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  • 1. Safe bathing for people of all abilities www.best-bath.com"HG" ADA Shower Overview4545 Enterprise, Boise, Idaho 83705Tel: (208) 342-6823 / (800) 727-9907 - Fax: (208) 342-6832 / (800) 627-0929

2. Curb DetailsSafe bathing for people of all abilitieswww.best-bath.com.5 Curb/bottom for transfer showers1/2" Integral level support (adhered by others) center line of drain hole 3/8"FLOORdrain cut-out size 8"x8" or 8" diameter4" vinyl flooring .75 Curb/bottom for roll-in showersADA/Cal Title 24/TAS "Change of Level" allowed1/2" (1: 2) change in level1/2"Integral level support (adhered by others) center line of drain hole3/8"1/4" flooringdrain cut-out size 8"x8" or 8" diameter 4" Page 1 3. Drain Details Safe bathing for people of all abilities www.best-bath.com Cross Section of Standard, Cored Shower Bottom (installed)3/16" Thick Fiberglass Plywood Core 1/8" Thick FiberglassBuild up or recess per code3 " MIN. 4 6" Cross Section of Low Profile Shower Bottom (installed) 1/4" Steel Flatbar1/4" Thick FiberglassIntegral Leveling MaterialBuild up or recess per codeEpoxy Adhesive (by installer)3 " MIN. 48" Page 2 4. Wall Section DetailSafe bathing for people of all abilitieswww.best-bath.comCut-away viewof HG unit wall Gelcoat finish(color) 1/2" Plywood Fiberglass laminateBarrier coatFiberglass laminate Page 3 5. Cross Section of HG WallSafe bathing for people of all abilitieswww.best-bath.com Top and Front Nailing Flanges1-1/8" Overall Wall Thickness Inside Wall Surface 1/2" Plywood5/8" Space Face of Stud Page 4 6. Laminate SchedulesSafe bathing for people of all abilities of HG Showerswww.best-bath.com Laminate Schedule - Walls Laminate Schedule - Cored Bottoms Material Cut List - Gel Coat18 mil- Gel Coat 18 mil Walls - Barrier Coat30 mil- Barrier Coat 30 mil as required 1/2" Plywood 4" x 8" - Hydrate (bed) 90 mil (3/32")- Hydrate (bed) 130 mil (1/8")" 8" x 8" " 2" x 8" - Plywood Core 1/2" - Plywood Core 3/4" " 2" x 12" - Hydrate (top) 130 mil (1/8")- Hydrate (top) 130 mil (1/8")as required 3" x 5" HD cards - Level Block(s)corner reinforcementsMaterial Cut List (not on smooth wall models) Bottom same on this sideFull as required 3/4" Plywood Plyw ood Cored bottomFull PlywOne Piece Shower HG/CG ood (Hospital Grade/ Commercial Grade) with 15 (1.5") or HIGHER curb One Piece Tub/shower HG (Hospital Grade/ Commercial Grade) Laminate Schedule - Walls Laminate Schedule - Uncored Bottoms Material Cut List - Gel Coat18 mil- Gel Coat18 milWalls - Barrier Coat30 mil- Barrier Coat30 milas required 1/2" Plywood 4" x 8" - Hydrate (bed) 90 mil (3/32")- Hydrate (bed) 130 mil (1/8")" 8" x 8" " 2" x 8" - Plywood Core 1/2" - Steel Flat Bar 1 length at curb " 2" x 12" - Hydrate (top) 130 mil (1/8")- Hydrate (top) 130 mil (1/8")as required 3" x 5" HD cards - Level Block(s) - Integral Leveling Support Material Cut List corner reinforcements(not on smooth wall models) Bottom same on this side Steel Flat Bar 1/4" x 1-1/4" x XX"Full Plywood 1/4" FRP Laminate and Integral Leveling Support(7 # Urethane Compound)Full Plywood Steel Flat BarOne Piece Shower HG/CG (Hospital Grade/ Commercial Grade) with 12 (1.25") or LOWER curb Page 5 7. Water Containment SolutionsSafe bathing for people of all abilities www.best-bath.com"The solution to wet floors" Specifications for The WaterStopper Kit - Material: EPDM Rubber, 50 Durometer, Endcaps: injection molded Vyram rubberKit Contents: - Finish: Kits are available in both Grey and Beige- 1 ea. Specified length of WaterStopper - Dimensions: Will fit on any Access ADA or Barrier Free model offered - 2 ea. Specified size end caps - Available for other Brands.- 2 ea. Alcohol wipes - Installation: Self-Adhesive. - Installation Instructions Tape-weighted curtain Tape-weighted curtain without WaterStopper with WaterStopperFront view Front view13 8"114" Endcap 2-1/4" radiusEndcap 3/8" radius 3Cross Section 16" Flattens under wheelchair Specifications for The Semi-permanent Threshold Adaptor- Material: Powder coated aluminum, .100" thick.Kit Contents:- Finish: Color WHITE, special colors available for quantity orders.- 1 ea. Specified TAS (cut to fit)- Dimensions: Made to fit any ADA or Barrier Free model offered by Best Bath Systems. - 1 ea. Cartridge of silicone caulk (white)- Available for other brands (cut to fit on-site).- Installation Instructions- Installation: Simple, removable installation with silicone caulk. SiliconeSilicone Shower Bottom Bathroom FloorTASodeler mini) cut to fit p TAS-M (M odel fit per mcut to2-1/2" 2" 2-3/8"3-1/2"Page 6 8. Flange Trim Kit FTK-R-5-125Safe bathing for people of all abilitieswww.best-bath.comApplication For use as an easy way of covering the nailing flange where there already is drywall or other wall material BEHIND the shower or tubshower. Installation Measure the distance between the drywall at the back wall. Trim or sand the molding sections to size with a hacksaw. Kit consists of Cut the Butyl tape in 2" pieces, fold double as needed1 ea Backwall section and stick to the nailing flange and drywall at 8" intervals.1 ea Left front and top section Press the molding in place. 