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  • 1. Welcome ToWednesday, September 24th, 2008 Day 2

2. Todays Agenda Heavyweight Models: CX / DX / EX Engines & Transmissions / EPA Hands-On Walk-around and Review Komatsu Jeopardy KFI Order Administration & Deliveries SODRs and SRA Attachments (Guest Presenters from Cascade) Time & Territory Management Group Dinner Longhorn Steakhouse, Conyers, GA I-20 Exit 80 3. Big Boy Day CX / DX / EX Model Families 4. Current Status of Big Trucks CX20 Cushion Gas / LPG / Dual Fuel 8,000 / 10,000 lbs. Capacity CX50 Pneumatic Gas / LPG / Dual Fuel / Diesel 8,000 / 9,000 / 10,000 / 11,000 lbs. Capacity DX20 Pneumatic Dual Fuel 15,400 lbs. Capacity DX50 Diesel 13,200 / 15,400 / 18,000 lbs. Capacity EX50 Diesel 22,000 / 25,000 / 30,000 / 33,000 / 35,000 lbs. Capacity 5. Product ReviewCX20 Cushion Model Family 6. CX20 Cushion Model Line Up Class IV Models ModelCapacityFG35ST-8 8,000 lbs.FG35BCS-88,000 lbs.FG45ST-8 10,000 lbs.FG45BCS-810,000 lbs. 7. Box Car Special (BCS) 8. Heavy Duty Rugged Frame All welded chassis assembly Heavy gauge steel Hydraulic and fuel tanks are integral parts of the frame 9. Lowest Vibration Levels Full floating suspension compartment virtually eliminates engine and travel vibration for a real Komfort Zone 10. Exclusive Suspension Mounts SC mountings located between the chassis and compartment frame Engineered with rubber cushions to absorb light engine vibration and heavy vibrations from travel 11. Efficient Operator Controls Two spoke steering wheel Adjustable tilt console Easy to read instrument panel Rubber floor mat 12. Ergonomic Hydraulic Control Levers Dash mounted Contoured control lever knobs Eliminates excessive operator hand movement 13. Hydrostatic Power Steering Fabricated steel steer axle with integral double-acting double- ended power steering cylinder Eliminates drag links and tie rods 14. Directional Control Lever Low effort, easy to use control lever changes travel direction electronically 15. TB45E Gas/LPG/Dual Fuel Engine EPA Tier II compliant Powerful performance 16. Diagnostic Service Support Tool SST device plugs into the truck harness Quickly monitors and isolates any area requiring service Displays easy-to-read table format 17. High Visibility Mast Nested rails and cylinders behind the rails gives the operator a wide-open visibility window Six roller, Class III ITA carriage, 48 high LBR Lift-Tek Mast CX20 Only!! 18. Powershift Transmission Single speed Optimized torque converter stall ratio with built-in modulating valve to control and absorb shock during sudden acceleration changes Heavy-duty cast steel drive axle with full floating axle shaft transmits torque without bearing weightCX20 Only!! 19. Excellent Cooling System Large capacity, aluminum radiator offers 24% greater heat dissipation Increased air flow High velocity seven blade fan Internal torque converter and hydraulic oil coolers 20. Heavy Duty Brakes Self-adjusting Bendix-type brakes with master cylinder booster Non-asbestos brake linings Brake fluid level sensor CX20 Only!! 21. DX20 FG70T-8 22. Dual Fuel Gas / LPG Model Any Application Needing a Gas / LPG Engine Will Continue To Quote The Old DX20 FG70T-8 Model 15,400 lbs. Capacity Diesel Applications Will Be The New Tier 3 DX50 Diesel Model DX20 Series Internal Combustion Engine Powered Pneumatic Tired ITA Class V Product DX20s - All Produced in Tochigi, Japan 23. Wide, Non-Slip Entry / Exit Steps Wide,open steparea withnon-slipsurface forsafe andsecuretruck entry& exit 24. Ease of OperationThe centralized instrument panel for simplified status checksAdjustable steering column ensures the optimal operator position.Two spoke steering wheel for ease of instrument sight. 25. Easy To Read Display Panel 26. Tilt Steer Column Adjusts for Increased Operator Comfort & Locks in Place 27. Ease of Operation Electrically controlled direction change lever Operation force : 1.5 kg ( 3.3lbs ) * Mechanical type : 3kg ( 6.6 lbs) Integrated controllever, lighting, Toggle-type parkingdirection change brake lever ensureslamp with self- secure parking oncanceling. level and ramped surfaces. 