hercules in andujar and ubeda. footprints of hercules

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  • KA2 Searching for the labours of


  • Hercules in Andjar

    This sculpture of Hercules in bronze, is a

    symbol of the inmortality of the

    building,that has remained alive and of

    the strenght and courage of the owners to

    fight the general negligence that has

    favoured the loss of our rich architectonic


  • Hrcules in Andjar

    Manuel Lopez Perez lives and works in

    Andujar, where his interest in nature and art

    were awakened at an early age. He uses many

    different fields to explain feelings and


  • Sirvente de Mieres Palace A Baroque house of the XVIII century,

    located in the town center. It has got

    a sandstone faade. It is known as

    the house of D. Francisco de Mieres y

    Crdenas . Hercules, the sculpture made

    by Manuel Lpez, stands on the top as a

    guardian of the building.

    Nowadays it has become a charming

    apartment house..

  • Holy Chapel of the Saviour This free-standing chapel, the pantheon of Francisco de los Cobos, secretary

    to Emperor Charles V and his chief advisor in matters of the imperial funds,

    is a masterpiece by Diego de Silo; its layout embodies the full funerary

    symbolism of the rotunda as an evocation of the Holy Sepulchre.

    Silo's design was executed by Andrs de

    Vandelvira, who crafted the entire Sacristy.

    The result is a church that stands comparison

    with the finest Italian Renaissance architecture.

  • Holy Chapel of the Saviour In the faade there are references to the labours of Hercules, and in the

    central point a relief of Jesus transfiguration at the Tabor mount.

    There is a parallel between Hrcules and Jess, according to the idea that

    both had to live as mortals and to pass hard tests and, after their deaths

    caused by a betrayal, they recovered their places with their fathers.

  • Hercules fighting a centaur

  • Hercules and the Gerion's oxen