Heriot-Watt University Emergency & Business Continuity Planning Lorraine Loy Group Risk Manager

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Heriot-Watt University Emergency & Business Continuity Planning Lorraine Loy Group Risk Manager Slide 2 Major Incident Saturday 4 June 2005 Time: 08.30 Explosion heard and felt by Security Control mile away No radio contact could be made with patrol officers Security Officers arrived at scene 08.33 Emergency Services contacted at 08.35 Security control contacted Risk Manager advising there had been an explosion 08.40 Important: start to record all actions Slide 3 Major Incident Internal Communications Prior to arriving on site the following internal staff where contacted: Communications staff and press and PR Director of Estates Estate Maintenance Manager Security Manager Catering Registrar Head of School School Safety Manager Union Representatives All contacts advised of emergency room location Slide 4 Major Incidents - External Contacts The following external contacts where advised to stand by Loss Adjuster Project management provider ISS Damage Ltd (Salvage & Restoration) Insurers Brokers Slide 5 Catastrophic Failure of Gas Booster Set Slide 6 Gas Booster sets housing Slide 7 Major link bridge Transformers Major Link Bridge Management Group Offices Slide 8 Emergency Phase Emergency services arrive on site at 08.50 10 Fire tenders in attendance Inner and outer cordons set up Liaison with Fire Brigade Major Incident Officer and Police at scene Estates staff on site awaiting instruction No radio contact was available Slide 9 Emergency Phase Reporters arrive on Campus 09.45 Media room set up and managed by Corporate Communications staff Briefing given to media at 10.00 Gas isolated and fire extinguished 11.00 Emergency Services meetings took place 10.00 10.45 14.00 Slide 10 Recovery Saturday Local Authority Building Control Officers arrive at scene at 12.30 Building handed back to University control at 13.45 Emergency Team meet to agree emergency work schedule Debris removal No services to the building Additional security to protect assets / buildings Communication issued to all staff via email / posters Students in residence moved to safer locations Slide 11 Recovery - Saturday 14.00 Vice Principal handed over authority to begin the reinstatement Recovery Team consisted of: Head of School School Safety Manager Risk Manager Estates Staff Catering Staff Student Services Representative Loss Adjuster, Project Management team, Disaster recovery specialists Slide 12 Recovery - Saturday Priorities Welfare arrangements for all staff involved in the emergency and subsequent recovery Equipment salvage Impact on School academic and business operations Impact on other buildings/staff and students Organisation of Estates maintenance staff to make safe all areas affected Slide 13 Recovery - Saturday Debris removal No services to 3 buildings Additional Security to protect assets/buildings Communication issued to all staff via email. Posters placed campus wide Students in residence close to blast site moved to safer locations Slide 14 Recovery Sunday Road closed - No access for delivery vehicles to catering facility/banks and shops No access to other academic buildings - link bridges closed Preparation of plans for staff and student briefs Project briefs hourly until 19.00 Reinstatement estimate 2.8million Additional Increased cost of working 850k Schools requirements given priority Slide 15 Recovery Sunday All salvage recovered from damaged areas and asset list created Third Party salvage recovered Building inspected by Fire Brigade and proposals to re-open agreed Student timetables rearranged Notices and email bulletins issued Slide 16 Recovery Sunday Tower secured and temporary boarding used to isolate the tower and link bridges Identified white powder in adjacent buildings Full reinstatement programme agreed with the project managers, loss adjuster and the School affected Programme reinstatement period 8 months Approval for expenditure managed by Risk Office Slide 17 Recovery Monday Staff and students arrive on campus Head of School briefs all staff HR and student welfare staff on site to deal any emotional issues affecting staff Head of School briefs all students separately No interruption to teaching Significant resource required to direct students and staff Building reopened at 16.00 Slide 18 Business Interruption No BI costs relating to third parties BI loss to the University BI Cost to the School All commercial salvage recovered and in working order No loss of consultancy/research activities Slide 19 Student Issues Winter period Concerns over the welfare of students due to deteriorating weather over winter months Weekly Communication with students. Facility for students to report concerns or issues Purchase of winter supplies Slide 20 Reinstatement & Debrief Full Reinstatement February 2006 Collation of all records and costs Review of the emergency teams Ensure all statements are recorded Review of plans/training as necessary Review any communication issues which may have occurred between all service areas Slide 21 What Happened Next - Lothian Reciprocal Agreements Existing reciprocal arrangements were reviewed 2007 Identified the opportunity to determine if there was mutual recognition within the sector of the need for a joint initiative to enhance resilience All Universities and Colleges invited to attend initial meeting to determine if the concept would have value for all potential partners and that the Group would be worth developing Slide 22 Lothian Reciprocal Agreement Agree an integrated response to disruptive events which may affect HE/FE in the Lothian area Build on and develop existing contingency plans Enhance awareness of service priorities and services provided by HE and FE To conduct tabletop exercises as a group in relation to disruptive events, which could threaten or impact University and or College business in the Lothian area Slide 23 Lothian Reciprocal Agreement To offer facilities and assistance in the event of a disruptive event The agreement demonstrates a joint commitment by the Lothian University & College Resilience Group members The Group works closely with the City of Edinburgh Council Resilience Forum Agreement to be signed on the 29 th April 2008 Slide 24 Finally! 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