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  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    HIGH ELF LIST:Archmage Level 4 with Folariaths Robes, Talisman of Saphery, and Silver wand(Immune to mundane attacks, all models in base contact lose magical propertiesof weapons, and +1 spell)Noble BSB, Armor of Caledor (2+ AS), Guardian Phoenix (5+ ward) and GW

    Mage Level 1 with Ironcurse Icon (6+ ward vs War Machines) and Sigil ofAsuryan (Dispel Scroll which destroys spell on 4+)

    35 Spearmen with FC and Banner of Discipline12 Archers with MU, SB12 Archers

    21 White Lions with FC and Flame Banner21 Sword Masters with Banner of Sorcery (+d3 PD) and Amulet of light (magicalattacks)

    5 Dragon princes with MusicianLion ChariotTiranoc ChariotGreat Eagle


    Slann Level 4, Loremaster Light, +1 pd per spell, Becalming cogitation (wizdiscards 6s to cast), Cupped Hands (transfer a miscast result), Immune toMundane attacks, Plaque of Protection (2+ ward vs ranged attacks), BSB

    Banner of Discipline for LD 10.

    Skink Priest Level 1 with Dispel Scroll

    14 Skinks with Javelins and shields, full command25 Saurus warriors FC, hw/shield24 Saurus with Spear/Shield and FC

    6 Kroxigor6 Kroxigor6 Kroxigor

    1 Salamander extra Handler1 Salamander extra Handler

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    The first picture shows a view of deployment. From the High Elves left to rightthere is a normal hill with a scree slope (beige area). The next is also a hill but itis a temple of skulls. In the foreground is a Mysterious forest which my Archers

    figured out was a Blood Forest in the first turn. The big green hill is a VaulsAnvil giving all units within 6 magical and flaming attacks. In the backgroundthe little brown thing is a Haunted mansion and in front of that the tower is aWizards Tower (Gives wizard within 3 knowledge of all spells of a lore). Thebuildings in the foreground are normal buildings and another Haunted Mansionto the far right. Neither Haunted Mansion ever came into play (avoided themlike the plague).

    HE Deployment from Left to Right. Dragon Princes (cant see them in thepicture), White Lions with BSB, Archers with lvl 1 High Mage (shield of

    saphery), Great Eagle, 35 Spearmen with Archmage and General (Shadow Spells:Miasma, Enfeeblement, Withering, Pendelum, and Mindrazor), Swordmasterswith Banner of Sorcery, Lion Chariot, 12 Archers in the building, TiranocChariot.

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    Lizardmen Deployment from Left to Right. Salamander, 6 Kroxigor, 6 Kroxigor,Slann (all lore of light spells), 24 Spear Saurus, 6 Kroxigor, 25 Hw/Shield Saurus,14 Skinks with skink priest (chain lightning), Salamander.

    So the stage was set and High Elves won the roll to see who went first. I was

    really disappointed that I did not roll Pit of Shades for my magic since it couldreally put a hurt on his saurus blocks, kroxigors or even his SLANN!Unfortunately it didnt work out but I had some decent spells to work with. Hisslann only cast 2 spells all game really. Speed of Light which gives WS 10 andInitiative 10 to one unit within 24 or all units within 12 boosted. He also castPhas Protection which makes one unit within 24 -1 to hit for both shooting andcombat or all units within 12 boosted.

    TURN 1So High Elves took turn 1 and did some shuffling forward on the left flank while

    the Chariots and Swordmasters on the right moved up max movement. I placedthe Tiranoc ready to charge the right sally if he came up to shoot and the lionchariot in a position to charge the sally, skinks or saurus if they moved up inrange. SMs I planned on making a beeline for his saurus block since they wereposition outside of buff range of his slann. In the magic phase I tried to slow themovement of the left salamander but it was dispelled and then I cast witheringon the center krox unit (see pic with spell card in front) I rolled a 5 so theirtoughness went from a 4 to a 1!! As a result I fired 23 shots at them (1 was out ofrange) and brought down two kroxigors and did 2 wounds to another after itwas all said and done. Wounding on 2s with archers is NICE!!!

