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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Hi Here come some suggestions about how to apply APA Harvard style Slide 2 Get your copy of the Student Handbook 8/25/20142 Open the last page there is a table with examples how to apply APA Harvard. I email you the table for your reference Generally speaking it is very simple: When in the text you refer to the sources, on the slides everywhere in your paper REMEMBER: you give there only the family name + year of publication. No first names, no initials, no title. For example: Kotler (2009) or (Kotler, 2009), or (Kotler, 2009, p.161) In the Bibliography write all details about the source, starting with the family name, initial and year, for example: Kotler, P. (2009). Marketing Management (9 th ed), Pearson NOTA BENE: The important things are: in the text refer only to the familyname+(year) or familyname+(year, p. ) In the Bibliography give all details starting from the family name Slide 3 8/25/20143 References Albaum, G., Strandskov, J., Duerr, E. (2002). International Marketing and Export Management (4 th ed.). Prentice Hall. Baines, P., Fill, C.,Page, K. (2008). Marketing. Oxford University Press Burca, S., Fletcher, R., Brown, L. (2004). International Marketing. Prentice Hall. Cateora, P, Graham, J. (1999). International Marketing (10th ed.). The McGraw Hill Companies, Inc. Ecommerce definition and types of ecommerce. Retrieved October 30, 2010, from http://www.digitsmith.com/ecommerce-definition.html http://www.digitsmith.com/ecommerce-definition.html Hollensen, S. (2004). Global Marketing (3th ed.). Prentice Hall. Keegan, W., Moriarty, S., Duncan, T. (1992). Marketing. Prentice Hall. Kotler, P., Armstrong, G. (2010). Principals of Marketing (13 th ed.). Pearson Prentice Hall. Krug, D., Lee, J., Warkentin, M., Chung, H. (2002). Electronic Commerce A Managerial Perspective. Prentice Hall. Nelson, A.,Nelson, W. (2002). Building Electronic Commerce with Web Database Constructions. Addison Wesley. List them in Alphabetical order please ! Slide 4 Remember ! Whenever you state something, which a student could not know on his/her own experience, the source has to be referred to in the text. If there is no reference in the text this is a clear case of copy/paste or hidden plagiarism and we are obliged to find evidence for that. The student gets a higher mark when he/she refers to many sources (evidence for efforts and dedication) and a low mark or zero+yellow card when there are facts/statements which are obviously taken from somewhere and not referred to the source Slide 5 A few examples of good ref to the source in the text Slide 6 Internet usage Statistics PopulationInternet UsersInternet Usage% PopulationUsage %Usage Grpwth World Regions(2008 Est.) Dec.1, 2000(2008 EST.)(Penetration)of World2000-2008 Africa955,206,3484,514,40051,065,6305.30%3.50%1,031,2% Asia3,776,181,949114,304,000578,538,25715.30%39.50%406,1% Europe800,401,065105,096,800384,633,76548.10%26.30%266,0% Middle East197,090,4433,284,80041,939,20021.30%2.90%1,176,8% North America337,167,248108,096,800248,241,96973.60%17.00%129,6% Latin America/Caribbean576,091,67318,068,919139,009,20924.10%9.50%669,3% Oceania/Australia33,981,5627,620,48020,204,33159.50%1.40%165,1% WORLD TOTAL6,676,120,288360,985,4921,463,632,36121.90%100.00%305,5% SOURCE: http://www.internetwoldstatus.com Copyright 2001-2008, Miniwatts Marketing Group. Slide 7 I am often asked if Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scheme. My reply is that corporations really are pyramid schemes. A corporation has only one person at the top, genrally the CEO, and everyone else below. (Trump and Kiyosaki,2006, p.307) Slide 8 8/25/20148 At the consumer level in international marketing, direct mail is used to reach high- income groups and international travellers. (Burca, Fletcher and Brown, 2004, p.206) Direct involves sending brochures, catalogues and other relevant information by post to the customers, with the goods shipped to them. (Chee and Harris, 1998) Definitions Slide 9 8/25/20149 Here are some examples (Kotler and Armstrong, 2001): 1.Limited consumer exposure and buying 2. Skewed user demographics and psychographics 3.Chaos and clutter 4.Security Slide 10 Non APA Harvard and other mistakes Avoid them ! Slide 11 References: Strauss, J. and Frost, R. (1999). Marketing on the Internet. Prentice Hall, Inc. Baines, P., Fill, C. and Page, K. (2008). Marketing. Oxford University Press. Miletsky, J. (2010). Principles of Internet Marketing. Coarse Technology, Cengage Learning. Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G. (2010). Principles of Marketing (13 th ed.). Pearson Prentice Hall. Adcock, D., Halborg, A. and Ross, C. (2001). Marketing Principles and Practice (4 th ed.). Pearson Education Limited McDonald, W. (1998). Direct Marketing- an integrated approach. The McGraw Companies. Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G. (2001). Principles of Marketing (9 th ed.). Prentice Hall. Perreault, W., McCarthy, E., Parkinson, S. and Stewart, K. (2000). Basic Marketing (European ed.). Alfred Waller. Nickels, W., McHugh, J. and McHugh, S. (2008). Understanding Business (8 th ed.). McGraw Hill. Marketing M.O. [Online] http://www.marketingmo.com/strategic-planning/how-to-develop-your- distribution-channels/ [Accessed: 29 October 2010]http://www.marketingmo.com/strategic-planning/how-to-develop-your- distribution-channels/ Armstrong, G &amp; Kotler, P. (2008). Principles of Marketing (12 th ed.) Pearson Prentice Hall. Fox &amp; Wheatley. (1978). Modern marketing Principles &amp; Practice. Scott, Foresman &amp; Co. Harold, C. and Harris, R. (1998). Global Marketing Strategy. Financial Times Professional Limited. William, J., Etzel, J. and Walker, B. (1991). Fundamentals of Marketing (9 th ed.). McGraw Hill, Inc. Baker, M. (1994). The Marketing Book (3 rd ed.). Butterworth- Heinemann Ltd. 8/25/201411 Alphabetical order, please Slide 12 1. (Author: V. Blagoev ; Title: Marketing ; Publisher: International University Sofia ; Edition:2 ; Year: 2003 ) 2. (Author: Michael J. Baker ; Title: The Marketing book ; Publisher: Butterworth ; Edition: 3 ; Year:1994) 3. (Author: C.Rossi,D.Adcock,A.Halborg ; Title: Principles &amp; Practice ; Publisher:Prentice Hall ; Edition:4 ; Year:2001) 4. (Author: Warren J Keegan ; Title: Global Marketing Management ; Publisher: Pearson Higher Education; Edition:8 ; Year:2008) 5. (Author: Warren J Keegan ; Title: Global Marketing Management ; Publisher: Pearson Higher Education; Edition:7 ; Year:2001) 6. (Author: Kotler and Armstrong, Title: Principles of Marketing, Publisher: Prentice Hall, Edition; 9, Year: 2001) Find the 10 mistakes in each source This is anything else but APA Harvard Slide 13 Sources: 1.D.Mercer, "Marketing"(1992), first edition 2. F.Brassington, S. Pettit, "Principles of Marketing"(2003), third edition 3. D. King, J. Lee, "Electronic Commerce"(2002), first edition 4. J.Barry Mason, H.Ezell, "Marketing - Principles and Strategy"(1987), first edition 5. G.Armstrong, P.Kotler, "Marketing - an Introduction"(2011), tenth edition 6. P.Baines, C.Fill, K.Page, "Marketing"(2008), first edition 7. D.Chaffey, R.Mayer, "Internet Marketing"(2003), second edition 8. W.Stanton, M. Etzel, "Fundamentals of Marketing"(1991), ninth edition 9. M.McDonald, "Marketing Plans - How to prepare them, How to use them"(2007), sixth edition 10. D.Jobber "Principles and Practice of Marketing"(1998), second edition 11. P. Kotler "Principles of Marketing"(2008), twelfth edition 12. W. Keegan, "Marketing"(1992), first edition 13. comScore / http://searchengineland.com / Third Door Media, Inc 14. Turban, E., et al., Electronic Commerce 2006. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2006. 15. Stead, B. A., and J. Gilbert, Ethical Issues in Electronic Commerce, Journal of Business Ethics, No. 34, 2001. No APA Harvard, No Alphabetical order. This is a clear case of copy/paste. There is no such IUC student who would produce such List of References on his own (in any such case we look for evidence for plagiarism) Slide 14 Bibliography Keegan, W. &amp; Green, M. (2008) Global Marketing.6 th ed. Pearson Prentice Hall Cateora, P. &amp; Graham, J. (1999) International Marketing. 10th ed Irwin/McGraw Hill Strauss, J. &amp; Frost, R. (1991) Marketing on the Internet:principles of online marketing.New Jersey:Prentice Hall Czinkota, M. &amp; Ronkainen, I. (2008) International Marketing. 