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Presentation of the work between Healthy Carolina and Sodexho dining services related to bringing, fresh, healthy, local foods on campus at the University of South Carolina.


  • 1. Cynthia Steele Marketing Manager- Sodexo Michelle Burcin Director- Healthy Carolina University of South Carolina


  • Sodexo is committed to enhancing the learning environment on your campus through world-class food and facilities services, while supporting the ethics and values of your institution.
  • Healthy Carolina is committed to creating a campus environment that encourages and promotes the development and maintenance of a healthy body, mind, and spirit through the collaborative development, promotion and assessment of a wide-ranging array of wellness programs and services for all students, faculty and staff at the University of South Carolina.

3. Remember- Dining Services are businesses andMUSTmake$ 4. small steps areSTILLsteps forward need to celebrate successes 5.

  • Sodexo initiated project
  • Live cooking demonstration- emphasizing the Balanced Way plate
  • Built stage and light
  • Head chefs determine recipes and participate in demonstrations
  • Discount coupons given out for BW plates
  • Held on Tuesdays approximately every two weeks

6. BEING WELL, EATING WELL, LIVING WELL IN A BALANCED WAY The Balanced Way program - a common sense approach to eating nutritiously to help make every day a better day. 7.

  • Offer local, fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Purchase a minimum of 25% locally grown produce
  • Campus-wide marketing of program
  • Creates brand loyalty and recognition among students, faculty and staff
  • Great public relations support the local economy and local farmers

8. 9.

  • Started in September 2008
  • Partnership with: SCDA, Healthy Carolina, Student Government, Parking Services
  • No sweet only vendors allowed
  • Many lessons learned
    • Recommend: ESMMSC Tool Kit
  • Partnerships a necessity

10. 11.

  • Evidence-based program
    • Ohio State University hospital system
    • SnackWise program
  • Conducted surveys
    • Favorite unhealthy and healthy foods
    • Health status determined by Registered Dietitian
  • Lots of meetings with vending company
  • Developed signage
  • Staggered implementation

12. 13.

  • Need to keep each others missions in mind
  • Meet regularly
    • Maintain communication
    • Increase accountability
  • Acknowledge accomplishments and provide recognition
  • Relationship needs to be two-sided(e.g. cant always expect things without giving)

14. 15. Michelle M. Burcin Director- Healthy Carolina University of South Carolina 803.777.4752 [email_address] Cynthia Steele Marketing Manager- Sodexo 803.777.6339 [email_address]


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