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Hayao Miyazaki. Co-founder of Studio Ghibli. EARLY life. Born Jan. 5, 1941 Born in Bunkyo, Tokyo 2 nd Oldest of 4 brothers Father was director of his uncles factory Miyazaki Airplane which made rudders for fighter planes during WW2 Constantly drawing, especially planes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Hayao MiyazakiCo-founder of Studio GhibliEARLY lifeBorn Jan. 5, 1941Born in Bunkyo, Tokyo2nd Oldest of 4 brothersFather was director of his uncles factory Miyazaki Airplane which made rudders for fighter planes during WW2Constantly drawing, especially planesAspired to be a manga artist</p> <p>For the love of animationDecided he wanted to pursue animation after viewing HakujadenBegan animating in 1961His first job was at Toei Animation (in-between artist)Released 1st feature film Lupin III: The castle of Cagliostro in 1979In 1984, after the release of his Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind he co-founded Studio GhibliFilm Spirited Away won Picture of the year at the Japanese academy Awards and was the first anime film to win an American Academy Award</p> <p>Where is he now?Wife: Akemi Ota2 Children: Goro and KeisukiCurrently working on more anime films</p> <p>His work?WriterStory boarderDirectorProducerAnimator</p> <p>Cinematic StyleAnimationWarm, soft/ vivid cool coloursMany different camera techniquesMany different camera anglesCamera movements: pan and head onUse of music and sound effectsSymbolismUse of storytelling (dialogue)</p> <p>ThemesThe UnderdogYoung girl who moves to a new homeSpirits/ Supernatural beingsMagicEnvironmental issues/ NatureFriendship/ LoveHardshipsFlying!</p> <p>InfluencesChildhood experienceEveryday lifeFamily/friendsSocial/environmental issuesOsamu TezukaHakujadenSnezhnya Koroleva</p> <p>Frederic BackDisneyFleischer BrothersLa Bergere et la Ramoneur</p> <p>People he has influencedJohn LasseterSatoshi KonTomm MooreToyoo AshisaMichael Dante DiMartinoPete DocterGlen Keane</p> <p>QuestionsName two things that have influenced Miyazakis workMiyazaki usually storyboards his own work T OR FName 3 common themes in Miyazakis workMiyazaki was interested in graphic design before he became an animator T OR FThe movie _______________ started of Miyazakis career as an animator.</p> <p>AnswersChildhood moving and environmental concernsTrueFlying, magic, supernaturalFalse- Manga artistHakujaden</p>


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