9 th ed.Thomson SouthWestern Czinkota, M. &amp; Ronkainen, I. (2007) International Marketing. 8th ed. Thomson SouthWestern Armstrong, G. &amp; Kotler, P. (2007) Marketing: An Introduction. 8th ed. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall Alphabetical order, please Slide 15 Most producers use intermediaries to bring their products to market. They try to forge a distribution channel- a set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user. Bibliography: Kotler &amp; Armstrong (2001),Principles of Marketing( 9th Edition) Prentice Hall Assael, H.(1993), Marketing Principles and Strategy(2 nd Edition).The Dryden Press No need of the word Bibliography in the text; in the text refer to name (year) only Slide 16 E- commerce survey results Perceived drawback of Online shopping Less than $25K $25K- $40K$40K- $60K$60K- $100K$100K + Afraid to provide persona and credit card info online 26%23%25%28%32% Prefer to see things before buying them 22%24%22%28%36% Shopping cart is complicated 19% 18%24%31% 8/25/2014 16 SOURCE: Horrigan, John B. Online Shopping Pew Internet &amp; American Life Project, 13. Feb. 2008. ( Miletsky, 2010) APA Harvard??? Slide 17 DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL: PRODUCER, WHOLESALER, RETAILER, CONSUMER A distribution channel consists of sets of people and the movement of a title from producer to consumer. A channel of distribution always includes both the producer and the final customer for the product as well as any middleman (such as retailers and wholesalers). If there is a traditional channel for consumer goods, this is it. It is the most common and economical channel chosen by a lot of small retailers and manufacturers (Fundamentals of Marketing, McGraw Hill Inc., 1991). 8/25/2014 17 APA Harvard??? Slide 18 Middleman Buy in large quantities from producers They sell to retailers who can order in smaller amounts Wholesaler buy direct from the producer and add a profit margin onto the price they charge the retailer Consists of the sale, and all activities related directly to the sale It may be done by any institution, not only by retail stores Goods and services to ultimate consumers for personal use (The Marketing Book, Butterworth Heinemann Ltd., 1994) WholesalersRetailers 8/25/201418 APA Harvard??? Slide 19 Definition of retailing Retailing is about buying and selling for a profit. Of course that is a rough explanation of the Retailer. Retailing receives goods from a wide range of different sources and then redistribute them to convenient locations along with a marketing package that is valued by their customers or the final consumer. Kotler, P. &amp; Armstrong, G. (1989) Retailing is an activity which includes all the business activities necessary to sell goods and services to final consumers A retailer is a business that takes ownership of goods and services and that acts as an intermediary between the producer and the final consumer. Retailer firms range in size from a little garage shop to a large international chain store like Metro. Cunningham, W., Cunningham, I. &amp; Swift, C. (1987) APA Harvard??? No need of the first initials in the text. But they are needed in the Bibliography Slide 20 EU rank World rank CompanyRetail format(s)Global sales ($m) 12Carrefour Discount, hypermarket, supermarket, superstore, warehouse 79,796 24Metro Cash&amp;carry, department, DIY, food service, hypermarket, speciality, superstore 60,503 36Tesco Convenience, department, hypermarket, supermarket, superstore 51,535 48Ahold Cash&amp;Carry, discount, drug, hypermarket 44,584 510Aldi Einkauf Discount, supermarket 40,060 611Rewe Cash&amp;carry, department, DIY, hypermarket 38,931 712IntermarchCash&amp;Carry, discount, DIY, supermarket37,472 816Schwarz Group Discount, supermarket, hyperstore 33,435 918Auchan Department, DIY, hypermarket, supermarket 32,497 1021TengelmannCash&amp;Carry, discount, DIY, drug, supermarket29,091 Source: Slide 21 Network Marketing Do not use pictures (1) without sources and (2) with such quality. The quality matters! Slide 22 E-selling Is the process of buying and selling goods on the Internet. Guess whose sales made 55% of the total sales??? </p>