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<ul><li> 1. MY FRIEND,THE PRIEST Hebrews5:1-10</li></ul> <p> 2. Derek Redmond and his Father 3. 4. 5. 6. My life is clutteredwith too many wrong turns and stumblings to just walk into Gods office.I need somebody to be my spokesman, and I know who that Somebody is. Imagine that -- fighting His waythrough all of the tangles, snares, traps and pitfalls of life, and emerging clean as a whistle. While my righteousness is like filthy rags, Jesus pure life qualifies him to be my intercessor with God.Id better spend plenty of time confessingmy need, professing my faith and just talking things over. 7. 8. 9. 10. God is perfect and needs for us to come to him as righteous people. Since we are sinners we need a way of being cleansed of our guilt before coming to God. Animal sacrifice provided such cleansing.The lamb dies in our place. With so many people (sinners) there was a need for countless priests to listen to the people and offer sacrifices. FIFTEEN HUNDRED YEARS OF HEBREW HISTORY DEVELOPED A CERTAINTY: WE NEED AN INTERMEDIARY WHEN DEALING WITH GOD 11. He came from the tribe of Levi. He was appointed. The priest first offered sacrifices for his own sin. He needed to deal gently with those who through ignorance went astray.The priest had to serve as something of a psychologist, counselor. ONCE A YEAR THE HIGH PRIEST ENTERED THE HOLIEST PLACE IN THE TEMPLE TO CONDUCT RITUALS THAT BROUGHT CLEANSING TO THE PEOPLE. 12. A new covenant in which people would find true forgiveness. The Law would be planted in their hearts. FOR CENTURIES THE HEBREW PROPHETS PREDICTED A DAY WHEN THE WHOLE SACRIFICE SYSTEM WOULD BE DONE AWAY(Jeremiah 31:31-33) 13. Remembering the One who was a Faithful Friend, and our Great High Priest 14. I believethat Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.I have chosento follow Jesus as my Lord and trust Him as my Savior. 15. 16. Returning to God out of our abundance. A gift of thanks. 17. 18. He is a Forever Priest His sinlessness came from being tempted in the wilderness for 40 days as well as 33 years of obedience to his calling. The night before he died Jesus offered prayers and pleadings with loud crys and tears, pleading let this cup pass from me! WONDER OF WONDERS! JESUS CAME TO BECOME OUR HIGH PRIEST AND OFFER A FINAL SACRIFICE 19. Yet, in the end, he was submissive to the Fathers will and gave himself up to be crucified.He learned obedience through what he suffered. In his death the unblemished Jesus became the Last Lamb...and High Priest. Jesus waits to hear our cries of help, our sorrows and confessions of sin. WONDER OF WONDERS! JESUS CAME TO BECOME OUR HIGH PRIEST AND OFFER A FINAL SACRIFICE 20. Carefully consider the Jesus Story If we believe it, confess that it is true Turn from our old ways Pledge in baptism to follow Jesus for the rest of our lives Follow! WHAT ARE WE TO DO? 21. To be truly understoodHes never surprised or shocked. To discuss our heartaches and failures with the one who knows our story and loves us anywayTo go to bed at night with a clean slate To have forgiveness day to day To tell this amazing story to a broken world WHAT A BLESSING 22. 23. Prayer and Praise 24. I am gladI havesomebody to be my spokesman.I knowwho that Somebody is. With JesusI canjust walk into Gods office. I will overcome His way!I know that through all of the tangles, snares, traps and pitfalls of life, I will emerge clean as a whistle. I will confess my sins to Him.I admit it: Even my righteousness is like filthy rags. But through Jesus righteousness I have an intercessor with God. Praise His name. 25. GO WITH YOUR FRIEND,YOUR LOVING PRIEST</p>