28. Operators Environment Vibration Control DX Unique full-floating hydraulicsuspension cab (HSC) design thatreduces vibration throughout the cabto a low of 0.3G at the steering wheel. Rubber cushions absorb any vibrationfrom the engine during idling. Strongervibrations which occur during travelare controlled with precision hydraulicdampeners These two systems are built into the(HSC) mountings located between thecab frame and the chassis. Its adesign that reduces vibration to thelowest level of any lift truck in theindustry. 29. Operators Environment Deluxe Full Suspension Seat StandardHip & Upper Torso RestraintsLap BeltSpring /Lever Suspension Designw/ Hydraulic Cylinder6 Fore/Aft Adj.3 Position Seat Back AdjustmentOperator Weight AdjustmentVinyl Covered 30. Rugged Chassis Design Chassis - All welded assembly with integral hydraulic and fuel tanks made of heavy gauge steel. Provides structural integrity, More capacity retention, Better heat dissipation All providing improved product reliability. 31. Nissan TB45 Dual Fuel Engine 32. Diagnostic Service Support Tool Service Support Tool device plugs into the truck harness Quickly monitors and isolates any area requiring service Displays easy-to-read table format 33. Rugged Komatsu Designed TransmissionTransmission -2-speedEffectively utilizes the highperformance engine.Maximizing travel speed,gradeability, and acceleration.Electrically controlled directionfor low effort.Optional automatic transmission available. 34. Standard Dual Drive Tires Dual 8.25-15-14PRDrive Tires 35. Heavy Duty Drum & Shoe Brakes Self-adjusting Bendix-type brakes with master cylinder booster Non-asbestos brake linings Brake fluid level sensor DX20 Only!! 36. Fork Carriages & AttachmentsDX20Standard is ITA Class IVhook type carriageUse Hang-on hook typeattachmentsFactory installed or DealerinstalledOptional is KFL pin typecarriage, fork postioner, andsideshifts Masts are Komatsu Japan Made Masts 37. Easy Serviceability Wide Opening Engine Cover for Easy Service Access 38. Heavyweight Truck Engines & EPA Requirements 39. (LSI) Tier 2 EPA Compliant CX / DX DescriptionUnits Previous Current CX20 / CX50 / DX20 Make---Nissan Model --- TB42 TB45E FuelGas / LPG / Dual Type---Inline 6 OHV Displacementcu. in. (cm3)254 (4169)273 (4478) Bore * Stroke in. (mm)3.8 x 3.8 3.9 x 3.8 (96 x 96)(99.5 x 96) Fuel System ---Carburetor Fuel Injection Rated outputHP (kW) @ rpm88.0 (65) @ 95.0 (71) @ 23002400 Max. Torque lb-ft (Nm) @ rpm 203 (275) @203 (275) @ 1900 1600 EPA Certification ---NO YES 40. Komatsu Diesel Power!! 41. New Models With EPATier 3 Diesels New Models Released to Comply with Tier 3 Requirements CX50 / DX50 / EX50 Diesels All Comply with Tier 3 Requirements New Advanced Komatsu Diesel Technologies 42. EFDP / CEDP Environmentally Friendly Diesel Power Cost Efficient Diesel Power A New Way of Selling Big Trucks Instead of Power at Any Cost Komatsu Now Offers Same Performance or Better Level of Power With Lower Fuel Consumption / Lower Maintenance Costs Power To Your Customers Bottom Line Green Is The Way of the Future Responsible Cost Control Will Be Appreciated!! 43. Completion of 50 Series Tier 3 Line-UpLow Total Operation CostTier3 Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 EX50 Fu ll L in DX50 e- up Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5-A CX50 Komatsu 4D98EBX50 Operator Comforts Productivity 44. Komatsu Engine & ProductsSAA6D107E-1 SAA4D95LE-5-A 45. Uses Same Engine as CX50 and DX50SAA4D95LE-5-A 46. Uses Same Engine as EX50 SAA6D107E-1 47. Komatsu and Cummins Engine ModelsSAA6D107E-1QSB 6.7 SAA4D95LE-5-AQSB 3.3 4D98EMade by Yanmar 48. EPA Tier 3 Requirements Background of development Reduction of NOx is the main target for EPA Tier 3 Combustion temperatures DOWN Many PM byCombustionIt tends toimperfecttemperatures UP generate NOx combustion Trade-off between NOx and PM (Less NOx = More PM, Less PM = More NOx)Needs some key technologies to find a way out of the deadlock 49. KomatsuSAA4D95LEThe Komatsu SAA4D95LE doesnt just contradict conventional thinking about compact power- it re-writes the rules. This new engine moves beyond the capability of other 3.3 liter engines to offer the same 92.5 hp associated with the 4.0 to 4.5 liter engine class, but now with an engine package more than 30% smaller and lighter. The SAA4D95LE achieves this by combining our compact 3.3 liter platform with the performance enhancing technology of advanced electronics and HPCR similar to that found in the larger 6-cylinder Komatsu SAA107E-1. (EX50 Model Family) As a result, power is increased by around 30% and peak torque by 40% without impacting fuel consumption. 