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<ul><li> 1. BETTER IF USED BY TO CLOSE, PLACE TAB UNDER HERE Jump start your day with a healthyhealthy start for your heart breakfast!AIt might be the last thing on your morning to-do list, or it might not be on your list at all. But a healthy breakfast refuels your body and jump-starts your day. So dont overlook this important meal. Select healthy options that t your taste and lifestyle, and put breakfast back into your morning. The benets of a healthy breakfast Breakfast not only starts your day off right, but also lays the foundation for lifelong health benets. People who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to: * Consume more vitamins and minerals and less fat and cholesterol * Have better concentration and productivity throughout the morning * Control their weight * Have lower cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart diseaseHeart Smart cereal is a delightfully crunchy and Breakfast is especially important for children and adolescents. According to delicious cereal that is low in sugar and fortied with the American Dietetic Association, children who eat a healthy breakfast are protein and ber. Heart Smart is an all-natural low-fat more likely to have better problem-solving skills, concentration,cereal made with the nest ingredients including crispy and hand-eye coordination. They maywhole grain akes, with the goodness or corn and oats in every bowl. Weve loaded this cereal with goodness toNET WT help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 20 OZ (567g)</li></ul>