High Availability for the LAMP Stack

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High Availabilityfor theLAMP StackLinuxTrainingAcademy.com/ha-lamp-stackThe LAMP StackL - LinuxA - ApacheM - MySQLP - PHPLAMP Stack is Widely Used Custom Written Web Applications Open Source Web Applications WordPress Drupal MediaWiki SugarCRM Many, many more...Ideal Architecture and Design Maximizes availability Eliminates single points of failure Scales without downtime Supportable ManageableArchitectural Considerations Redundancy Scalability Performance ManageabilityArchitectural Considerations Redundancy How will your service tolerate failures? Scalability How will it serve more users? Performance How will your service remain useable under load? Manageability How will your service be supported and managed?Is the design realistic? Is it feasible to implement? Are resources available to implement? Capital Specialized Staff Is it too complex? Downtime can be INCREASED due to design complexity.You will learn how to: Deploy on physical hardware. Deploy using virtual servers. Deploy in the cloud. Implement and scale.You will learn how to: Eliminate single points of failure. Scale to serve an increasing number of users. Deploy a performant solution. Sleep peacefully knowing your web sites and web applications are going to be up.Learn more aboutHigh Availabilityfor theLAMP StackatLinuxTrainingAcademy.com/ha-lamp-stack


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