bolt-on tunnel extensions reach up to full paving width

    Optional hydraulically powered


    Now with Dynapacs exclusive outboard drive auger system, centerline segregation has met its match. This unique industry offering allows material to flow freely into the auger area without a need for a kickback auger or deflection plates. The end result is a smooth, homogenous, flawless asphalt mat.


    OPTIONAL FEATURES Quick changing bolt-on extensions

    Heated end gates

    Berm and variety of edge finishers

    LH and RH angle of attack screws

    Cut-off shoes for 8-foot width paving

    Proven ScreedsF1000 pavers are offered with screeds that experienced crews have been familiar with for decades. F1000T and F1000W pavers utilize the Carlson EZ IV-1019 front extension screed or Carlson EZ R-1020 rear extension screed. Both screeds are electrically heated with the tractor-mounted 34 kW generator to their full working width. Maximum working width of EZ IV screed is 25 feet; of the EZ R, 26 feet.

    FlexibilityFront extension screed offers great flexibility in jobs of vary-ing width by carrying less material in front of the screed and quickly reacting to the change. This makes the front extension screed an ideal choice whether paving city or county roads or commercial parking lot jobs.

    StrengthWith heavy-duty construction and larger weight, the rear extension screed offers excellent stability, as well as improved mat density and quality. This makes the rear extension screed well-suited to mainline highway, interstate and airport jobs.


    Access doors- Easy access to all components- Robust steel doors with gas springs- Whole top hood can be removed for major overhauls

    Layout Packaging- Horizontal packaging concept helps to dis assemble major components independent of others.


    - No Daily lubrication on Tracks- Track gearbox & motor can be removed while track components attached to the paver- Simple Conveyor Chain tensioning system- Fuel from Ground level (Both sides)- Greasing from Centralized locations- DPF can be easily removed for Service


    Hydraulic System

    - One piece hydraulic valve manifolds- Cartridge valves with manual override- Pressurized hydraulic filtration system- High pressure filter for auxiliary functions- Hand pump to disengage drive system- Component's placed at central locations Easy to Identify, troubleshoot & Service

    Electrical System - Multi function display - system calibration- No need of laptop in Jobsite- Fault codes & warning messages on the display improves diagnostic capability- Off the shelf standard electrical components- Solenoid coils with LED power indicator- Multicolor & numbered wiring system- Relays with LED power indicator, latching indicator, and mechanical override- Component's placed at central locations Easy to Identify, Service & troubleshoot


    All-in-one box kitsAn all-in-one box, tailored to match your equipment. The parts you need, when you need them! An all-in-one box contains all the parts required as part of the equipments scheduled main-tenance program. When installed by an Atlas Copco certified technician, you keep your downtime to a minimum and your equipment in top condition its entire life.

    Easy to obtain and attractively priced, the most effective solution to keep your maintenance budget low.Find a suitable kit at dynapac.com / kitselector

    Whats included?Maintenance contract Preventive maintenance Fluids Machine inspection

    Care Preventive maintenance Fluids Machine inspection/Inspection protocols Extended warranty (also available as a separate product)

    you can count on usServicing your machines regularly is very important to ensure reliable operation and a long service-life. With pro-active service and preventive maintenance you minimize the risk of high production costs and breakdowns. You can select a service contract that meets your requirement for profes-sional service in order to get the most out of your machine investment.

    Anytime, Any Product, Anywhere -

    Fluids The right fluid optimizes machine performance Simplified selection process, less time spent on finding the right oil Delivery in a handy container, no need for transfer from an oil drum All-in-one delivery, less time spent on waiting and dealing with different suppliers One invoice, less administration

    Find a suitable fluid at dynapac.com / fluidselector

    Benefits Reduced costs Cost known upfront Extended warranty (Care) Professional and regular machine inspections Planned maintenance Increased resale value

    Please contact your local dealer or sales rep for more information.

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    Get to know your F1000 PaversModel F1000T F1000WCapacityTransport width 10 ft 10 ftTransport length 21 ft 21 ft 4 inTransport height 106 in 106 inDeck height 63 in 63 inMax. working width 26 ft 26 ftWeight (tractor only) 35,000 lb 33,400 lbWeight with front extension screed 42,000 lb 40,400 lbWeight with rear extension screed 43,000 lb 41,400 lbTheoretical placement capacity 1500 t/h 1500 t/hPractical placement capacity 900 t/h 900 t/hPlacement thickness (max) 12 in 12 inTrack undercarriageTrack length and width 120 by 18 inPaving speed 1 0-105 ft./min.Paving speed 2 0-240 ft./min.Transport speed 0-10 mphRubber band type Smooth/Chevron treadWheel undercarriageRear wheel 2 18R25, ribbed sand tiresFront wheel 4 16 22 in.Paving speed 1 0-128 ft./min.Paving speed 2 0-285 ft./min.Transport speed 0-12 mphTurning radius inside 5 ft.EngineModel Cummins QSB 6.7Rated power & emission 220 hp at 2000 rpmElectrical system 24VFuel tank capacity 98 gal.Material feed systemHopper capacity 235 cu. ft. / 15 tonsHopper width and length 127 x 78 in.Conveyor type Dual independent slat systemConveyor width 2 x 27 inAuger type Outboard drive, independent systemAuger diameter 16 in.Operator consoleType Ergonomic dual swing out, fully functional consolesFeatures Simplified smart switches, multifunction displayGeneratorDrive and location Hydraulic drive, tractor-mountedCapacity 34 kW, 1 Ph 240VAux. power panel outlets 4-120V, 2-240VOptional equipmentLeveling systems Topcon Sys V and Sonic averaging SkiExtensions Auger extension (1 ft., 2 ft. and 3 ft.)

    Bolt-on tunnel extensionsHydraulic tunnel extension

    Wide-width paving kit


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