Help Me Understand What's Compassion?

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<ol><li> 1. Help Me Understand What's Compassion? What's compassion? Compassion to me, is showing love and kindness toward others, giving them a bit of your heart, and asking for nothing back in return. I'm blessed to spread compassion to individuals who mightn't receive it otherwise, also to work with clients and their families regular, or often. I recently had the chance to go to a customer who was in Boca Raton, Florida who was recuperating from a busted hip in a rehabilitation center. After I walked in the room, her eyes lit up and she said, "What are you really doing here?" I responded. We spoke for over an hour about her thoughts on her treatment, the food of the facility, and her plans for after she returned home. It made me feel really great that I possibly could reveal kindness and her love. Stopping by to visit was such a little action from me, but it made a big impact along with her. We consider that empathy makes all of the difference. You will find many ways to show compassion plus they could be as simple as calling to check on someone who we understand is sick, or by seeing with him or her if they are in the hospital. Revealing compassion may also not be as difficult as finding the time to really listen to others. We get so trapped in trying to "fix" everything, when often times, people just need someone to listen to them, know that they're heard, which their feelings are validated. I challenge us all to be the definition of compassion and also to demonstrate love and kindness toward everyone you meet. Senior Home Care </li></ol>