Heroes. Types of Heroes Epic (Odysseus) Tragic (Romeo, Hamlet) Conventional (Harry Potter)

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<p>Heroes</p> <p>HeroesTypes of HeroesEpic (Odysseus)Tragic (Romeo, Hamlet)Conventional (Harry Potter)Epic HeroA figure of heroic stature, having national or international importanceGreat historical or legendary significanceAction consists of deeds of great valor or requiring superhuman courageTriumphs in the end with the good overcoming the evil</p> <p>Tragic HeroA figure of noble stature who has a greatness about him or herNot eminently good or just, but faces misfortune brought about by some error or tragic flaw (hamartia)A pre-eminently great, but not perfect, figure -- combined with strength, there is usually a weaknessEncounters a downfall (tragedy) partially his/her own fault and the result of his/her own free choice rather than the result of pure accident, villainy or some overriding malignant fateDownfall fills the reader with some empathy or pity; some discovery or gain in self-knowledge is evidenced; the hero may be defeated, but he/she has dared greatly and gains an understanding in defeat </p> <p>Conventional HeroUsually ruggedly handsome or beguilingly beautifulFigure faced with significant obstacles that he/she finally overcomes to achieve a goalMay have vices, but none that the reader would not mind havingReader can, in his/her imagination, identify himself/herself with the hero and can relate to the adventures and triumphs</p> <p>Hamlet as Tragic HeroBegins with noblest motivations (to punish his fathers murderer)Does not survive to see the full outcome of his actionsWhat is his tragic fall?Heros JourneyThe Mundane World: where he doesnt want to beThe Call to Adventure: theres something else out thereCrossing the Threshold: hero crosses into new world from oldPath of Trials: meets new people, learns new skills, overcomes challengesMaster of Two Worlds: Returns to old world a changed person</p>