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<ul><li><p>Brush Plating Process Brookfronics Engineering Corp. Valencia, Wif. </p><p>Brooktronics Engineering Corp.s BEC 455 Zinc-Tin VLHE is the latest solution in the companys line for cad- mium replacement. The deposits ex- ceed the requirements of QQ-P-416 and feature salt spray corrosion resis- tance in excess of 570 hours without Type II coating and 740 hours with Type II coating, conformance to low hydrogen embrittlement requirements and does not require a post-plate bake, and easy application of Type II conver- sion coatings. </p><p>Circle 408 on the reader service card </p><p>Haze Measurement Instrument BYK-Gardner USA Columbia, Md. </p><p>BYK-Gardners Micro-Haze Plus portable haze measurement instrument combines 20 gloss measurement and haze measurement in one instrument. Its simple operation will make it pos- </p><p>sible for paint producers and paint us- ers to objectively assess high-quality paint surfaces as well as to analyze failures in the production process. </p><p>Circle 409 on the reader service card </p><p>High-Temperature Polyester Masking Tape Caplugs Div., Protective Closures Co. Inc. Buffalo, N. Y </p><p>Caplugs new line of polyester mask- ing tape is available in three styles ideal for masking applications during powder coating, plating, and finishing. Series Circle 410 on the reader service card </p><p>No More Holes for Exhaust Ducting with the ET-COMPmION </p><p>When installed with an EVAPORATIVE TANKTM,the ET- Condenser Cornpanion CondenserTM removes water from the evaporators air exhaust. The dry air is returned to the EVAPORATIVE TANKTM to work again. </p><p>BENEFITS l No more holes in your roof for exhaust ducting. No </p><p>need for permits from the air quality people: this is a completely closed-loop air system. </p><p>l Recovers all water that is evaporated. Todays regula- tions require recovery of resources wherever possi- ble. It makes economic sense, and removes the need for permits. Reuse your rinse water. </p><p>l Eliminates the air make-up problem. The same air is used over and over again. No need to heat or air con- dition replacement air - saving thousands of dollars. </p><p>POLY PRODUCTS INCORPORATED </p><p>777 E. 82ND ST.. CLEVELAND, OHIO 44103 (216) 391 -POLY (7659) </p><p>FAX (216) 881-8991 Evaporative TankTM Patent # 4,790,904 </p><p>Circle 053 on reader information card </p><p>METAL FINISHING . APRIL 1998 69 </p></li></ul>