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  • Plus91 Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Adding Value to Healthcare Twitter in Healthcare Get Started
  • Twitter! Whats that?Twitter is a Social Network where users sendand read short messages of upto 140 charactersTwitter is a Cross between Textmessaging, Blogging and InstantMessaging and is called theSMS of the Internet9th Most Visited Site in the World 2
  • Twitter is Many Things The Club - An index of friends, likes, brands, companies, favorites etc. The Gossip Room - A place to hear what others are talking about The Bulletin Board - A place to post updates, thoughts and share links to news, pictures, videos, blogs, etc. The News Channel - A place where you get the latest breaking news instantly as it happens. A network of things you like and need And More 3
  • What do these terms on Twitter mean?TweetThe Message Content Posted on Twitter Follow(text/links/images/video) is called a Tweet To Follow means to subscribe officially to someones Tweets.Used also as a Verb: when you post a message on Twitter, you You can follow and be followed.are said to Tweet.@Mention @Reply @mention addressing someone specifically in a group . OnlyReferring to someone specifically in a message/Tweet. Both the recipient and followers in common will see the @reply.parties will see the @mention. @mentions are part of the 140 @replies always have @ as the first character in the tweet.characters of the tweet #HashtagDM (Direct Message) These are Tags or signboards. Any word withA DM is a private message seen only by the person you have a # symbol before it becomes a hashtag. They help in locatingsent it to, like an SMS. your conversation whichs allow Twitter to search for them and display them in searches. Anything can be tagged.RT (ReTweet) URL Shortenter Services like and tinyURL that make long web addressesForwarding some one elses tweet on to your timeline, without shorter to save room in the tweet. Twitter has one built inadditional input. Large audiences are reached like this. called 4
  • Get Started Create an Account 5
  • Have an Account? Then just login 6
  • Navigation Menu Items Tweet To insert into timeline Main Interface Bar Contains All Navigation Items you need Home Your Main Dashboard Tweet button allows you to post a new Tweet, or upload a @Connect photo To see whos asking All Five icons are the same for all devices iPad, iPhone, #Discover Android and the Computer To find items of Interest Me Personal Data, Statistics and 7 more
  • The Main DashboardThe dashboard isbasic data aboutyou, twittersrecommendation ofpeople to follow, andtrends for yourcity, state, or countrywith the Hashtag.It also has aStream, of InterestingTweets where Newerposts appear at thetop and push older Trendsones down. Here you find what the majority of people are talking about at this instant. Promoted Trends Advertisers create trends/#hashtags and buy placement. 8
  • The @Connect Page Search bar to search any topicLatest Follows and List Adds Displays all mentions to and from you 9
  • The #Discover Page A selection of major trending stories based on your interests, location, wh at you follow, and news is shown here Shows Important Items, Videos and Images. Also Paid Tweets can be shown here 10
  • The Profile Page Info about You/Your Brand including location co-ordinates!In Depth info aboutyour account broken upby section All of your latest Tweets, @mentions, and retweets (RTs) listed as they happen 11
  • Determining Twitters UsabilityNow That YouUNDERSTAND TWITTERHow will it benefit yourhealthcare facility? 12
  • Key Questions on everyones mind In what ways does Twitter sync with your current Clinic/Hospital Branding and Patient Interactions? How will Twitter serve your Clinic or Hospital? How will your tweets help your audience? Are they going to be helpful, educational, service friendly, humorous? Are they only going to convey a certain kind of information, discounts and promotions , or news? 13
  • So How does Twitter Help Twitter is probably the fastest way to Raise awareness today Twitter allows you to Provide news and information easily Twitter allows protected views to ensue secure sharing of data Providing Quick Non Medical Advice to patients and others saving visits and thus Time Building a loyal set of followers allows viral spread of your information More Beneficial than even referrals 14
  • Its all about Engagement Sync Serve ENGAGE Help Educate 15
  • How to ensure a good Twitter presenceMake Twitter Friends Friends are good fun anywhere you go even in cyberspaceSpeak up Share your views regularlyListen Listen to what others are sayingBe Willing to Engage in conversationsBe Committed Be RegularDont Overdo it Dont make extra accounts to manage roles. Soon youll find it overbearing 16
  • Think you need a Twitter StrategyAppoint someone in your clinic /hospital who will be responsible for TweetingCreate Goals (More on this below)Create a Content Strategy based on your goalsDefine limits and permissions- Will someone check Tweets before they are sent out?Define limits on Tweets per Week / Day / HourDevelop a content timeline to ensure Tweeting and Approvals happen in a timely manner 17
  • Goals : Set Metrics, Not Ego BoostersTwitter is The Platform not The Goal,hence set ROI indicators accordinglyUseful Indicators On Twitter: Followers, Shares, RTs, @mentions, Conversations, Trends and Tags, Positive Patient Mentions, Recommendations via Twitter Off Twitter: Website visits, Learning, Website traffic, Patient Satisfaction, Staff Cohesiveness 18
  • Tweeting Pointers 1. Create Good Tweets 2. Follow the right people 3. Get followed 4. Ask Questions 5. Respond Well 6. Encourage RTs 7. Track keywords 8. Use #hashtags 9. Useful Hashtags 10.Recommendations 11.Tools of Use 19
  • Create Good Tweets Useful Worth Relevant Content Forwarding #HashtagOptimum Size Shortened link Friendly 20
  • Follow the Right People Search people and healthcare bodies/doctors you love or respect Search topics, trends, or #hashtags and follow people talking about them Social media/email contacts Healthcare experts and newsmakers Tweeters your friends follow Tweeters with