50. Komatsu -Cummins Off-Highway Technology Committed to Customer Needs While we have taken the necessary measures to meet EPA emission requirements, our first commitment is to deliver great reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness on all diesel engine products.Evolution of Off-Highway Standard In 1996, the first emission regulations went effect in the US, and were mirrored three years later in Europe. Several countries regulate emissions of PM and NOX. PM and NOX, are the primary pollutants in diesel exhaust, as CO and HC are low in diesel. Future regulations call for NOX and PM levels 98% below previous unregulated levels beginning in 2011. NO x Advanced after treatment devices, such as Selective PM Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Active Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) may be needed to achieve these extremely low emission levels. Advanced R & D allows transfer of technology to design the right emissions solution, bringing2010 optimum value for the customer. 51. Fuel Standards Tier 3 In meeting the new emission requirements, diesel fuel is a critical part of the solution. First, sulfur level of 500-ppm maximum began 2007. In 2010 the sulfur in non-road diesel fuel will be further reduced to a maximum of 15-ppm. Because ultra-low sulfur fuel is necessary for most after treatment technology, use of higher sulfur will be prohibited in 2011 and later model years.Lubricating OilThe engine lubricating oil is another important factor inmeeting future emission regulation. New specificationsare being developed to be compatible with low emissionssolution for Tier 4. 52. Tier 3 NOX Emission Reduction Looked at all feasible options and decided to concentrate on advanced combustion technology Key areas of design to maximize combustion: Power cylinder / Air-Handling / Fuel and Control System Design process that uses advanced computer simulation of the combustion event in order to maximize combustion and reduce NOX and PM 53. Advanced Combustion Solution By modeling combustion reactions anywhere in the cylinder critical design parameters were controlled and modified Optimization of the combustion system met Tier 3 requirements without the need for oxidation catalysts Komatsu Cummins Tier 3 advanced combustion solution provides stable equipment architecture through 2015!! 54. Heavy Duty HPCR(High Pressure Common Rail) System Advanced Heavy duty HPCR system is used foroptimum, emission solutions and performance.Full electronic control over the fuel injectionevent in relation to timing, quantity, pressureand number of injection events is a must foroptimum solutions and performance. Electronics Control System The electronic control of the engine system is a criticalelement in meeting emissions standards.More stringent regulations require very precise control ofengine, fuel, air-handling and after treatment systems.Komatsu construction applications have proven reliabilitywith a very robust electronic system for very dependableoperation. 55. Komatsu -Cummins Off-Highway Technology Tier 3 Standards Tier 3 emission standards have been phased in beginning as early as 2008 in the US. Unregulated Tier 3 standards focus on the reduction of NOX roughly 40% reduction is required from Tier 2 level. PM level was not changed from Tier 2 levels.NO x Tier 4 and the FutureTier 2The phase-in of after treatment-forcing standards willTier 3 begin in 2011 in Europe and the US. PM filter will be required for several power categories to meet 0.02 Tier 4 g/kW-hr standard. High efficiency NOX after treatment will be requiredPM beginning in 2014. 