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<ul><li> 1. How Ash Brokerage Helps Me to Help YouThe economic environment is forever changing. As your financial advisor, it is essential that I collaborate with fellowindustry experts to ensure that I provide you with the very best products and solutions to meet your financial goals.To assist me, I have a team of annuity professionals at Ash Brokerage that have been helping advisors like me for nearlyfour decades. They specialize in fixed, indexed and immediate annuities. They know the market from the inside out, andhave established relationships with the industrys top-rated annuity providers.So, exactly how does Ash Brokerage help me to help you?n Annuities can make a sound addition to a diversified plan at any stage in your life. Ash Brokerages team ofindustry experts are committed to investigating, analyzing and identifying the products that are best suited tosecure your financial future.n Ash Brokerage has access to over 35 annuity providers and a comprehensive portfolio of products. They arenot obligated to any particular provider, therefore they will provide us with an unbiased comparison of the topproducts in the industry to meet your individual needs.n Because Ash Brokerage only partners with the industrys top-rated providers, you can rest assured that yourannuity will have the backing of a financially strong and reputable company.n Ash Brokerages back office support assists me in completing new business applications to ensure accuracy,timely processing and prompt placement of business.n It is good to review your financial goals every few years. Ash Brokerage provides an annuity audit service, inwhich they analyze your current annuity to determine if it is performing up to par with your financial goals. If AshBrokerage finds that an alternative product will provide a better solution, then they will provide you with a list ofoptions and recommendations to assist you in meeting financial goals.n Not only does Ash Brokerage provide superb sales support, they also assist me in managing my book ofbusiness. Ash Brokerage notifies me prior to your annuity maturing and makes product recommendations.Ron DoerksenSustainable FinancesLife and Health InsuranceFinancial PlanningO: (360) 306-5642C: (360) 325-6486F: (866) 573-1014sustainablefinances@comcast.netSM-8353A | Rev. 06/11</li></ul>