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<ul><li> 1. Audny hepburnMichael Hsu</li></ul> <p> 2. Audrey Hepburn192954: (170): 110 (50): 32-20-35: 3. 4. 5. 6. The following waswritten by AudreyHepburn, who wasasked to sharebeauty tips.AUDREYHAPBURN 7. For attractivelips, speak words ofkindness. 8. For lovely eyes, seek outthe good in people. 9. For a slim figure, shareyour food with thehungry. 10. For beautiful hair, leta child run his or herfingers through it oncea day. 11. For poise, walk withthe knowledge that younever walk alone. 12. People, even more thanthings, have to berestored, revived, reclaimedand redeemed; never throw ouanyone. 13. Remember, if you everneed a helpinghand, youll find them atthe end of each of yourarms. As you growolder, you will discoverthat you have twohands, one for helpingyourself, the other forhelping others. 14. The beauty of a woman is not inthe clothes she wears, thefigure that she carries, or theway she combs her hair. Thebeauty of a woman must be seenfrom in her eyes, because thatis the doorway to herheart, the place where loveresides. 15. The beauty of a woman isnot in a facialmode, but the truebeauty in a woman isreflected in her soul.It is the caring thatshe lovingly gives, thepassion that she shows. 16. The beauty of a womangrows with the passingyears. 17. Please send this to fivephenomenal women today.If you do, something goodwill happen... that is, you will boostanother womans selfesteem.</p>