56. CX50 Model FamilyProduct Review 57. Top Users by SIC Code Class V Wholesale Trade Durable Goods Building Materials and Garden Supply Dealer Rental Fleet Lumber and Wood Products Stone, Clay and Glass Products Concrete and Pre-Fabricated Concrete Products Trucking and Warehousing Ports and Shipyards Fabricated Metal Products Primary Metal Products Wholesale Trade Non-Durable Goods 58. So Who Do You Target? Lumberyards & Timber Metal Fabricators Structural Steel Industry Port Cities Docks / Shipyards Concrete and Pre-Fabricated Concrete 59. Current Market Coverage Class 5 0.3% 99.7%OpenCovered 60. Market Coverage 2007 Class 1 86.3% Class 4 94.6% Class 5 99.7% (With the addition of 13,200 lb. Model,% will increase to 100%!!)Total 1,4,5 94.6% 61. Current Situation for CX20 /CX50 Most CX20 Pneumatic Models from Covington Production Are Sold Out Price Pages are Still in Process for CX50 Pneumatics CX50 Cushions are Still in the Design Phase and Are Not Yet in Production, So CX20 for Cushions Will Continue Into 2009 CX50 Pneumatic Production Will Come Out of Japan KFI Already Has Placed a Large Stock Order and Will Maintain a Large Pipeline for Good Deliveries Continue to Quote the Current Models Until New Pricing is Available for CX50 62. Sales FeaturesCONFIDENTIAL - Lifting Innovation - 63. Three Main Features Low Total Operating Cost Closed-center Load Sensing System (CLSS) Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5-A (Tier 3 compliant) Cost savings through increased efficiencies Productivity Wet disc brake FHPS Exclusive!! Safety & Comfort Operator Presence Sensing system Dual floating structure Engine protection devices 64. Low Total Operating Cost Reduced fuel consumption CLSS (Closed-center Load Sensing system) Lower Total Operating Cost New Komatsu diesel engine New Nissan gasoline engine 65. Lower Fuel Consumption20%6.5 ton/year Fuel savings! CO2 saving! 3.3-litre SAA4D95LE-5-A engine in order to save fuel CX50 accomplish super low fuel consumption while keeping truck performance high How does CX50 keep fast cycle times while achieving excellent fuel consumption? The answer is CLSS! Komatsu tested data. FD50AT-10 compared to FD50AT-8. The results may vary depending on conditions CO2 emission is calculated by Japanese figure. 66. CLSS (Closed center Load Sensing System) Variable displacement pump incorporates a Load Sensing (LS) Valve LS valve detects the load and determines proper oil flow. Variable displacement pump discharges just enough oil to meet the need. Unless necessary*, hyd. oil circuit is Closed. No oil flow. Engine-load is much smaller than with a conventional hydraulic system. CLSS minimizes engine load and oil pressure losses within the system *: Necessary means1)No hyd/ steering operation2)At lifting/ tilting stroke endConstantLightly Loaded Requiredoil flow oil flow Hyd oil Control tankValveNo Excess oil Variable displacement pump with LS valve 67. Reduced Total Operating Cost Fuel consumption 20% improved (smaller engine and CLSS) Wet disc brakes, no brake lining change or drum overhauls Engine oil replacement period change to 200h ==>500hTotal Operating cost 14% savingFuel costs20% decreaseBrake costs36% decreaseEngine oil costs48% decreaseKomatsu tested data. FD50AT-10 compared to FD50AT-8. The results may very depending on conditions Based on Japanese market price 68. New Nissan Gasoline EngineEBT-TB45-1A* Electrical controlled engine with a 3-waycatalytic system ensures a clean workplace. EPA and CARB Tier2 emission compliant Swing-down bracket is available for LPGspecifications. (Option) Note*: EBT-TB45-1A for Gasoline, EBT-TB45-2A for Gasoline/LPG, EBT-TB45-3A for LPG specification. 69. Low Total Operating Cost Fuel Efficient Komatsu SAA4D95LE EngineEPA Tier3 CompliantElectronic Control SystemHigh Pressured Common Rail System Turbocharged Air-cooled After-CoolerNewly Designed Piston for Lower FuelConsumption 70. Low Total Operating Cost 71. Increased Productivity Wet disc brake Fast cycle times FHPS Hydraulic and Electrical Reliability 72. New Wet Disc Brake System No dust or water intrusion because it is fully sealed. Always reliable brake performance for heavy duty applications. No brake lining replacement or brake drum overhaul minimizes down-time. Reliability of new drive axle is already field proven in Komatsu construction machinery wheel loaders. Wet disc brake is locatedat the center of front axle 73. Wet Disc Brake System Brake Oil Cooling System Brake oil circulates around the truck and keep the temperatures low No overheating problems with the brake oil cooling system Cushioning Valve Improves Braking Feel Cushion valve in the brake circuit prevents unintended braking Intuitive brake feelingBrake Oil Wet disc Coolerbrake Oil Pump 74. Fast Cycle Times CLSS keeps same fast cycle times