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Help Your Child Become A Better Reader Emergent to Early Readers. Presented By: Mia Brower & Nicole Weyandt Reynoldsburg City Schools. In Session 2 We Will…. Review the five areas of literacy Review phonemic awareness and phonics Gain an understanding of advanced code - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Help Your Child Become A Better Reader Independent Readers

Help Your Child Become A Better ReaderEmergent to Early ReadersPresented By:Mia Brower & Nicole WeyandtReynoldsburg City SchoolsReview the five areas of literacy

Review phonemic awareness and phonics

Gain an understanding of advanced code

Gain and understanding of fluency

Leave with resources and strategies to promote reading at homeIn Session 2 We WillPhonemic AwarenessAlphabetic PrincipleBasic CodeAdvanced CodeFluencyVocabularyComprehension

The Big Five Ideas In ReadingPhonemic AwarenessPhonemic Awareness includes:RhymingIsolating SoundsSound ManipulationSegmenting of SoundsBlending of SoundsWhat is phoneme segmentation?The ability to break down words into individual soundsThis skill is done without printBlack: /b/ /l/ /a/ /k/

Why is phoneme segmentation important?Phoneme SegmentationSlinky segmenting

Egg carton segmenting

Sorting by number of sounds

Activities For Phoneme Segmentation

ABC Reading Magic App

Segmenting Make And Take

PhonicsPhonics is the idea that letters represent sounds and the sounds go together to make wordsPhonics includes basic and advanced codeBasic code means that each sound is represented by one letter (dog)Includes only short vowel soundsAdvanced code means that more than one letter can represent one sound (coat)Includes short and long vowel soundsWhy Nonsense Words?Nonsense words show that students are using their letter-sound knowledge to accurately decode and blend words

Nonsense words ensure that a student hasnt memorized common words such as cat and top by sight.Order Of Development For Basic CodeCV, VCco, at

CVCbig, nej

CCVC, CVCCflat, spug, bump, lest

C = ConsonantV= Vowel (a, e, i, o, u)Activities For Basic Code

Strip 1b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, v, w, y, zStrip 2a, e, i, o, uStrip 3b, c, d, f, g, j, k, l, m, n, p, s, t, v, x, z

Make & Take For Basic Code: 3 Sound Words

Consonantsb, c, d, f, g, j, k, m, n, p, s, t, v, x, zVowelsa, e, i, o, uBeginning Blendsst, gl, br, fl, sp, cr, sk, grEnding Blendsnk, sp, st, nt, mp, pt, lt, nd

Make & Take For Basic Code: 4 Sound Words

Sort words into 4 columns from easiest to read to hardest to read

Word Sort

The ability to understand that sometimes two or more letters represent a sound.

The ability to understand that most sounds can be represented in more than one way

What Is Advanced Code?

Ththat, this, with

Shshop, wish, flash

Chchip, chimp, mulch

Whwhim, which

Common Digraphso-ehomeogooacoatowyellowoetoeoughdough/oe/ Sound Picturesa-eapeairainaysayeasteakeygreyeigheightapapereireignaighstraight/ae/ Sound Pictureseebeeeameaniechiefyhappyeheiskie-etheseeykey/ee/ Sound Picturesi-etimeiecriedichildighnightyflyeighheight/ie/ Sound Picturesu-emuleumusicewfewuefuel/ue/ Sound Pictures

floattapetimebeshowIdaycarryfewthoughateeightteastraightliemulekeephivemakemusicgreyfuelthesegoCan You Identify The Sound Pictures In These Words?Make a handout with these words for them to work with a neighbor to identify the sound pictures26floattapetimebeshowIdaycarryfewthoughateeightteastraightliemulekeephivemakemusicgreyfuelthesegoHow Did You Do?Advanced Code Word BuildingMake And Take

Generating word list



Writing wordsTeaching Advanced CodeShow videos of all these skills29Words Sentences Passages/BooksInstructional Sequence Picture of highlighted stories30Do you want to change your answers?

Word Sort.Again


Word Sort Answers1. Basic Code (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant)

2. Adjacent Code (Consonant Blends)

3. Advanced Code (Long Vowels)

4. Multisyllabic Words

RationaleActivities For Advanced Code

Twister picture 34Connect Four

Guess Who

Speed RacerPoetryBingo

Activities For Advanced Code

35Advanced Code Make And Take

boatgoalmoansoap flow




hopetoepokecrowthoughWhat Is Fluency?

A nonfluent reader puts a large amount of effort into decoding words. By the time such a reader finishes a sentence, he or she may forget what the sentence was even about. Comprehension is blocked because the process of decoding takes so much time and effort the short-term memory cant grasp the fragmented input of information.By contrast, a fluent reader reads in smooth and continuous phrases and the brain can retain and comprehend what is read.www.k12reader.comWhy Is Fluency Important?While fluency alone will not guarantee strong reading comprehension skills, it is absolutely a necessary component.

Not only is fluency important to oral reading, but successful silent reading requires fluent reading as well.

Why Is Fluency Important?Repeated ReadingStudent reads new passage while being timed for one minuteStudent counts how many words were read and subtracts the number of errorsThis is referred to as a cold scoreStudent graphs the number of words read correctly and colors with a blue crayonGo over incorrect words with studentHow To Improve FluencyRepeated Reading ContinuedStudent reads the same passage again, and again, and again, while being timed for one minuteAfter the student has read many times and is able to use good accuracy, rate, expression, and punctuation, they are ready for their hot scoreStudent reads the passage a final time while being timed for one minute and graphs the number of words read correctlyStudent colors their hot score in red

How To Improve Fluency

Partner ReadingTake turns reading a sentence or page

Choral ReadingRead out loud together at the same time

Echo ReadingOne person reads then the other person echoes the sentence that was just readWays To Do Repeated ReadingDemonstration of each given by Mia & Nicole43Reading in different voices

Fluency phrases


Recorded readings

Modeling fluent readingActivities For FluencyQuestions

March 12, 2014

Waggoner Road Middle School

6:00-8:00 PMWhen Will You See Us Again?Mia Browermbrower@reyn.orgwww.mrsbrower.weebly.comTwitter: @BrowerHMTigersFacebook:

Nicole Weyandtnweyandt@reyn.orgwww.missweyandt.weebly.comTwitter: @WeyandtHMtigersFacebook:

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