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<ul><li><p> CONSULTING SERVICES IN HIGHWAY, ROAD </p><p>AND RAILROAD DESIGN </p><p>Ramboll Finland offers its clients engineering and management services in transport from </p><p>feasibility studies through project preparation and implementation to the final evaluation of the </p><p>projects. The projects vary from major motorway design works to minor rural road rehabilitation </p><p>design. Because of our position as one of the leaders among the Finnish consulting engineers in </p><p>transport, Ramboll Finland has continuously aimed at maintaining and developing the latest </p><p>knowledge in the field of its services and activities. Therefore working and management methods </p><p>are based on the most advanced technology available. </p><p>Services </p><p> Highway design </p><p> Road design </p><p> Railway design </p><p> Assisting in administrative procedures </p><p> Research and development </p><p> Feasibility studies </p><p> Preliminary design </p><p> Road layout design </p><p> Construction design </p><p> Environmental assessments </p><p>Selected ongoing projects </p><p> Route 7 (E18) between Koskenkyl and Kotka, construction design of motorway, cost est. 350 M </p><p> Ring road 1 in Helsinki Metropolitan area (western part), preliminary engineering, cost estimate 120 M </p><p> High Speed Rail route to St.Petersburg (Lahti - Vainikkala), improvement of service level, cost est. 220 </p><p>M </p><p> Uusimaa Road District, improvement of several road safety black spots with cost efficiency methods </p><p>For further information, please contact </p><p>Emil Matintupa emil.matintupa@ramboll.fi </p><p>Peter Molin peter.molin@ramboll.fi </p><p>Key facts </p><p>Ramboll Finland employs total a staff of about 1350 </p><p>experts totally. Approximately 150 experts are </p><p>specialized in highway, road and railroad engineering </p><p>where Ramboll Finland has been the market leader </p><p>for several decades. Our main clients are the Finnish </p><p>Transport Agency and the biggest cities in Finland </p></li></ul>


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