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    During the lizardmen turn He moved up with all units except the shot upkroxigors I believe. The skinks on the HE right flank used a swift reform tomove into the wizards tower so the skink priest could know all spells. Thesalamander on that same flank moved up ready to shoot but the one on the leftflank shuffled forward to stay out of charge range of the DPs.In his magic phase he threw 6 dice at chain lightning at the tiranoc chariot since itcould have easily bounced 6 to every unit in my army (it does D6 S6 wounds tothe target unit and then on a 3+ it can bounce 6 to another unit). I had them set

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    up perfectly for him. He didnt get irresistible force though and I rolled all of mydispel dice and stopped it. He then used his remaining dice to boost PhasProtectionguess I wont be charging anything near the slann this turn. In theshooting phase the Right flank salamander shot a flame template that hit boththe tiranoc chariot and the building with the archers. The tiranoc was wounded

    and the archers took 2 wounds as well. They then failed their panic test andwould have likely ran off the board but I rolled snake eyes for my flee distanceand so they remained. The javelins in the building all fired at the tiranoc as welland did another 2 wounds leaving me with 1 wound left on the chariot.

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    TURN 2The high elves decided to take the fight to the enemy and so the Swordmasters(needed to roll a 7) and the Lion chariot (needed a 6) both charged the Sauruswith HW/shield. The tiranoc charged the salamander as well. All three madethe charge rolls!!! HUGE now time to eat some lizard face! The DPs and White

    Lions each inched backwards making the Kroxigors charges harder to make onthe left flank. The spears inched backwards as well but couldnt quite get theArchmage out of range of his becalming cogitation. The archers rallied andprepared to step up and re-enter the building.During the magic phase the archmage was able to get Enfeeblement off on theSpear saurus lowering their strength by 1 to a 3. Unfortunately I didnt have therange to the Saurus with shields and didnt have the dice to boost it. My lvl 1mage also successfully cast shield of saphery on the white lions.During the shooting phase I again shot at the withered kroxigor felling anotherbrute and leaving one wounded. I love T1 kroxigor!

    Next up was combat on average with 22 Swordmaster attacks, D6 impact hits,4 lion attacks and 2 white lion attacks I should average 16 wounds on this unit.After the dust settled and a 5 roll for impact hits even! I ended with only 10 deadSaurus. They were hot with rolling 6s to save for their Parry and Armor. Thesaurus fought back hard and dropped 6 Swordmasters enough to leave him with3 ranks and me with 2.they were steadfast on an 8. They passed their breaktest and we hunkered down for another round of combat. Thankfully I hadanticipated some shenanigans like this happening so I positioned my eagle todivert his kroxigors for a turn. The Tiranoc failed its fear check against thesalamander hitting at WS1 for the turn. However, I did 5 impact hits which

    killed 2 handlers and did 2 wounds to the sally. I needed 1 more wound hittingon 5s and wounding on 4s but it wasnt to be and the tiranocs last wound wasmunched by the beast. Leaving it alive to terrorize in the following turn.

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    TURN 3

    In my turn 3 I charged the DPs into the Kroxigor on the left flank who wereoutside of the Slanns 12 bubble of LIGHT and unbreakableness (yes its a wordnow) and made the charge. I aligned in a way as to potentially overrun into the

    salamander if I was fortunate enough to break the Krox. My White Lions andSpears moved forward and my Archmage exited the spear unit and joined thearchers in the foreststill not quite out of Becalming range. As my first attemptI decided that if I was going to be -1 to hit him I should lower his WS so that hewould be hitting me on 5s as well. The slann was having none of it and orderedhis Skink to scroll it. I then cancelled the Enfeeblement on his spear saurus andrecast it boosted on the Kroxigor in the fight with the DPs. Every point ofstrength they lose I gain a point in armor save I figured so should work out well.With only two dispel dice at his disposal (I rolled low on the winds of magic)and his scroll used up he failed to dispel it and his Kroxigors went to S2S4