even with smaller 3.3-litre engine compared to the previous 5.8-litre 6-cylinder engine. CLSS enables Traveling during hydraulic operation Fine adjustment of forks while in low engine idling Fine adjustment for side shifting Lifting load without acceleratingCycle time = Identical Lifting speed = CX50 fasterFuel Consumption= CX50 save fuel 75. Dual Floating Structure Operators feel the smoother ride Industry leading low vibration Floating Power Train Power train is not connected directly to the truck frame Suspension cab Compartment is detached from the frame Suspension cab Power train floating 76. Low Noise New 4-cylinder engine emits lower noise than a 6-cylinder engine Fully sealed floorboard doesnt allow engine noise into thecompartment Fully sealed dashboardPrevious CX noise come up from gaps CX50 - Sealed floor and dashboard 77. Comfort Features Suspension seat with various adjustment characteristics Reclining backrest, 6.7 slide, suspension adjustment Enlarged assist grip Rounded engine hood and extended open step 78. Comfortable Reversing Counterweight shape was designed to prevent hot air & exhaust from coming back into the operators face while reversing Exhaust gas outlet is located at the bottom of the counterweight 3-way catalytic system reduces harmful emissions 79. Summary CX20 vs. CX50 CX20 CX50 Drum & Shoe Brakes Wet Disc Brakes Standard Hydraulics CLSS Hydraulics Old Frame Style New Wide-Open Old Counterweight Step Frame Design Design New Counterweight Design New Transmission New Tier 3 Diesel 80. CX20 vs CX50 Model Variations FG/FD40ZT Single Speed or Two Speed Transmission NOW Single Speed ONLY FG/FD40T Single Speed or Two Speed Transmission NOW Single Speed ONLY FG/FD45T Single Speed or Two Speed Transmission NOW Two Speed ONLY FG/FD50AT STILL Two Speed Only Same as Before LPS Models No Longer Available with CX50 81. Competitive Overview CX50 EngineBrakes Hydraulics Dual Floating Structure KomatsuKomatsu 3.3 Wet Disc Std.CLSS YesLiter Diesel Toyota No 6 Cylinder No D&SNoNo Toyota Diesel CatMitsi 6 CylinderNo D&SNoNoDiesel Hyster Cummins 4-Cyl. Wet Disc Std. Or NoNoDiesel Lower HPOption 82. Competitor Ranges Toyota Heli 8,000 thru 17,500 lbs. 8,000 thru 22,000 lbs. Cat / Mitsi Taylor Big Red 8,000 thru 33,000 lbs. 16,000 thru 120,000 lbs. Hyster / Yale Clark 8,000 thru 36,000 lbs. 8,000 thru 16,500 lbs. Doosan Linde 8,000 thru 36,000 lbs. 8,000 thru 36,000 lbs. Jungheinrich 8,000 thru 20,000 lbs. 83. Use Your Key Sales Features Same Power / Better Fuel Efficiency 3.3 Liter Komatsu Diesel New Technologies Dual Floating Structure Wet Disc Brakes Long Service Life / Reduced Maintenance Costs / Better Performance CLSS Hydraulics Komatsu Exclusive 84. CX50 Marketing Material CX50 Feature Brochure / Spec Sheet Will be released in 2 to 3 weeks Additional materials to follow 85. Current Situation of New DX50 New Price Pages were released yesterday, 8/18/08 30 Days To Close Open Quotes DX50 production will come out of Japan DX50 Currently - Diesel Models Only DX20 FG70T-8 for Dual Fuel Gas / LPG New Model!!! 13,200 lb. Capacity Will fill previouslarge gap between 11,000 and 15,400 lbs. FD60T-10 KFI will stock and pipeline DX50 Models as well asDX20 Gas / LPG 86. DX20 Dual Fuel for Gas / LPG FG70T-8 Old Style Model 15,400 lbs. Capacity Old Features Drum & Shoe Brakes (No Wet Disc Brakes) Standard Hydraulics (No OLMS Hydraulics) 87. DX50 Model FamilyProduct Review 88. Sales FeaturesCONFIDENTIAL- Lifting Innovation - 89. Low Total Operating Cost Fuel Efficient Komatsu SAA4D95LE EngineEPA Tier3/ EU Stage IIIA compliantElectronic Control SystemHigh Pressured Common Rail System Turbocharged Air-cooled After-CoolerNewly Designed Piston for Lower FuelConsumption 90. Low Total Operating Cost 91. Low Total Operating Cost A Clean Engine for the Environment Unregulated NO xTier 2Tier 3Tier 4 PM 92. Lower Fuel Consumption 20% 6.5 ton/yearFuel savings!CO2 saving! 