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  • 1. Hero
    Chapter 2
  • 2. Yeah Mark. Okay, see you in a bit. I love you too. Sighing, Rihanna hung up the phone.
    Secrets were fun, but when a person they were being kept from finds out, that is absolutely no fun whatsoever.
  • 3. Of course, it wasnt the only secret from Jade, thought Rihanna as she logged onto both her cyberschool classroom, as well a financial consultant page.
    Rihanna was smarter than she looked. She would have graduated college top of her class, had Jades dad not come into the picture. Now, she earned money at home both as a financial consult and a cyberschool teacher, without the knowledge of her daughter.
  • 4. Hey Mom! Jade burst noisily into the house, setting her homework on the kitchen table. Did you sign me up?
    Rihanna quickly logged off the computer. Of course dear! Your private school education is all in order, youll start tomorrow. Oh, and Arcadia called again. She said you, Ivy, Sandy, Allyn, and she were going to hang out tomorrow?
  • 5. The last part was for granted. The five girls spent almost every afternoon together. Arcadia and Allyn worked at the same restaurant that Jade did, but Sandy and Ivy met her at school. Rihanna bought Jade a makeover chair and she was more than happy to use it on her friends. They had already began to plan their college experience.
  • 6. Jade slowly got into a routine of taking the car to school, then coming home and doing homework.
    She almost never saw her mother after school, and didnt give any thought about what she might be doing.
  • 7. Unfortunately, Rihannas secret long term boyfriend decided to stop by the day that Jade happened to ace one of her AP classes.
  • 8. Ohmigod! Mom! Look I got a grea- Jade froze as she realized her mother was preoccupied with a guy that Jade had never seen before.
  • 9. Oh, Jade. I thought you were going to Arcadias? Rihanna trailed off, afraid to turn and face her daughter, but she knew in her heart that the gig was up.
  • 10. New painting? Mark walked away from the stormy trouble brewing.
    Hi sweetheart Ri tried an innocent wave, concealing her fallen spirits. Jade slowly lowered her report in confusion.
  • 11. Jade began to pace in the background as Rihanna grabbed Mark for a quick hug.
    Love you, and Ill see you later After Hurricane Jade dies down to at least a level 2. Ri whispered with a slight smile.
  • 12. After Mark left, Jade approached her mother.
    Mom! What is all this about!? She frowned and shook her head. I dont care that youre dating again, but maybe telling me would have been the easier solution than sneaking around with whoever the hell that guy is.
  • 13. The girls turned in opposite directions, neither risking a peek over the shoulder at the other one.
    Ri wondered why she didnt tell her daughter, what was holding her back?
  • 14. Jade looked up in alarm as the phone went into answer machine.
    Miss Hero, we are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Neomentary School, and cannot wait for you to join our staff.
    No. Freaking. Way. Jade eyes widened. When did you get a job?!
    Rihanna just laughed, and the two managed to reconnect over dinner.
  • 15. It was undeniable now, Ri was falling in love. She knew that Mark felt the same way. Somehow, she knew that he was the one.
    Jade had seemed to realize she should give Mark a chance. The long awaited meeting was to occur when Jade came back from work.
  • 16. Hey. Im Jade Hero but you already know that. Mark climbed out of the pool and received a firm handshake. He shook his mane of sopping blonde hair, and flashed a movie star smile.
    Hello Jade. Im Dr. Mark Curtain. Jade shook her head and snorted.
    And hes a doctor too! Wow Mom, you sure made a good choice. Jade noted before giving Mark her first genuine smile in a while.
  • 17. Apparently, that was enough acceptance for Rihanna, and the very next afternoon, she was the one to propose to Mark.
    All in all, it was a very unusual proposal, but was happily accepted by Dr. Curtain. He loved everything about his quirky girlfriend; actually make that fianc.
  • 18. Mark grabbed Ris hand and helped her to her feet. He hugged her.
    I guess I should cancel those reservations to the Pancake Palace Mark joked, I had heard that pancakes are a very wonderful thing to propose over.
  • 19. At one oclock, Jade walked into the house and set her work on the table.
    Hi Jade. Mark smiled at his future step daughter.
  • 20. Oh hey Mar- Are you kidding? You proposed without me? Jades unnaturally pale eyes flashed with annoyance. I really wanted pancakes!
  • 21. Sorry about that Jade, but I think Im the one who took that honor away from you Rihanna walked into the room and smiled at her daughter. And according to Allyn, youve been plenty busy with someone special.
    Jade blushed at the mention of Dominic Baity, and silently cursed Allyn.
    She is so dead.
  • 22. Dominic Baity
    Jades first date
    Her first crush
    Her first kiss
    And her first boyfriend.
  • 23. The next day, a wedding occurred outside
    And Rihanna
  • 24. Became Mrs. Curtain.
    Jade watched warily, she was getting used to Mark
  • 25. But that didnt make him kissing her mom any less awkward.
  • 26. Somehow, Jade thought that she would manage.