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An online magazine on commercial hemp, its uses and objections. I write for this mag occasionally (see page 17)


  • Hemp Lifestyle Magazine 03 1

    Will AustrAliA AlloW hemp As A

    superfood? DaviD Leigh

    the Kestrel sustAinAble trAnsport

    mAde from hempDiane WaLsh

    GettinG our hAnds dirty At the

    hemp buildinG WorKshop

    Dionne Payn


    1s t March 2012 I s sue 03 hempl i f e s t y l emaga zine .com

    GettinG hemp ClothinG into the mAinstreAm LinDa Werner

    Win The Ecobears book

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    Contributors eDitoriaLWelcome to the March 2012 edition of Hemp Lifestyle Magazine. Yep, weve had a name change, we have a new look and Im very excited to share our new direction with you.

    Firstly, thank you to all of our contribu-tors for providing not only the awesome content, but heaps of inspiration too. And thank you for dear reader for com-ing back for more.

    Hemp Lifestyle Magazine - a constant evolution!

    When I started Hemp Industry Insider magazine, I had no idea where it was going to go. I only knew that I had to stop sitting on the sidelines and trans-late my passion into something that was practical and would help other people.

    I got the sense that if I was on the right path, then the people that needed to be involved would be there and would be happy to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And that sense, that intuition was spot on. (By the way, Im not claiming any credit for that, Im just glad that I listened and followed it).

    And as part of that intuition, there was a knowing that what I started in the 18th July 2011 wasnt going to be a polished product - it couldnt be because it need-ed other people to be a part of that vi-sion to move things along.

    Heres an insight to the inner workings of Dionne - Im a recovering perfectionist :-)

    If I had let my perfectionist tendencies take over, you wouldnt be reading this right now. Every last detail of the maga-zine would be written down, planned out, thought through but it wouldnt be launched yet. Paralysis by analysis I think they call it.

    Yet as more people have come onboard to contribute articles, prizes and positive comments, the magazine has taken on a life of its own.

    And the change of name and look is a reflection that the magazine is an inclu-sive entity - its there for those in the trade, those that are partially curious, and those that dont know that it exists yet.

    In fact, calling the magazine an inclusive entity is a little short of the mark. Its not even about the magazine, its about the community that we are - made up of the

    readers, contributors & advertisers. All coming together with a belief that hemp is part of the solution for the greater good of our society.

    It was Tony Budden that gave me the idea for the name. We were talking a while back and he made the statement that hemp is a lifestyle choice, and it is. As we learn more about hemp, incorpo-rate more hemp products into our lives and tell our friends and our families we cant help but be activists for the cause. Even if it is from our armchairs!

    What do these changes mean for you? Well we have a new website where you can read the current issue online or download the magazine to your computer. Visit us at www.HempLife-styleMagazine.com and tell us what you think of the new look.

    Were setting up a facility where you will be able to order and subscribe to the hard-copy version of the magazine to be sent wherever you are in the world. Hopefully this will be in place by the time you read this.

    But even with all of these changes our commitment to bringing you news and articles about all of the positive and cool things happening with hemp is the same. And we are always willing to hear your suggestions and comments about where to go with the magazine.

    Thank you for evolving with us. Its not always a smooth ride but its a fun one and personally Im glad that we are all in this together!

    Enjoy Hemp Lifestyle Magazine!

    Dionne PaynhemP LifestyLe magazine

    DanieL Kruseis the founder of Hempro International, based in Duessel-dorf, Germany. Hempro Int. sells a large range of hemp foods, textiles and cosmetics.

    DaviD Leighis a writer and filmmaker based in Tasmania, Australia and his documentaries and books can be found at his website www.davidleigh.com.au. Davids in-terests in hemp are many. He intends building a house from hempcrete in Tasmania, is

    interested in the health aspects of hemp seed prod-ucts as a food source and wants to see hemp replace logging in native forests and plantations for fibre.

    LinDa Werneris the founder of Think Sub-stance. Inspired after reading Jack Herers book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Linda be-gan designing a range of hemp clothing that contain messages from the book. With a natural eye and magnetism for talent,

    Linda envisions a company that serves as a hub where the most talented and creative forces can collaborate to serve a common greater good.

