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Accenture mHealth Report


  • The Dawn of a New Age in Healthcare An early look at the market for networked devices in mHealth March 2010 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved.
  • Analysts forecast strong growth for mHealth Manhattan Research: 81% of physicians to own smartphones by 2012 Berg Insight: Home Health Monitoring Triple Tree: Global market for remote market (wired & wireless) $11 billion in patient monitoring at $3 billion, growing US and Europe, growing at 10% to $8 billion by 2012 annually Aggressive market forecasts signal explosive growth of wireless technology in the healthcare industry 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 2
  • Cost efficiencies from mHealth address rapidly rising healthcare costs due largely to chronic disease Point of care tools can reduce risk and US National Health Expenditures errors (trillions) The increased adoption of Electronic $5.0 Projected $4.5 Medical Records, and the use of digital $4.0 communications saves time and $3.5 Actual $3.0 reduces cost $2.5 Remote monitoring and self-assessment $2.0 $1.5 can reduce the need for office visits $1.0 $0.5 Patient disease management and $0.0 prevention can help avoid costly treatments Source: Source: Chronic disease accounts for 75% of Chronic diseases account for 60% healthcare spending in the US, and of deaths worldwide and 80% in lower 95% for those 65+ under Medicare and middle income countries 300 million people in the US and EU have a chronic disease that could be more effectively managed through remote healthcare monitoring Chronic disease source: 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 3
  • mHealth can help with improving quality of care for aging populations while reducing costs Key Factors By 2020, the US is expected to have a shortage of 1 million registered nurses Baby Boomers are living longer and elderly individuals determined to live independently are at risk Care through a nursing home or assisted facility is costly and often goes against the wishes of the elderly Adult children of elderly parents are looking for better ways to manage their parents care and the ability to respond quickly to problems Sources: Source: UN Mobile enabled care giver systems can provide independence for the elderly and peace of mind for their loved ones 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 4
  • Accenture market research focuses on the application of networking to new devices including devices for mHealth Industry Mobile Network Operators Tech Forwards 12 respondents 1,000 respondents US, 22 respondents in mHealth China, India, Japan, Brazil, Senior mobile network Managers responsible for operator (MNO) executives UK, Germany, France, Italy, product development Spain Thought leaders in embedded Device makers area Own at least 4 networked Providers devices and use at least 4 US, Europe, Asia Internet services Insurers Other participants Incidence of about one-third of Part of a large study of the all online survey respondents market for networked mobile Evenly divided between devices men/women and 18-35/>35 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 5
  • Research methodology on embedded mobile technologies for healthcare Accenture and the GSMA conducted research on the embedded mobile market between November 2009 and February 2010 to assess the opportunity and main barriers to its development. Interviews were conducted with technologically innovative corporations and mobile network operators 65 corporate innovators across NA, Europe and Asia covering four vertical markets: Automotive Digital Home Energy Healthcare 12 thought leaders in embedded mobile from mobile network operators across NA, Europe and Asia This presentation reports the findings for the Healthcare market 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 6
  • From the industry perspective, mHealth is poised to take off 19 out of 22 healthcare respondents say networking technology is very important to their firms competitive future Actively developing networked devices or services that depend on networked devices Primary targets: Chronic diseases and eldercare Mobile Network Operators are aggressively building out their capabilities to help outside companies build, deploy and market networked devices Establishing stand-alone embedded organizations Targeting healthcare along with energy (Smart Meters) and automotive applications Developing new technology platforms Collaborative approach to pricing and risk sharing 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 7
  • Examples of projects mHealth respondents are undertaking Devices that monitor vital signs associated with diabetes, asthma, heart conditions, Parkinsons and other diseases Eldercare devices to detect falls, track behavior changes and locate Alzheimer's patients Personalized databases that collect and analyze device data Video conferencing between doctor and patient Services that link consumer devices to hospital networks 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 8
  • Builders of mHealth applications are breaking through the barriers that have constrained the industry in the past Barriers holding back mHealth 1 Coming to grips with ambiguous funding source provider, payer, consumer Business Model Finding benefits that more than offset networking costs 2 Moving from every project