3.3-litre SAA4D95LE-5-A engine in order to save fuel DX50 accomplishes super low fuel consumption while keeping truck performance high How does DX50 keep fast cycle times while achieving excellent fuel consumption?The answer is OLMS! 93. OLMS for Greater Efficiencies Variable Pump System for Speeds / EfficiencyOpen-Center Load Moderating (OLMS) Hydraulic SystemDual pump system for increased efficiency Engine RPM sensing pump and hydraulic circuit Pump 1 gear type / Pump 2 variable displacement piston typecc/rev Engine rpm sensing RPM sensing control pump 75detects engine revs and then controls the oil feed to reduce the load on the engine Variable pump for This unique hydraulic system working hyd 2.offers optimized balancing of traveling and loading work 30while delivering increasedGear pump for steering hydraulic efficienciesand working hyd 1. Li 1600 rpm 94. Low Total Operating CostKomatsus Exclusive Wet Disc Brake System With Forced Air-Cooled Oil Cooler System Air-cooled brakeNote: No Drum & Shoe brake option available oil coolerWet disc brake Oil pump for brake cooling 95. Rugged Design Chassis - All welded assembly with integral hydraulic and fuel tanks made of heavy gauge steel. Provides for structural integrity Greater capacity retention Better heat dissipation Improved product reliability 96. Rugged Design Transmission - 2-speed, automatic Effectively utilizes the highperformance engine Maximizing travel speed,gradeability, andacceleration Electrically controlleddirection for low effort 97. Productivity Maintaining Competitive Speeds 6 Ton[6ton]Lifting Speed w /loaded600 500 500 480 510 510 530490500 440 4104003002001000I SHM D FD20ean 0 er5Fnd TCX5 BI stDXss -5 Li Hy wD taSU50Niyo Ne IT ta ToMyoTo 98. ProductivityMaintaining Competitive Speeds 7 Ton[7ton]Lifting Speed w /loaded600 530 500480 490500 450 450440420360400300200100 0 ISH M DFD20 e an 0er5F ndTCX5BIstDX ss -5LiHy wD ta SU50 Niyo NeIT ta To MyoTo 99. Productivity Maintaining Competitive Speeds 8 Ton[8ton]Lifting Speed w /loaded 600 500 490455 450500 420 400 4204003002001000 ISH M D FD20 e an 0 er5FndTCX5BI stDX ss -5 Li Hy wD ta SU50 Niyo NeIT ta To MyoTo 100. Productivity Maintaining Competitive Speed & AccelerationDX50 Measured Km/h[7ton]Traveling Speed w /loaded 50M 40 34 31 32 3030 27.5 31DX20DX20 CalculatedMeasured 30 22 22 20DX50 Calculated100 Ni HI SU M 50 D FD 20Hy e an0 erS FndTC X5BI st DX yo a 5 ss-5 Li wDTo yo t NeITta To M 101. Carriage & Attachments DX50 - Standard ITA Class IV hook type carriage Use Hang-on hook type attachments. Factory installed or Dealer installed Optional is KFL pin type carriage, fork postioner, and sideshifts (non-stock item) 102. ProductivityPositive Braking & Stable Steering & Fatigue-Free Pedal LayoutWet disc brake FHPS 103. Safety & ComfortKOPS Plus - Operator Presence Sensing System (ISO3691) Both Driving & Lifting Interlock (Driving and lifting only whenoperator on the seat) Neutral Safety Parking Brake Warning 104. Operators Environment Deluxe Full Suspension Seat is Standard Hip & Upper Torso Restraints Lap Belt Spring /Lever SuspensionDesign w/ Hydraulic Cylinder 6.7 Fore/Aft Adj. 3 Position Seat BackAdjustment Operator Weight Adjustment Vinyl Covered 105. Safety & Comfort Diesel Engine Safety Protection With CAN-Bus30% torque derate at Komatsu SAA4D95LE Torque Full torque curve Max torque speed Turbo-charger protection Engine output derate at abnormal condition Derate50% torque derateTorque RPMRamp rate Rated speed Eng. Overheat 3 secEng. Oil press low Torque Rail press. Very highderateRail press. Very low IMV/PCV1 Short Error IMV/PCV1 Open Error RPM derate Inj. Drive Circuit Error Ramp rate3 sec( *picked up from Engine controller diagnosis table) Automatically warming-upRPM Auto pre-heatingRPM derate to nearMax torque speed 106. Reliability & ServiceabilityField proven Electric Control System & FiltersECUDouble Element Air Filter Fuel Filters 107. Reliability & Serviceability Reliable and DurableWet Disc Brake System Air-cooled brake oil cooler Wet disc brake Oil pump for brake cooling 108. Reliability & ServiceabilityOther Improvements for Greater Reliability Face-seal type hydraulic connectors Completely separated hydraulic and electrical routings Firm Clamping Increase needle bearing strength Inner stopper type PS cylinder Centralized relay & fuse box etc. Grease fitting location improved 109. New, More CompactCl earance9' D oor O peni 6quot;ng 126m mand FD 80-108-Ton Model 2566 2440 Significant Improvement inDX50 Maneuverability!! 2050I tem N ew D X 50 D X 20 Di fference 2286 H eight H GOmm24402610 -1706.7Widthmm20502120-702.8 Length mm36703875 -2058.1DX20 (Fork Face) Turni R adi m m ngus34503600 -1505.9Note: When FD80-10 is loaded in '9'6 container, the mast must be removed. 110. Competitive Overview DX50Engine Brakes Hydraulics Dual Floating Structure KomatsuKomatsu 3.3Wet Disc Std.OLMS - VariableYesLiter DieselDisplacement w/Engine RPM Sensing Toyota No 6 CylinderNo D&S No NoToyota Diesel CatMitsi 6 Cylinder No D&S No NoDiesel Hyster Cummins 4-Cyl. Wet Disc Std. Or No NoDiesel Lower HPOption 111. Use Your Key Sales Features Same Power / Better Fuel Efficiency 3.3 Liter Komatsu Diesel New Technologies Dual Floating Structure Wet Disc Brakes Long Service Life / Reduced Maintenance Costs / Better Performance OLMS Hydraulic System With Variable Displacement Pump and Engine RPM Sensing Komatsu Exclusive 112. DX50 Marketing Material DX50 Feature Brochure / Spec Sheet Will be released in 4 to 5 weeks Additional materials to follow 113. EX50 Model FamilyProduct review 114. EX50PresentationDiesel Pneumatic Tire TrucksEPA Tier 3Emission Compliant October 2, 2007The movie used in this presentation is prepared for vehicle of Japanese specifications. 115. EX50 Model Line Up Pneumatic CapacityFD100T-822,000 lbs.FD115T-825,000 lbs.FD135T-830,000 lbs.FD150ET-8 33,000 lbs.FD160ET-8 35,000 lbs. 116. SAA6D107E-1, 6.7 Liter Engine Top-of-class, Tier 3 clean engine Komatsus latest (4) key engine technologies Best injection timing and most efficient combustion Dramatically reduces both NOx and PM simultaneously!! Several reliable filters to protect components(4) Key Engine TechnologiesElectric Control System Heavy duty HPCR SystemTier 3EPA iantl Comp New Combustion System Air to Air Charge Air CoolingSystemRated Output164 HP [122 kW]@2200min-1(SAE net) Maximum Torque424 lb. Ft. [575 N-m]@1600min-1(SAE net) 117. EFDP - SAA6D107E-1 Engine Key Technolygy-1 Electronic Control System Control unit processes signals from sensors It controls vehicle performance based on the feedback even in high altitudes and extremely high and low temperatures. Key Technolygy-2 Heavy Duty HPCR System Common rail accumulates high-pressured fuel Injection timing is optimized by an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Control sufficient injection volume Perfect combustion generate less PM 118. EFDP - SAA6D107E-1 Engine Key Technology-3 New Combustion System Combustion chamber designed by computer simulations Optimizes combustion timing and ignition Key Technology-4 Air to Air Charge Air Cooling System Cools high temperature air from turbocharger Maximizes combustion efficiency Hot air fromturbocharger Cooled air flow to cylinder 119. Wet Disc Brake Komatsu original wet disc brake system Consistent brake performance in any working condition Lower maintenance costs than conventional drum brake High quality & performance with low maintenance costsYou can save on the following maintenance items Brake shoes !! Brake wheel cylinders !! Brake drum !!! Brake overhaul !!!! Service mechanic costs !! Please review the 7/1/08 PB !! 120. KOPS Plus System Operator Presence Sensing system - Standard Complying with ISO3691-1 No traveling & lifting when an operator is out of the seat Prevents accidents and makes the workplace saferTravelingstopsaccordinglyLifting stopsafter a fewSeat sensor finds the secondsoperator absence 121. Overhead Guard Strong overhead guard Complying with the latest ISO6055 (2004) Protects the operator in case of an accident Lots of headroom clearance Rain gutters in the front and rear 122. Other Features Pushbutton-activatedparking brake Ensuring safe and secure parking bypreventing unintentional release Safety-minded warning lamps Coolant temperature gauge Torque converter oil temp. gauge Neutral safety indicator Engine warning lamp Radiator warning lamp and more 123. Speed & Power Increases Efficiency New High Power engine Electrically controlled power shift 3-speed transmission Max Travel Speed km/h 40 3232 3232 30296.1sec. [ 0 to 20 meter(0-65.6ft) ] 20(FD100-8) Sec. 10 886.1 6.1 6.26.2 6.3 6.30EX50 EX20 Mitsubishi ToyotaHYSTER6619.9FD100N4FD100 H10.00XM44mph(Unloaded / FD100-8)22 00 EX50 EX50 EX20 EX20 EX EX Acceleration Performance 124. Class-Leading Lifting Speed Top-of-class lifting speed Large capacity tandem hydraulic pump New hydraulic circuit with load sensing valve98 fpm (Unloaded / FD100-8)mm/s600 500500500500480400300200100 0 EX50 EX20Mitsubishi ToyotaLifting SpeedFD100N4FD100 125. Enhanced Rear Visibility Counter weight shape changed By redesigning the rear edge of the counter weight, the blind spot has been decreased, increasing the operational safety. 126. Enhanced Forward Visibility Inner width: 25.3(FD100) Lift chain placed outside Much wider forward view Improves safety and maneuverabilityCompact turning radius FD160E-8 5000 4805Turning radius 48004686 177.24500 4500 4600 44504500 mm 440042004000 EX50 EX20 Mitsubishi ToyotaHYSTER FD100N4FD100 H10.00XM 127. Vibration-Dampening HSC Komatsu original HSC (Hydraulic Suspension Cushioning ) The Komatsus innovative HSC design enables to isolate the operators cab from the vehicles body Absorbing unpleasant vibration from the engine and the ground Reduce fatigue and discomfort of the operator 128. Operator-Friendly Designs The operator seat Reclining, vibration-dampening suspension,weight adjustment, and safety seatbelt Integrated control panel A compact layout of gauges, warning lamps,and safety gauges 3-speed F/R change lever Provide accurate, quick maneuverability,reducing operator fatigue Tiltable compact steering wheel Easy-to-tilt compact steering wheel Adjust comfortable seating position 129. Operator-Friendly Designs Walkthrough floor Layout has the tilt cylinder under the floor Flat non-obstructed floor Free access to the seat from both sides Organ-type pedals Easy-to-operate organ-type pedals Accurately responds to delicate pedal work Wide open step A wide open full-size step allowseasy access 130. Simple Construction Using common tires Using same tire size for front and rear wheels saves cost Easy, economical replacement of tires Quick open/close engine hood Pressurized gas spring keeps the hood open Easy removable side panels for easy battery & filter maintenance Boltless, easy access floor plate The easy-to-open/close boltless floor plate 131. Easy Maintenance Design Large fuel tank 68.7 gal. (FD100T, FD115T) 74.0 gal. (FD135T, FD150ET, FD160ET) tank minimizesthe need for refueling, extending non-stop operation Air cleaner with dust ejector Automatically removes airborne dust to reduce clogging ofthe filter element Oil gauge for quick checking An easy-to-see inspection window for fuel and hydraulicfluid levels and oil purity level. Hydraulic Fuel Sensor-equipped reserve tank Provided with a level sensor, the reserve tankallows the operator to check the coolant levelthrough the control panel 132. Enhanced Chassis Design One-piece, thick plate welded chassis Reinforcement of stress points against stationary steering, turning, and unevenness of the yard Excellent durability and load handling performance 133. Highly Rigid Mast Construction Enhanced outer rail/mast roller durability 10 to 16-ton common outerrails and with one-piecemolded rail structure improveits rigidityRail & roller 134. Highly Durable Front/Rear AxlesProven front/rear axles Front axle Interposed pinion shaft bearing was employed.Rear axle One PS cylinder secured inside the rear axle Highly durable differential bushings and spiders Decrease of steering angle differences A thick differential casing reduced slippage during turning, which Proven hub/carrier/cover securing method A snap ring added to the hub seal assembly to improves the life of the tires. Highly durable bearingsprevent the seal from coming undone Gasket sealed rear-axle king pin The king pin fulcrum is bolted to provide a gasket sealed structure, which ensures superior durability of rear axle 135. Smooth fork positioning AttachmentsOther Attachments Manipulator Hinged fork Ram Crane Tire handler 136. Steel cabinOptions Provides a quiet, comfortable working environment even under severe working conditions, while retaining good visibility Front/rear corners of glass for wider visibility Quick-release door lock lever Air conditioner availableOther optionsCold climate specification Spark arrester Rear working light Speedometer Digital load indicator Rear under mirror Special length forks Steel cabin Air cleaner with pre-cleaner Air conditioner HeaterSpeedometer Digital load Fuel cap with keyindicator 137. EX50 Marketing Material EX50 Feature Brochure / Spec Sheet Converted into U.S. format Released July 23rd Additional materials to follow


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