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The Epistle to the Hebrews Intro lesson


  • 1. Introduction As we begin to study the Epistle to theHebrews let us prepare for some greatlearning. This book is unique because it begins asand essay (1:1-2), progresses as asermon (2:1-4), and ends as a letter(13:23-25).

2. Introduction Hebrews contents are challenging andinsightful. Some find it very difficult. But for those who are willing to take thetime and read and reflect on it: Will be reminded how blessed they are tohave trusted in Christ. Shall be impressed with Christs superiorityover Moses and the Old Covenant. Are warned of the danger of apostasy andthe need for steadfastness of their faith. 3. The Background The author/penman is unknown. He does not specifically identifyhimself. Some believe him to be the apostlePaul. But unlikely due to the authorsstatement: was confirmed to us bythose that heard him. 2:3 Paul declared that he had not receivedthe gospel from/through menGalatians 1:11-12 4. The Background The Recipients. It is generally understood to be written to Jewish Christians. It is uncertain as to where they were at the time of the writing. Believed they to be in Palestine and the author in Rome or somewhere in Italy. 13:24 The author knew the recipients personally. 10:34; 13:19 5. The Background The Date of Writing: It was prior to 96 A.D. because Clementof Rome quotes from the Hebrews in hisletter written at that time. There are strong implications that it waswritten before 70 A.D. It is written as though priests are stilloffering sacrifices in the Temple 8:4; 10:11 If they were in Palestine it is likely to bebefore the Jewish wars 66-70, see 12:4 The Time frame then between 63-65 A.D. 6. The Purpose of this Epistle To prevent readers from abandoning theirfaith in Christ! 2:1-4 To help his Jewish brethren not to go backto the Old Law. Cf. Gal. 5:4 By showing the superiority of Christ and Hiscovenant 8:1-2, 6 Key word throughout, better Christ is better than the angels 1:4 the bringing in of a better hope 7:19 Jesus, the surety of a better covenant 7:22 Better covenant, promises, sacrifices, etc.8:6; 9:23; 13:22 7. The Main Divisions of the Book The Superiority of Christ. Heb. 1:1-8:6 The Superiority of the New Covenant. Heb. 8:7-10:18 Exhortations Drawn from This Superiority. Heb. 10:19-13:25 8. The Key Warnings inHebrews The warning against drifting. 2:1-4 The warning against departing. 3:12-15 The warning against disobedience.4:11-13 The warning against dullness. 5:11-6:6 The warning against despising.10:26-39 The warning against defying. 12:14-29 9. Let Us Be Exhorted! By studying and listening to God as heteaches us in His word. Let us grow! Come to Jesus today and be saved! Hearing. Romans 10:17 Believing. Mark 16:16 Repenting. Acts 2:38 Confessing. Romans 10:10 Baptism into Christ. Gal. 3:27; Acts 22:16