hc finisher and ps7r9000 rip leader’s guide. finisher overview the hc finisher...

Download HC Finisher and PS7R9000 RIP Leader’s Guide. Finisher Overview The HC Finisher offers the convenience of stapling, hole punching, folding, booklet- making

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  • HC Finisher and PS7R9000 RIP Leaders Guide
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  • Finisher Overview The HC Finisher offers the convenience of stapling, hole punching, folding, booklet- making and offset stacking in-line with the printing process HC Finisher is ideal for those installations where in-line finishing improves productivity
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  • HC Finisher Overview The HC finisher will: Staple multiple locations 2/3 hole punch Single fold Booklet (single fold and staple) Front and Back cover insert
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  • Finisher Markets and Applications Religious Weekly bulletins folded/bookleted Newsletters Directories Calendars Weekly sermon/hymnals Special event programs Example: A church could print 500 newsletters in just 26 minutes! Assumption: 11 x 17 duplex, folded at 300 dpi
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  • Finisher Markets and Applications Educational Course selection catalogues Lesson/class materials Newsletters Calendars Program/event books Directories Schedules Playbills Example: A school could print 500 8 page playbills in just half an hour! Assumption: Letter size booklet (2 images per page at 300 dpi).
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  • Finisher Markets and Applications Retail/Wholesale Catalogues Store maps Directories Everyday documents Example: A store could print 100 10-page 3-hole punched catalogues in about 12 minutes! Assumption: Letter landscape, simplex, 300 dpi
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  • Finisher Markets and Applications Connected Office Everyday communications Presentations Directories Newsletters Calendars And much, much more Example: A company could print 25 10-page stapled presentation handouts in color in just 6 minutes! Assumption: Letter landscape, simplex, 300 dpi
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  • Required Components RISO HC5000 When installing the HC Finisher PS7R9000 HC Finisher and Connection Unit HC Control PCB B
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  • HC Finisher PS7R9000 RIP HC Finisher Connection Unit HC Finisher HC Control PCB B For the current HC User HC Finisher Connection Unit LCD Touch Panel (Optional) Scanning Kit Optional
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  • Finisher Components HC Finisher Top TrayCover Sheet Tray Stacking Tray Booklet Tray Transfer Cover HC Finisher Connection Unit
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  • HC Finisher Features Offset Stacking Function Staple Function Punch Function (8mm x 2&3 Holes) Cover Sheet Function Booklet Making Function
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  • Finisher Functions Staple Function Specs. Max. 100 Sheets (20 lb bond or 85 g/m 2 ) Punch Function Specs. 2 Holes or 3 Holes Booklet Making Function Specs. Max. 60 Pages ( = 15 Sheets ) (20 lb bond or 85g/m 2 )
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  • Finisher Specs HC Finisher Cover Sheet Tray Capacity: 200 Sheets Top Tray Capacity: 500 Sheets Stacking Tray Capacity: 2,000 Sheets (Letter) 1,500 Sheets (Ledger) Booklet Tray Capacity: 20 Sets (1Set=15Sheets) Stapler Capacity: 5,000 Shots Weight: 120kg (HC Finisher)
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  • Finisher Feeds and Speeds Simplex Print : 105ppm Duplex Print : 60ppm With Punch : Approx. 80ppm With Staple : Approx. 40ppm With Punch and Staple: Approx. 36ppm With Booklet Making: Approx. 30ppm (A4 Size with Horizontal Paper Feed Direction)
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  • Paper Weights HC Finisher A Normal Printing : 14 40-lb bond (52-157 g/m 2 ) Booklet Making : 16 24-lb bond (60-90 g/m 2 ) Normal Folding : 16 28-lb bond (60-105 g/m 2 ) Cover Sheet : 16 58-lb bond (60 - 220 g/m 2 )
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  • Finisher Staple Functions A A Top Left A A Top RightTop x 2Left x 2Right x 2 A A A Top LeftTop Right Top x 2Left x 2 Right x 2 A A A AA A A Paper Feed Direction: Portrait (Letter, Foolscap, Legal, Letter) Paper Feed Direction: Landscape (Letter-R)
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  • Finisher Punch Functions A A A A A A A A A A A A Paper Size: Letter-R Paper Size: Legal, Ledger 2 Holes3 Holes Left Right Top Left Right TopLeft Right Top Left Right Top
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  • Function Combination Chart
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  • PS7R9000 RIP New RIP about 4 times faster than current RIP More powerful CPU Pentium4 3.4 GHz vs Celeron 1.2 GHz More memory 1024 MB vs 128 MB Larger Hard Drive 160 GB vs 40 GB
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  • PS7R9000 Key Benefits More powerful processing capabilities for customers that are: High productivity environments Printing large files Printing certain variable data applications Connecting the HC Finisher
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  • RIP Speed Comparison
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  • RIP Comparison RIPHC5000 KONICA MINOLTA 8050 RIP UNITRISO CONTROLLER PS7RRISO CONTROLLER PS7R-9000 Fiery S300 50C-K CPUIntel Celeron 1.2GHzIntel Pentium4 3.4GHzIntel Pentium4 2GHz HDD40GB160GB60GB MEMORY128MB1024MB512MB CONNECTIONUSB2.0Exclusive Connector PDLAdobe PostScript 3 OSLinuxWindows XP Enveded CONSOLEYes, Web ApplicationYes, Exclusive Application POWER CONSUMPTION45W.110W109W SIZE75mm310mm350mm120mm359mm360mm243mm518mm508mm WEIGHT 5.5 12 18kg PROCESSING SPEED *1 J6 Chart 357sec 16.8rpm 99sec 60.6rpm 166sec 36.1rpm *1 PC SPEC: CPU Pentium4 2.2GHz, Memory 512MB, OS WINDOWS XP SP2, Ripping time and Actual Printing time included.


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