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  1. 1. Heres What I Know About Penny StocksWhy Almost Everything Youve Learned AboutPenny Stocks Is Wrong And What You ShouldKnowFinding penny stocks , sometimes known as microcaps, to trade can be difficult becausefinding information about the company itself can be time consuming and sometimes outrightfrustrating. Although all stock trading is risky, penny stocks can be a source of incredibleincome. And, traders are doing that everyday with the right penny stock trading systems.When researching which system or tool to use one of the most important things you mustlook for is a good history of trading.One main benefit of Penny stocks is that they are sold at low prices. You have decided toinvest some of your money in the stock trade? You want a resource that will shoot straightadvice and leave the hype behind. Not exactly what people expect from penny stocks right?People expect a boom or bust type result most of the time. Buy indicators such as theparabolic sar indicate that an uptrend is starting. 20 and 50 moving averages cross upward toconfirm an breakout is imminent.Day trading in stocks , options, currencies and futures can be profitable for a trader who hassubstantial experience in the realm of trading. Understanding and implementing day tradingstrategies that work is not an easy task since these require experience, capital and othertrading resources. Any time there is the potential to make a lot of money, you can bet there isalso going to be scam artists trying to scam people. Trading penny stocks can yield verysubstantial profits over a very short amount of time.The system should give you alerts and updates on the trades on a timely basis so you areaware of everything that is happening with that stock and are not caught by surprise if thestock goes south unexpectedly. Most stock market beginners have the wrong approach to
  2. 2. free level ii though. They buy them because they look cheap. The shares just cost a fewDollars or Cents, how can that money be wasted? Actually, most money which is flowing intopenny stocks is wasted.For the confidence they show in the investment part, by listening to stories related to caseswhere in people experienced failure, it may put their morale down. Therefore, to make surethat nothing of this sort affects you, you should take the right steps at the right time. Risk issomething that follows you like a demon in every possible investment, if you are not to fight itthen you are bound to be beaten by it. Hence, to make sure that you dont lose to risk factor,get in as much as you can from the experts.Make small investments in money stocks Besides, this is the reason why it is calledawesome penny stocks in the first place. A good stock may sound fairly stable, but alwaysremember that the stock market is filled with liars and cheaters so never entrust biginvestments. When you get in, it is advisable to pick an entry price and stick with. It isimportant to remember not to chase stocks If you do, you may lose more than what youexpect. It is also important to watch the open.