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This is a presentation given for a Developer Challenge; see links contain the same embedded video and deck)


  • 1. Developer Challenges Webinar Presentation Thursday, July 19

2. On todays call:Adam WongHemali Thakkar GeorgeThomasManagement and Manager, DeveloperProgram Analyst Chief Architect Challenge ONC Health 2.0 3. Agenda for Todays MeetingONCand the Investing in Innovation (i2)ProgramAnIntroduction to the (first two of seven) Domain and PlatformChallengesQ&A About the Challenges 4. ONC and i2 5. i2 Goals Better Health, Better Care, Better Value through QualityImprovement Further the mission of the Department of Health and Human Services Highlight programs, activities, and issues of concern Spur Innovation and Highlight Excellence Motivate, inspire, and lead Community building Development of ecosystem Stimulate private sector investment 6. What is is a public resource designedto bring liberated health datasets, innovationchallenges, and applications and tools to thepublic to help increase public knowledge andsolve problems in health. Todd Park, US Federal CTO source 7. i2 Challenges two types three domain specific improve the integration and liquidity of data made available four platform specific enhance the capabilities of the technology components 3 rounds sequenced to leverage dependencies round 1: June through October 2102 round 2: November 2012 through May 2013 round 3: June through December 2013 8. i2 Challenges June 2012 through October 2012 Metadata (domain) apply cross domain from voluntary consensus standards organizations and defacto standards, design other domain specific metadata schemata blog post, listing Simplified Sign On (platform) enhance HDP infrastructure components with WebID identity provider and relying party capabilities blog post, listing $35K: $20K 1st, $10K 2nd, $5K 3rd place (each) 9. First Domain Challenge Metadata requests the application of existing voluntary consensus standards for metadata common to all open government data and invites new designs for health domain specific metadata to classify datasets in our growing catalog, creating entities, attributes and relations that form the foundations for better discovery, integration and liquidity. 10. Cross Domain Standards W3C other (surprise us!) 11. Cross Domain Standards OGC defacto (from NASA) OMG 12. Domain Specific Examples Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Hospital Compare (Health Datapalooza 2011) see blog post and presentation from environmental data (bathing water, or beaches) Web 3.0 API example 13. First Platform Challenge WebID based SSO will improve community engagement by providing simplified sign on (SSO) for external users interacting across multiple HDP technology components, making it easier for community collaborators to contribute, leveraging new approaches to decentralized authentication. 14. About WebID Leverages existing Web infrastructure X.509 certificates and TLS A mirrored claims approach to authentication externalizing LDAP, a human/app API key for more info, see 15. Where were going with WebID see (platform) challenge 4 enabling very flexible and fine-grained accesscontrol leads to data centric authorization PCAST Health IT Report data element access service secure the data, not just the devices US Fed CIO Steven VanRoekel 16. Timeline for both Challenges Submission Period Ends: October2, 2012 Winners Notified: Early November 17. Judging CriteriaSee detailed info 18. For More InformationContact George Thomas Chief Architectgeorge.thomas1@hhs.govOrHemali at