healing a broken heart - findings and structured recall process to ... healing a broken heart is...

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  • Healing A Broken Heart: Nutritional Foundations: A Collaborative Approach

    featuring Mark Anderson, John Bennett, DC & Nicole Eckman, RD

    Program Topic Highlights:

    Heart basics, using auscultation to determine rate, rhythm and tone- Normal heart rate, systolic and diastolic

    rest ratios, quality of first and second sounds

    Clinical implications of common heart findings and associated risk factors for lowered nutritional levels and inflammation

    Specific heart laboratory markers and optimal nutritional ranges

    Using observational findings to correlate associated nutritional deficiencies affecting cardiac structure and function

    Autonomic nervous system imbalances, diet and lifestyle programs

    Applied heart nutrition for functional support, including omega-3s, B complex vitamins, rutin, specific nucleotide formulas and herbal solutions

    Patient nutritional intake, exam flow, report of findings and structured recall process to enhance nutritional heart health protocols and patient results

    Cosponsored by Selene River Press and Standard Process West Call (800) 321-9807 to register today!

    8 CEUs Available for DCs and Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) Certification EnrolleesCall (800) 321-9807 to Register Today!

    Healing A Broken Heart

    Healing a broken heart is not limited to restoring the emotional outcomes of separation, betrayal or rejection. In contrast, healing a broken heart also involves the identification of stress-induced changes noticeable in heart function, physical degeneration of the cardiovascular system, manifestation of nutrient deficiencies, indications of malabsorption and assimilation issues, and other observable signs.

    Todays natural healthcare practitioner must position themselves to offer a comprehensive approach to heart health, as well as an environment that cultivates open and honest communication, builds patient/practitioner trust and provides real solutions to common concerns. The toolbox for repair should include a mix of interpretive data collected from physical examination, patient intake and history, as well as nutritional assessments used to uncover hidden sources of dis-ease.

    This years professional development programming begins with a trio of gifted speakers, all bringing their unique and collaborative perspective on how to heal a broken heart.

    Are you ready to expand your nutritional horizons?

    Would you like to learn how to implement nutritional strategies for optimal heart health?

    Then dont miss this seminar!

    Saturday, January 14, 20178:30 am - 5:30 pm

    Embassy Suites, Loveland, CO

  • The Heart Sound Recorder

    The new Heart Sound Recorder was released in September and is a computer-based, low-risk general

    wellness monitor that uses the principles of auscultation to acquire, display, record and save heart


    Demonstrations of the device will be offered throughout the day during this seminar so attendees

    can interact with the technology.

    To learn more about this device, go to heartsoundrecorder.org. To inquire about training, call

    Joseph Antell at (203) 257-0306.

    A nutritious, light lunch will be served -Compliments of Standard Process West, Inc.

    Nicole Eckman, RDNicole Eckman is an integrative nutritionist, specializing in digestive & endocrine disorders. She has a diverse background in functional medicine and clinical nutrition and has worked in hospital, fitness, online counseling and private practice settings. Her unique whole person patient approach involves detoxification, food choices and meal planning, healthy behavior modification and the use of therapeutic food concentrates. She credits her success to understanding the signals of the body and correcting imbalances.

    Date: Saturday, January 14, 2017Time: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm (registration begins at 7:45)Location: Embassy Suites4705 Clydesdale ParkwayLoveland, CO 80538Hotel phone: (970) 593-6200

    Overnight Accommodations:A special room rate of $149.00 plus tax has been arranged with the Embassy Suites. Please mention the Standard Process West seminar to receive this rate. * Rooms are limited, so please reserve early. Better rates may apply.

    Continuing Education Credits:Eight (8) continuing education credits for DCs have been sponsored by Texas Chiropractic College (TCC). These same credits may also be applied to the Applied Clinical Nutrition certification program, also sponsored by TCC.

    Seminar Fee:This registration fee is either $30 or $129 for doctors requesting CEUs. All preregistered attendees will receive a $30 coupon redeemable for Standard Process West or Selene River Press products.

    Walk-ins will be charged $30, and no coupon will be granted for walk-ins or nonattendees. *Failure to cancel at least 48 hours before the seminar will result in a $30 charge against refund.

    Quick and easy access from I-25. Take exit 259 to Crossroads Boulevard. Free onsite parking.

    Mark AndersonMark Anderson is a recognized authority on the topics of global ecology, therapeutic nutrition and the astute teachings of Dr. Royal Lee. He co-authored Empty Harvest with Dr. Bernard Jensen, demonstrating the link between our food, our immunity and our planet. He is dedicated to preserving nutritionally-based health information, defending our natural healthcare choices and teaching the use of therapeutic supplementation for healing. Mark is the highlighted presenter at Back To School for Doctors held in Denver, Colorado, every September.

    John Bennett, DCJohn Bennett is a 26-year chiropractic veteran, small business entrepreneur, certified coach, teacher and speaker. He has used his extensive experience in therapeutic nutrition to develop an extremely successful wellness model, which incorporates the clinical use of the Heart Sound Recorder. His functional approach to caring for patients, combined with his drive to share effective strategies with peer practitioners has led to a unique teaching style that aligns goals and purpose to achieve heightened levels of personal and professional success.

    Call to Register Today! (800) 321-9807