Helix Media Delivery Platform V13 Launch event in Cairo (Interact Egypt - 2009)

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Interact Egypt presented yesterday Helix Media Delivery Platform V13 Launch event in Cairo


<ul><li> 1. December 9th, 2009 Real Confidential December 10, 2009 Slide 1 </li></ul> <p> 2. To deliver digital entertainment wherever and whenever consumers want it. 3. EMEA NA Founded in 1994APAC Traded (NASDAQ) since 1997 ~1800 employees worldwide Recognized as THE industry Global and Regional Headquartersleader in mobile video Key Global Customers delivery Partner with &gt;100 operators in 42 countries In Millions 4. ASP Services MusicGames Video PersonalizationMessaging Music on DemandMobile Games Multi Screen Video Ringback Tone SMS Interoperability CallerTag PhotoSMSConsumer Services Guide !MusicHelix Media Delivery Platform Helix Mobile ServerHelix ProxyHelix Mobile ProducerHelix Mobile Gateway Helix Mobile Security Manager Helix Security ManagerHelix Session ManagerHelix Producer Helix Server Helix Mobile Session Manager 5. Real Confidential December 10, 2009 Slide 6 6. The Proven Mobile Delivery SolutionCustomers Market Leader: Experience, Expertise, Commitment Choice of over 100 mobile operators globally Over 70% mobile media delivery market share Universal Platform: Reduced CAPEX/OPEX, Investmentprotection Commitment to standards and interoperability Rapid time-to-market with advanced end-to-endsolution for mobile and broadband Single platform for content creation and delivery forhighest QoS and QoE: Quality Reliability Bandwidth efficient Scalability 7. Ecosystem of Partners Helix Platform technology at every stage of Mobile TVdelivery from contentcreation through playbackensures the highest quality end user experiences 8. Now over Helix DNA 500 million devicesshipped 9. CustomersHelix Mobile Messaging Suite Network Infrastructure Solutions for Mobile Messaging Helix Messaging Gateway for SMS and MMS Helix Push Service Platform Helix MMS Optimizer Helix Mobile Internet Suite Universal proxy for multi-protocol access and centralized control for mobile Internet traffic Helix WAP Gateway Helix Mobile Internet Gateway Helix Streaming Proxy 10. Flat rate data tariffs 1GB/10!, 3GB/15! Integrated roaming WiFi with broadband Handsets WiFi + 3G Premium content Sky Free-To-Air BBC TV and Radio Social Networking Video - Save, Share and Play 11. RealAudio/ RealVideo Billing Security3GPP H.264 Any Any FormDeviatce H.264FlashQuick Time Any Platform Windows Media 12. Multi-Format Multi-ProtocolDeliveryRTSP PlayerHelixMobileRTPRTMPor R ProducerBSPlayerHelix MobileHTTP Server 3GPPHTTPH264/AACCompliant File format: PlayerA/V Source Encoder 3gp Single live broadcast into mp4Helix Mobile Server f4v iPhoneiPodMultiple Egress protocol supportusing the same live broadcastLogical Helix end-to-end workflow Real Confidential December 10, 2009 Slide 24 13. Platform advancementsNEW in Helix Media Delivery Platform HTTP Streaming to iPhone Bookmarking Ad Enablement Server-Side Play List 3GPP Rel 7 Fast Content Switch Broadband h.264 (3Mbps) Flash RTMP streaming Unhinted h.264 support Live Rate Adaptation Next-Generation Helix Mobile Producer Authorization, Authentication, Accounting Real Confidential December 10, 2009 Slide 25 14. Stream video to the growingApple audience Helix Server supports iPhoneand iPod touch using: HTTP streaming HTTP streaming with adaptive bit rate Apple iPhoneApple iPod touch 15. Use HTTP progressivedownload in Helix Serverto deliver Flash Video (.flv) Flash animation (.swf).flv.swf 16. Compelling and interactivecollection of video assets Lists can be created bycontent providers, operatorsor users Dynamically updateable listsof live or on-demand contentfor requestSSPL 17. Monetize video with enhanced ad capabilities Insert advertisements clips as: Pre-roll In-stream Post-rollAd Insertion 18. Live and on-demand software encoding Developed by RealNetworks based on RealProducer IPv6 support SNMP monitoring Filters: resize, crop,deinterlace, color, audio Productivity: job files, batch encoding and command-line Inputs: AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP4, AIF, WAV, MP3, DV, WMV Outputs: RA/RV, H.263, H.264, MPEG-4, AAC, AMR, MP3 Multiple Encodes from Single Input 19. Download Flash, Real, WMV, MPEG4 Wizard transcoder allows transfer to Games Consoles PS3, Xbox, PSP Mobile Devices Blackberry, 3GPP All managed centrally in one place Personal video &amp; audio library Potential Usage examples Media companies free samples on the move Newspapers free Sunday CDs Broadcasters catch-up TV (iPlayer concept) Corporate announcements podcasts Education Video podcasts </p>