    after Great Weapons but still a huge advantage! In the shooting phase mypanicked archers stepped up and dropped the last wound off of the Salamanderthat the Tiranoc failed to destroy. The other archers continued their fire at the T1kroxigor but failed to kill any. The slann had been too busy casting the lightspells to stop and worry about his withered kroxigors =). I love remains in playspells.Now was the time for the Saurus to die! The SMs stepped up and did what theydo best, but some serious 6s to save from the saurus saw only 7 dead saurusafter even the LC lent his hand. (Note: The lions pulling the chariot at this pointhad 12 attacks hitting on 3s or 4s and have whiffed every time not a single hit

    let alone a wound). With fading attacks the saurus were only able to do a couplewounds which meant they were taking a break test on a re-rollable 5 (which incoldblooded means unbreakable actually it was like a 60% chance to pass). Ofcourse his 4 little saurus continued to hold me up another round ready to besandwiched in the following turn. Fd in the A.

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    The DPs faired much better though hitting on re-rollable 3s as HEs should bedoing always.(light magic is so lame). They plastered 3 kroxigors into theground and the kroxigors return attacks at S4 only did 2 wounds which wereboth saved by the Dragon Armor! The kroxigor were taking their break test onsnake eyes and oddly enough they failed it. They were run down which

    panicked the salamander off the board and the DPs had punched through intothe backfield.

    Both Salamanders down with only 2 dead elves from the stupid flamingskirmishers WOOHOOO!

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    Lizards turn 3.shit got tossed at the fanThe Kroxigors and Skinks charged the swordmasters and lion chariotrespectively, sandwiching them in the middle. The spear saurus and the other

    krox unit shuffled closer to the slann to get in his light bubble of speedyunbreakableness. In the magic phase the slann proceeded to irresistible Speed ofLight (the worse spell ever for high elves) and rolled a 5 or 6 again suffering noill effects for getting off the spell I was preparing to throw all my dispel dice at.With no shooting we went straight to combat where the combined speed of lightand sandwich saw my Swordmasters and lion chariot broken (notice in thepicture I managed to kill one Saurus with all of my attacks). The lion chariotescaped with 1 wound remaining but the swordmasters were cut down as theyfled. (A terrible end to a combat that should have been over in the first turn Icharged). So things werent looking so good for the High Elves.

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    TURN 4

    In my turn I swift reformed the DPs and moved up to the flank of the Krox onthe hill. The spears shuffled forward and the Lion chariot rallied. The Archers

    without mages moved into the building. In the magic phase my Archmagefinally succumbed to the Becalming cogitation and it led to all of his spells beingdispelled. I did manage to get off Shield of Saphery on the white lions. I madeno charges this turn since all of his units still had Speed of Light and I reallydidnt want to mess with it if I could help it. With no combats we moved to.

    THE SHIT HITTING THE FAN!Liz turn 4 saw the Kroxigors on the hill charge the white lions, The Saurus

    moving up in support and the remaining T1 krox reforming to face my spears.The skinks shot their javelins felling the white lion chariot and ending itssuffering for good. Here comes the Magic phase.so silly. So the slann steppedup with the power to win games on his own and he did so robustly. With hisfirst spell he cast speed of light irresistibly buffing all units within 12. Theresulting miscast was a 3 and he proceeded to hand it over to my Archmage and

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    general. 1-3 sucked into the void.dice roll 1. Poof goes the Archmage and 5archers.

    The shit in the fan just splattered on my face. The next spell Well I reallywanted to dispel that one, but I guess getting rid of Phas protection shouldhelp. NO chance as the dice came up with a 6 and a 6 as well as a couple others;irresistible force meaning everything within 12 was -1 to hit. So my elves werenow hitting on 5s even my BSB. In combat I managed to chop down only 1kroxigor and got blasted by return attacks suffering 13 wounds. I only managed2 ward saves leaving 11 white lions dead and 1 wound on my BSB. Luckily I wasstubborn and stuck around to fight another roundthough it would likely bemy last since there was no way to get rid of those spells.

