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<p>HELPING YOUR CHILD BECOME A READER</p> <p>HELPING YOUR CHILD BECOME A READERMegan Sullivan</p> <p>EDU 375</p> <p>Years of research show clearly that children are more likely to succeed in learning when their family actively supports them.The foreword of the text describes how important family support is to students: </p> <p>This website is intended to be used by parents of children who are: beginner readers and writers struggling with reading and writing exceptional in the area of reading and writing</p> <p>* The particular age group targeted in the information is infancy to age six. Who can benefit?</p> <p>The website is centered around information in a booklet called Helping Your Child published by the U.S. Department of Education.</p> <p>On the website</p> <p> steps that build knowledge that are necessary to becoming a reader/writer and describes activities to engage families activities that encourage reading in another language signs of early efforts to write probable outcomes for participation in activitiesIn the booklet it lists:</p> <p> that after each activity, there was an explanation of how it will benefit the child that the booklet gave a lot of practical, useful strategies to help a child with reading that there were other links on the website for helping children with exceptionalities that it was FREE!</p> <p>I liked</p>