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Heather Reed, MA, RD- Nutrition Education ConsultantNutrition Services Division, California Department of Education Creating Local School Wellness Policy WorkshopMarin County Office Of EducationJanuary 24, 2013A great opportunity Local School Wellness Policy Requirements-Whats New? Assess Yourself-Evaluate Your Current Policy Making Changes, Making a Plan Involving Others-Community Collaboration2Whats New?3Wellness Policy Helps Create Healthy School Environments455 Intentionality makes a huge difference Wellness Policies articulate the vision, the goals and the means to achieve goals for student health Wellness Policies make sure everyone is on the same page Provide opportunity to develop partnerships within the school and with the community5Ground Breaking Legislation!Designed to address childhood obesity and support student health Established Local School Wellness Policies Required for all Local Education Agencies participating in Federal Meal Programs2004 Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act6 Goals for Student Wellness Nutrition Guidelines Evaluation and Operational Oversight Stakeholder Engagement7Whats New? ..Stronger Implementation Nutrition Promotion Goals Broader Stakeholder Engagement Public Notification and Education Implementation Compliance at School Site899999Use the FNS Comparison Chart: Check off what you have already accomplished Place a question mark if unsure Circle what still needs to be done Talk with your neighbors about you discoveredEvaluate Your Current Policy1011 Preamble, Introduction, or Overview Stakeholder Committee -Can also appear at the end Nutrition Guidelines Guidelines for Reimbursable Meals Competitive Foods and Beverages Other related Policies (vending, celebrations, rewards)-can also be under nutrition promotion Goals For Student Health Nutrition Education and Promotion, Physical Activity and Education, Other School Based Activities (includes student and family involvement) Policy Development, Implementation, Notification and Evaluation Can also appear at the beginningMany school districts use CSBAs template http://www.csba.org/~/link.aspx?_id=54F898FF264A4F4F9A284B978249DAE0&_z=z Strongest predictor of implementation was strong wellness policy Income did not affect implementation Barriers to implementation were lack of coordination and resources Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, Yale University Study 151 Connecticut school districts 383 Principals surveyed before/after policy development Strength of policy compared to implementation12 Comprehensive: Allsectionsincluded StronglyWorded: Requiresimplementation Strong Language:Shall,must,will,require,comply,enforce Weak Language:Should,may,encourage,promote,totheextentpossible Specific:Subsectionsprovidedetailsofwhat,when,how,andwho13How Does It Look?Useyourwellnesspolicyevaluationchecklisttoreviewyourdistrictslocalschoolwellnesspolicy Considercriteria Rateeacharea Talkwithyourtableaboutwhatyoulearned14How to Implement Your Policy15Check-In First Gain Support of Leadership Convene Your Stakeholders Review Your Policy Look Back on Successes and Challenges Assess Your Current NeedsUse Resources on your thumb drive to help you through the process s16 Complete the wellness committee progress worksheet As we go through each question, use your green, yellow, red cards at your table to share your response Consider your wellness committee strengths and areas of improvement17Get Stakeholder Participation How great is the need? How much has been done so far? How much change will this make in student health? How easy is it? How ready are you?18 You can select an overarching goal such as achieving an award Healthy US School Challenge http://www.fns.usda.gov/tn/healthierus/index.html Distinguished School-Signature Practice in Nutrition and Physical Activity http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/sr/cs/19 Review your wellness policy evaluation checklist to determine which priorities you might select Select one area of your policy as practice Select three priorities to work through Rank them on your priority setting worksheet20Keep it Do-Able! What is to be accomplished? What activities can be planned? Who will be responsible? What resources are needed? How will success be determined?21 Select the top priority area to develop an action plan Review resources with sample implementation plan to guide your process Complete the worksheet for your implementation plan for the top priority22Community Collaboration23 Creates win-win situation Maximizes financial resources Avoids duplication of public facilities and services Enhances programs and allows expansion Provides a united community image24Know What You Need and Can OfferBuilding Healthy Communities: A School Leaders Guide to Collaboration and Community Engagement, : www.csba.org/~/media/4D07909373B14A0BB5CA2CCF41F98351.ashx Designing a more walkable city Improving access to healthy food Farmers markets, healthy restaurant menu items, healthier vending items, farm to school Promoting nutrition education Education at food banks, parent workshops, schools Promoting physical activity in school and during out of school time Joint use agreements, after school and summer physical activity requirements, walk to school programs Engaging residents in city-wide programs Soda-free summers Co-brand fitness programsCommunity Wellness: Comprehensive City-School Strategies to Reduce Childhood Obesity at http://www.nlc.org/find-city-solutions/institute-for-youth-education-and-families/community-wellness/city-and-school-leaders-collaborating-on-local-wellness-policies-project25 High-level leadership Shared vision for community wellness Engaging diverse stakeholders Use of data to set goals and measure progress Measure in achievement, not process Comprehensive strategy built upon existing local assets and resource Tapping and blending range of funding sources to promote wellness26 Develop internal stakeholder collaboration for LSWP Review your LSWP implementation plan to identify opportunities for outside collaboration27 Identify who would be good partners Determine best forum to work with others Begin by networking, then coordinating, before moving to broad collaboration28SupportAssistanceFundingKnowledgeCommunication Review your practice implementation plan to identify an area you need support from community partners Complete a section on your partner worksheet for possible community partners Select a few community partners to help you with the actions on the plan that you filled in30Questions?Please contact me:Heather Reed, MA, RDNutrition Education ConsultantNutrition Services Division, California Department of Educationhreed@cde.ca.gov


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