1 ea Right front and top section Repeat with the rest of the sections. 10 ft. 5/16" Butyl tape 3M #8621 Caulk all around the edges. 5/16" thick, 1/2" wideR 1/8" 1 ea Silicone (white) Material1-1/4" Matching gelcoat fiberglass Install with butyl tape and caulk 1/2" 1/16" Cross Section of Moldingstud Silicone caulk Butyl Tape #8621Flange Trim Moulding Drywall Screw head Shower Nailing Flange stud Butyl tapeLatex caulk (paintable) Drywall 8"Cross Section of Molding installedMoldings shownbefore installation Page 7 9. One Hour Fire Rated Safe bathing for people of all abilities Drywall Stud Pocket www.best-bath.comNailing FlangePLAN 1st Drywall2nd Drywall Studs 2nd Drywall Nailing Flange1st Drywall Shower WallDETAIL A iso view attop of wall (installed)2nd DrywallPage 8 10. 90 Reveal and ConventionalSafe bathing for people of all abilities Flange Detailswww.best-bath.com PLANDETAIL ADETAIL B Stud 1"Studs1"5/8" Drywall 5/8" Drywall 2" DETAIL A DETAIL B Drywall 5/8" drywall Nailing Flange "Reveal 90" Feature ConventionalStuds stud DETAIL Btop of wallDETAIL A iso view at(installed)top of wall (installed) Page 9Drywall 11. LPB1 Safe bathing for people of all abilitieswww.best-bath.com Storage: Do not Rest on Unscrew this block before installing the Bottom Once the DrainFitting is Installed 8"x 8" or 8" diam. NOTE: The drain cut-out must be Epoxy 8" diam. or 8" x 8" and back filled if it is larger to prevent flexing.Brace or weigh down the 2x4s so that they are tight all along Epoxy the shower floor. 3/4" highEpoxy Adhesive:3/4" dollops every 8" min. Do not walk on bottom until epoxy has set upTIP: Also put epoxy between 2 pcs.of scrap wood to monitor cure. Use straight 2x4sPLAN for 38" x 38" showers only A Use straight 2x4s A=approx. 6"Use straight 2x4s A Screw throughflanges every 8" PLAN for Rear Drain Showers SEE PAGE 11 FOR ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS PLAN for Showers Larger than 38" x 38" Page 10 12. Showers (1-piece) with Safe bathing for people of all abilities Low Profile Bottoms www.best-bath.comThe extremely low profile of this shower bottom may eliminate the need for recessing. In order to get full, permanent contact with the floor, it MUST be installed per these instructions. Failure to follow these instructions may result in failure not covered by warranty. LPB1 1/4" thick fiberglass drain fitting (do not store the panfactory leveling materialupright resting on the drain) Epoxy adhesive (8" o.c., see over)CL 3/4" min. unscrew beforeinstallation Epoxy adhesive8" NOTE: The drain cut-out must be 8" CROSS SECTION OF BOTTOM diam. or 8" x 8". If it is larger, back-fill (installed) to prevent flexing. Installation: 1. Check the stud pocket for level and correct9. Put the unit face-down in front of the pocket.dimensions and the drain hole in the floor 10. Apply the epoxy adhesive to the floor.for the correct distance to the studs.(See illustration on the front page)The floor must be level +/- 1/8 inch. At the same time, glue some scrap wood 2. The shower drain must be centered in an 8"together as a cure time sample for later on.cut-out in the floor (refer to specification or11. Tip the shower into position, making sure itthe actual shower). See drawing above.is positioned at the line drawn in step 8. 3. Have the plumber install the drain fitting. Avoid stepping on the bottom until theDO NOT store the unit resting on the drain. epoxy has set up. 4. Prepare the drain pipe to receive the drain. 12. When level, screw through the flanges. 5. Clean the floor and the pan's underside. 13. Use 2x4 boards to brace or weigh down asThe floor may be damp but no standing water.shown over until snug to the shower floor. 6. The leveling material has been scuffed up14. Make sure the bottom has adequate drain-at the factory. Clean off any debris stuck to it. slope by pouring water in it or with a level. 7. Remove the plywood strip that is screwed 15. Check the cure time sample from step #10to the leveling block at the back. and when fully bonded, remove the bracing 8. Draw a line where the curb will be.boards or after no less than 2 hrs. (more if the floor is cold)Page 11 13. OPTION VERIFICATIONMODEL: LCS26337A75BHG - LEFT PLBG "ACCESSIBLE"QTY:63"311 2"1 201 2" ADA COMPLIANT381 2 " 36"AA 1" 4 3TOP VIEWPERSPECTIVE - N.T.S. 2 2" 1"60"227" 21" 727"5 8 8783 4 "75" 60" CENTEREDCENTERED6 46"11 2 "40" 5 37"34"18" 18"INT. LEFT ELEVATION3 " FRONT ELEVATION 3 "INT. RIGHT ELEVATION4 8 SCALEDATE E ------ PROJECT: DB: MA1/2" = 1'-0"DRAWING NUMBER D ------ COMPANY: CB: PVRSHEET 1 OF 2 C ------ NOTES:ACCEPTED AS CORRECT BY: B ------Rough-in stud opening +1/4 -0 nominal dimensions All vertical accessory dimensions are measured from the floor of the shower. A ------Best Bath Systems, Inc. retains ownership of all product designs and anyREVCHANGE DATEDIV. OF FIBERGLA


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