highland view homeowners association, inc. annual meeting february 15 th, 2006

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Highland View Homeowners Association, Inc. Annual Meeting February 15 th, 2006 Slide 2 Agenda Introductions Approval of preceding meeting's minutes Association Overview Reports of Officers Reports of Committees Nomination and election of Board of Directors Unfinished Business New Business Adjournment Slide 3 2005-2006 Highland View Organizational Structure Gil Hutchinson President 3 rd Year/3 Year Term Mario Crucini 1 Year Term Tom Doyle 1 Year Term Robert Collins Treasurer 2nd Year/3 Year Term Fred Kane Secretary 1st Year/ 3 Year Term Committee Support Architectural Committee Suzie Umphres, Chairman Grounds Committee Pier deJong, Chairman Orange Appeal Grounds Maintenance Sean Orange Hospitality/Social Carol Horan, Chairman Trail Committee Mike Soares, Chairman Westwood Property Management Hoil Crowe / Steve Pulk Slide 4 Treasurers Report- 2005 Reserves Slide 5 Treasurers Report 5 Year Change In Reserves Change from $32,102 to $21,079 ($11,023) Variance relates to planned capital improvements: Landscape improvement plan 2002-2003 Balance sheet issue during transition from Ghertner to Westwood (double counted checking account transfer as an asset) Slide 6 Treasurers Report Expenditures Since 2000 Average: $362/home Average: $29,316/home Slide 7 Slide 8 2005 Committee Updates Architectural Review Guideline review and revisions Modified submission procedures to improve documentation and turn around times Slide 9 2005 Committee Updates Grounds During the year 2 cleanup sessions were held which focused on general cleanup and planting of bushes in the cul-de-sacs. The Cul-de-sacs worked on were: Helmsdale Pl N, Roantree, Upper and Lower Highland Road Islands. The tree line along the rear entrance was cleaned out in preparation for plantings and sign construction. The area behind the Pool and Rear entrance were aerated and reseeded successfully. Now to keep that grass alive! Preparations were made for planting during this winter: Removal of dead pine in Helmsdale Pl N Island, preparation for replacement planting. Removal of sick Pin Oak, preparation for new planting Other projects worked on: Planning and working with contractors for rear entrance sign quotations Planning for additional light installation in front of the Pool pavilion Drainage ditch improvement by City of Brentwood. Interface with Trail Committee to build Highland View Ridge Trail Slide 10 2005 Committee Updates Hospitality/Social Easter Egg Hunt Pool Party 4 th of July New Neighbor welcome Slide 11 2005 Committee Updates Trail Formal plan developed in Feb 2005 Approved by Brentwood Planning in Codes in July 2005 Trail committee was formed in August. Mike Soares chair. Laying out and clearing out of the trail from the pool pavilion to the water tower is complete. Construction began Oct 05. Completed Feb 1, 2006. (Was anticipating 1 1/2 to 2 years!) Switchback section (pool-ridge) Eagle Scout project planned, constructed and completed by Andrew deJong and his scout troop as part of Andrew's Eagle Scout project. Neighborhood volunteers have volunteered on several scheduled workdays during this period. Trailhead sign will be posted soon along with possible bench(s) Budget established for maintenance. Slide 12 2005 Updates Communications Web site (www.highlandviewhomeowners.org) www.highlandviewhomeowners.org Online directories Two Town Hall meetings this year Email newsletters Highland View is 100% electronic now! Monthly Board meetings Slide 13 2005 Updates Grave Site Research Slide 14 Slide 15 Slide 16 2006 New Business Complete projects already in progress Back entrance Grounds: Winter Tree plantings Replacement Pin Oak at front entrance Replacement Blue Spruce on South Berm Leyland Cyprus to replace white Pine at Helmsdale Pl N Island 2 memorial Magnolias to be planted in Front entrance Berms 5 Prague Viburnum to be planted at rear entrance along tree line beside gate. Spring and Fall Clean up to focus on clean ups and Landscape maintenance and improvement Trim bushes and expand bed at rear entrance after sign is completed Brick repair on entrance Walls and Bridge Adding low wattage lighting to trees on Berms and Island Slide 17 2006 New Business (Continued) Hospitality: New neighbor and baby gifts Shared parties with Waterford Trail Ongoing maintenance Increase volunteerism Slide 18 Have Fun!


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