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    TURN 5In my turn I had little choices left. I needed to finish off the saurus block withonly 3 guys left, the krox with only 2 left and I needed to help my white lions. Idecided to send my DPs after the saurus, and charged my spears into the

    kroxigors flank. I had to break them this time or michaels saurus were going toeat me alive in my own flank. I figured with ranks, a bunch more attacks, flankand charge it shouldnt be a problem. My magic phase saw me rolled 4 dice tocast drain magic and rolled 2 6s, normally a miscast but THANKS to becalming Ifailed to cast it and ended my magic phase without being able to roll my other 6dice at shield of saphery which I really wanted to get off. Combat was much thesame with the Elves missing and the Lizardmen hittinghard. The bsb, WLchampion and 5 other white lions were brought down but 2 kroxigors felt thetouch of death as well. In the end the Kroxigors had lost combat by 7 and werere-rolling on a 3but thanks to the bubble of light and unbreakable goodness

    they remained sealing the fate of my army and the game.

    Below: From the Slanns Perspective

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    Saurus and Krox charge the spears (Michael is measuring his charges above), the3 remaining saurus charge the DPs hoping they can keep them from hitting on

    S5 and with speed of light maybe do some damage of their own. Of course in themagic phase The slann casts the spell with irresistible force again and again rollsa 5 or 6 and suffers no ill effects. The 5th spell cast with irresistible force and onlya dead Archmage to show for itseriously. So in combat the white lions arekilled down to one man left. The Spears are broken and run down by the kroxwho pursue into the archers and eliminate them in the next turn as wlel as thelast white lion.

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    Oh and the 3 saurus that charged survived killing 2 dps and breaking them. Atthe end of the game I had 3 DPs and 10 archers remaining. I had only gottenvictory points for 2 salamanders and a unit of Kroxigors.

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    WELL Thats the way the cookie crumbles sometimes I guess

    The lore of light creates a great synergy with the lizardmen covering their onlyweaknesses which is low weapon skill and initiative. It also takes away the high

    elves greatest advantage, hitting on 3s and re-rolling missed hits. In conjunctionthe two make for a very depressing combat phase for the Elves. Especially whenyou throw in failed fear checks meaning Im hitting on 6s in combat. Michaelplayed a great game, but his magic phases really left me with nothing to do. Inever had an opportunity to dispel the spells he was getting off as he cast themall irresistibly and in the combats that I should have won I didnt and it ended upcosting me as his slann came over and lent its support. I felt like I played a reallysolid game, but once again couldnt come out on top. Just once I would like mydestroy scroll to work and remove Speed of Light from the game, but it hasnthappened in over 6 tries. Its like Ive been betting on red this whole time and

    the damn roulette table keeps hitting black.

    Based on what I have seen I anticipate Michael and this list doing really well atCCC. I could see a heavy war machine army doing well against this list if it canhit early. Otherwise I think this army can seriously wipe the table with a lot ofpeoples stuff. Even with war machines this list has enough units that can getacross the table fairly quickly. Probably best to keep the army together though

  • 8/6/2019 HE vs Lizardmen (Shadow vs Light)


    for the 12 bubble. Basically anything outside of the bubble I was able to (orshould have been able to with decent rolls) beat pretty handily.

    I hope you enjoyed my Battle Report which could have easily become a rant but Itried to keep myself in check for most of it. Im thinking about writing up a more

    fluffy version of this but well see. I tend to only put that much effort into BRswhen I win =) which makes it more enjoyable to right a fluffy story. Its tough towrite a story from an Elfs perspective if all the characters die. No one left to tellthe story you seeI guess I could write it from the perspective of a lowlyarcherSTUPIDEST SPELL FOR LIZARDS: