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hayagriva sadhana


  • A Short HayagrivaPractice

    By Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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    Line drawings Robert Beer

    Practice Requirements

    There are no empowerments required to do this practi ce. It can be performed by anyone with faith.

  • Short Hayagriva Practice 3

    Meditation on the Graded Path to Enlightenment

    Combined withHayagriva Visualization

    by Lama Zopa Rinpoche



    The purpose of my life is to free all senti ent beings from obscura-ti ons and their causes, and lead them to not only the happiness of self-liberati on (freedom from su ering), but to peerless enlighten-ment.

    I have the responsibility to bring happiness to all beings and free them from all su ering. How? Because if I generate compassion now it will make me benefi t others at least they wont receive harm from me. So I am responsible for the happiness of all senti ent beings, because whether I help or harm them is completely depen-dent on my own mind having compassion or not.

  • 4 Short Hayagriva Practice

    Since the ulti mate purpose of my life is to work purely for others, Ineed to achieve enlightenment. To do that, I need to achieve the path to enlightenment. Therefore Im going to do the direct medi-tati on on the Graded Path to Enlightenment.

    Visualization of Guru Hayagriva

    Every aspect of the visualizati on is made of light transparent, intangible and radiant.

    At the level of your forehead, about six feet away, appears the em-bodiment of all the buddhas omniscient mind, which is the ulti -mate guru, in the aspect of Guru Hayagriva, who has purifi ed all defi lements and att ained all perfect realizati ons.

    His holy body is red with three faces and six arms. His central face is red, his right green, and his left is white. He has three, dark-green, horse heads above the central face. They are looking upwards withmouths open and emit a sound that covers the six realms. Fire fl ames issue forth from the horses manes. These fl ames form a vajra tent and fence that envelops all of samsara from the peak of the Brahma realm to the lowest hell realm. Each of his faces has three eyes. His mouth is open and grinning showing bared fangs.

    In his fi rst right hand he holds a vajra, in the second a trident and inthe third a sword. His fi rst left hand is in the threatening mudra. Inhis second left hand he holds a short spear, and in the third a lassomade from intesti nes.

    Standing on a lotus and sun disc, his eight legs press down on eightsnakes. Each of his heads are adorned with a crown of fi ve humanskulls. He wears a garland of fi ft y fresh human heads, a ti ger skin and human skin with the hands ti ed at the front. He also wears a

  • Short Hayagriva Practice 5

    fresh elephant skin and the six types of bone ornaments. Drops of blood cover his body and arms. His hands and fi ngers are dripping with grease. Parts of his body have heaps of human ash and he is adorned with black snake ornaments.

    He stands in the center of a transcendental wisdom fi re of violentfl ames like the fi re at the end of an eon.

    From below the throat to above the lower organs, the holy body iscovered with wrathful manifestati ons similar to Hayagriva. His three places are adorned with OM AH HUM. Above the HUM on a sun disc is HRIH and from that the transcendental wisdom fi re radiates out.

    Refuge and Bodhichitta

    To the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha,I go for refuge unti l I am enlightened.By the merit I create by practi cing generosity and the other perfecti ons,May I att ain Buddhahood in order to benefi t all senti ent beings (3x)

    The Four Immeasurable Thoughts

    How wonderful it would be if all the senti ent beings were to abide in equanimity, free of hatred and att achment!May they abide in equanimity!I myself will cause them to abide in equanimity!Please, Guru-deity grant me blessings to be able to do this.

    How wonderful it would be if all senti ent beings had happiness and the causes of happiness!

  • 6 Short Hayagriva Practice

    May they have happiness and its causes!I myself will cause them to have happiness and its causes!Please, Guru-deity grant me blessings to be able to do this.

    How wonderful it would be if all senti ent beings were free of su ering and its causes!May they be free of su ering and its causes!I myself will cause them to be free of su ering and its causes!Please, Guru-deity grant me blessings to be able to do this.

    How wonderful it would be if all senti ent beings were never separated from the happiness of higher rebirth and liberati on!May they never be separated from these!I myself will cause them never to be separated from these!Please, Guru-deity grant me blessings to be able to do this.

    Seven-Limb Prayer

    Reverently I prostrate with my body, speech and mind,And present clouds of every type of o ering, actual and mentally transformed.I confess all my negati ve acti ons accumulated since beginningless ti me,And rejoice in the virtues of all holy and ordinary beings.Please remain unti l samsara ends,And turn the wheel of Dharma for senti ent beings.I dedicate all the virtues of myself and others to the great enlightenment.

    Short Mandala Offering

    This ground, anointed with perfume, fl owers strewn,Mount Meru, four lands, sun and moon,

  • Short Hayagriva Practice 7

    Imagined as a Buddha land and o ered to youMay all beings enjoy this pure land.

    Prayer of the Three Great Purposes

    I prostrate and go for refuge to the guru and the Three Precious Rare Sublime Jewels. Please bless my mental conti nuum.Please grant me blessings to cease immediately all wrong concep-ti ons, from incorrect devoti on to the guru up to the subtle dual

    view of the white appearance, red increasing, black near att ain-ment.

    Please grant blessings to actualize immediately all the correct realizati ons from guru devoti on up to the unifi cati on of no-

    more-learning.Please pacify immediately all outer and inner obstacles.



    Glorious and precious root guru, sit upon the lotus and moon seat on my crown. Guiding me with your great kindness, bestow upon me the att ainments of your body, speech, and mind.

    Whose holy body is created by millions of virtues and goodness; whose holy speech fulfi ls the wishes of all senti ent beings; whose holy mind sees every existence exactly at the holy feet of the Principal of the Sakyas, I request.

    Guru Vajradhara who encompasses all three objects of refuge, tak-ing the form of the virtuous friend in whatever way it can subdue, and granti ng common and sublime realizati ons to you the kind gurus, I make request.

  • 8 Short Hayagriva Practice

    Short Prayer of the Graded Path to Enlightenment

    Please bless me to see that proper devoti on to my kind master is the foundati on of all good qualiti es and is the root of the path, and to devote myself to him with great e ort and respect.

    Please bless me to understand that this excellent fortunate rebirth is found but once and is most rare and precious, and to develop night and day the mind that unceasingly grasps its essence.

    Please bless me to be mindful of death, when my unstable body and life will be quickly destroyed like a bubble, and to be fi rmly convinced that aft er death, results follow acti ons - black or white - just as a shadow follows the body.

    Please bless me to train with strong enthusiasti c perseverance, in the practi ce to be always alert to abandon even the slightest ac-cumulati on of wrong acti ons and in accomplishing the vast accu-mulati on of virtue.

    Please bless me to understand the faults of samsaric perfecti ons: they can never sati sfy, they are the door to all su ering, and they cannot be trusted. Let striving for the bliss of freedom grow strong-ly within me.

    Please bless me to have the greatest mindfulness and awareness induced by this pure moti vati on. May I practi ce the essence of theprati moksha, the root of the doctrine.

    Please bless me to see that just as I have fallen into the sea of samsara, so have all mother migrators. May I train in the supreme bodhicitt a that bears the burden of freeing all beings.

  • Short Hayagriva Practice 9

    Please bless me to perceive well that if I produce the mere wish but lack practi ce in the three types of morality, I shall not achieve enlightenment. Let me train with strong e ort in the bodhisatt va vows.

    Please bless me to calm distracti on towards wrong objects, and to investi gate correctly the meaning of reality. May there quickly arise in my mind the path uniti ng calm abiding and higher seeing.

    Having trained in the common path, and when I become a suitablevessel, please bless me to enter with ease the noble entrance for fortunate beings, the highest of all vehicles, the adamanti ne ve-hicle.

    Please bless me to understand correctly the essence of the four classes of tantra and the points of the two stages. May I practi ce the holy teachings and not be lazy in practi cing the four session yoga.

    Thus, may the gurus who show the excellent path and the help-ers of true practi ti oners all live long. May all hindrances, inner and