    Diane WaLshMA, is an independent inves-tigative journalist based in the Pacific Northwest dividing her time between Vancouver Is. and Seattle. You can read more about Diane at her site www.indydianewalsh.word-press.com

    Dionne Paynis the founder and Editor of Hemp Lifestyle Magazine. Af-ter months of trying to find up to date and credible in-formation about hemp, she decided to ask people in the industry what they were up to. There were so many interesting

    stories and she realised that other people might want to hear these too. Dionne decided to start her own magazine which was launched on the 1st August 2011 after just 2 weeks.

    annDrea hermannM.Sc., P.Ag, BGS is the President Elect of the Hemp Industry Association, Special Comittee Member of the Candian Hemp Trade Aliance, Ower of The Ridge Interna-tional Cannabis Consulting and Primary contact for Hemp

    Technologies Canada Hempcrete Builders. Contact Anndrea at anndrea4hemp@gmail.com

    hemP PubLisher images/ art graPhiC Design aDvertisment hoW to reaCh usLifestyLe magazine Dionne Payn fotoLia.Com anDrea PeDersen Dionne Payn hemplifestylemagazine.commonthly online admin@hemplifestylemagazine.com

    Content Disclaimer:

    Hemp Lifestyle Magazine is published under the explicit understanding that content contained in the magazine is based on the knowledge and understanding of the contributors at the time of writing. Any statements, advice or opinions expressed herein are made for the benefit of the reader only.

    Therefore Hemp Lifestyle Magazine, or its contributors, will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss which has occurred or may occur as a result of a persons action (or inaction) related to said statements or advice.

    Hemp Lifestyle Magazine accepts no responsibility for the reliability or accuracy of articles or advertising. Hemp Lifestyle Magazine does not necessarily agree with or accept the views expressed or implied by the contributors.

    Hemp Lifestyle Magazine. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Dionne Payn

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    Despite the torrential rain and thunderstorms that bat-tered the hinterland village, 26 brave participants attend-ed Steve Allins hemp building course in Maleny, Austra-lia.

    While building with hemp might sound quite incred-ible, there are structures dating back to the 6th century in which hemp was incorporated into their construction. One of the most famous hemp buildings was built over 300 years ago in the village of Nagano in Japan.

    The modern form of hemp building was invented in the mid 1980s by Charles Rassetti and is becoming increas-ingly popular in countries including France, Belgium, Swit-zerland, Spain, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (North and South), Canada, South Africa, Czech Republic, Slova-kia and Australia. Even the USA, where it is for all intents and purposes illegal to grow hemp, there are a handful of properties constructed using hemp masonry.

    While hemp building techniques may vary between the different locations due to local climate and availability of materials, they all share a common goal. Which is to use a material that has so many benefits to human health and the environment.

    Hemp can grow without pesticide or agrichemical inputs, meaning it has a low environmental footprint. When used as a rotation crop, hemp increases soil fertility resulting in better yields for on-following crops. The hempcrete build-ing material is comprised of the woody core of the plant, also known as hurd or shiv, and lime-based binders. The lime portion of the mix acts as a biocide, which makes hempcrete buildings naturally pest and mould resistant.

    Hempcrete buildings are described as being breathable, which means that the pores inside the hurd allow mois-ture to easily pass through the hempcrete structure, and allows for a constant indoor temperature, regardless of whether it is hot or cold outside. One course participant who had been inside a hemp home in Tasmania, said that the air quality inside the building was so good you

    could taste it!

    The benefits to this are huge when you compare concrete buildings where moisture can get through the walls but cant escape leading to problems with damp and mould. Recent studies have shown that damp and mould in build-ings are a major reason for the increase of respiratory problems and allergies 1.

    Hempcrete buildings are also well known for their insulat-ing properties, which for companies like Adnams Brew-ery and the Wine Society, both of which had their com-mercial premises in the UK constructed using hemp, has meant a huge reduction in energy bills. Initially, Adnams Brewery saved a considerable amount of money through not installing air conditioning at the start of the project, and have since gone on to sav