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Here’s What…. 1931 Yukon Residential Schools Established. 1995 – Four Self-Gov’t Agreements signed. 1960s – Last Residential School closes. 1951 Ind. Act transfers education of YFN to Territorial Gov’t. 1973 – Together Today for Our Children Tomorrow. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Heres What1931 Yukon Residential Schools Established1951 Ind. Act transfers education of YFN to Territorial Govt1960s Last Residential School closes1973 Together Today for Our Children Tomorrow1990 Education Act Amended in response toTogether Today for Our Children Tomorrow1995 Four Self-Govt Agreements signed2005 Learning Centre opens to re-engageYouth who have left school

  • So WhatYukon Public SchoolsCommunication ToolboxTools for communication New Horizons

  • Leadership Framework for YukonSchool Councils, Principals & V.P.Success for EACH LEARNER.Significant responsibilities which impact students, teachers, administrators, families and community.A student-centered approach that recognizes the rights, needs and interests of each student must be the focus of the decision making process.Build relationships / partnerships / collaborate with Yukon First Nations.

  • How Are We Doing?Thursday, November 22, 2012Yukon First Nations Data

  • First Nations I E P & AbsenceAbsence 20 days or moreI E P

    As of Nov 19, 2012Absence 20 days or moreEnrolmentElementarySecondaryTotalElementarySecondaryTotalFirst Nations 251051309546591613Non First Nations 214970209113513442Yukon46154200304520105055

    As of Nov 19, 2012I E PEnrolmentElementarySecondaryTotalElementarySecondaryTotalFirst Nations 2121964089546591613Non First Nations 162194356209113513442Yukon374390764304520105055

  • First Nations Average Days Absence Average Days Absence for Yukon Schools 2011-2012 by First Nations and Non-First Nations

    Rural/UrbanUrbanRuralYukonFirst NationsNon First NationsFirst NationsNon First NationsFirst NationsNon First NationsElementary181430212214152617Secondary271956333520214725Yukon 221636242717173120

  • YAT achievement 2011-2012 for FN vs. FN, NFN vs. NFN YAT achievement 2011-2012 - Grade 3 YAT achievement 2011-2012 - Grade 6 YAT achievement 2011-2012 - Grade 9




  • First Nations BCP Exam ResultsBCP Exam Results 2011-2012 FN vs NFN students

    First NationsNon First NationsYukon StudentsCourseFailPassTotalFailPassTotalFailPassTotalEnglish 1035661013322726068293361Math 10506111168205273118266384Science 103262942522124657283340Social Studies 111239511618119728220248Communications 1214253952227194766English 12945541623525125280305Francais Langue 121342232532629Total1533014541651114127931814151733

  • First Nations Graduates 2012GRAD2012 by First Nations and Non First Nations

    Urban/RuralFirst NationsGraduatedEnrolledPCTUrbanNon First Nations24027288%UrbanFirst Nations6110558%UrbanStudents30137780%RuralNon First Nations182864%RuralFirst Nations172959%RuralStudents355761%

    Yukon Students33643477%

  • Report Card achievement by Grade - English

  • Report Card achievement by Grade - Mathematics

  • How the Brain Learns

  • Neuroscience and the Brain