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Having Your Cake and Eating It Too. With Apache OODT and Apache Solr. Andrew F. Hart Paul M. Ramirez. About Myself. Software Engineer NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Data Management Committer: OODT, SIS, Gora, Streams (Incubating) Mentor: Streams (Incubating). What Well Cover. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Having Your Cake and Eating It TooWith Apache OODT and Apache SolrAndrew F. HartPaul M. Ramirez

  • About MyselfSoftware EngineerNASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryData Management Committer: OODT, SIS, Gora, Streams (Incubating)Mentor: Streams (Incubating)

  • What Well CoverOverview of OODT & Solr ProjectsStrategies for Combining OODT and SolrDetailed Deployment/Config. ExampleWhere to Learn More & Participate

  • Apache OODTObject Oriented Data TechnologyOrigin in NASA mission data systemsComponents forInformation integrationData cataloging and archivingConfigurable workflow processing

  • Apache OODTOODT @ ApacheIncubation: 2010, Graduation: 201129 CommittersLatest Release: 0.5 (Dec. 26, 2012)

  • Apache OODTKaroo Array Telescope (KAT-7)

  • Apache OODTVirtual Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

  • Apache OODTRegional Climate Model Evaluation System

  • Apache OODTCommonalities between systemsLots of dataDefined processing steps / algorithmsArchives important ( search important)

  • Apache OODTStrengths of OODT for the above use casesLoosely coupled componentsStandard protocols, well-defined interfacesHighly configurableVetted, reliable code

  • Apache SolrSearch + Web ServicesPowerful featuresFlexible formatsHighly configurable

  • Apache SolrThe White House

  • Apache SolrNetflix

  • Apache SolrNASA Planetary Data System

  • OODT & SolrWhy use these projects together?Archives often need search capabilitySimilarities / CompatibilitiesXML-based configurationEnvironment (Java, Tomcat)

  • Example IntegrationStandard Data Archive Pipeline

  • Example IntegrationStandard Data Archive Pipeline + Search

  • OODT ProductsTypically 1-1 with FilesEach uniquely identifiable (GUID)Support for higher-level ProductTypeA way to define collections

  • OODT MetadataAnnotations for productsKey:{Val|Multival}Common across all OODT componentsTwo general classes: SystemUser

  • OODT MetadataSystem MetadataAdded automatically by OODT ComponentsUsed to track stateUsed to encode relationships between data

  • OODT MetadataUser MetadataSpecified as policyCan be product-level, or productType-levelUsed to extract & persist information from files as they are ingested (become products)

  • OODT MetadataMetadata (Policy) Example


  • Solr SchemaXML documentDefine what will be indexed (Fields)Provide high-level context hintsData type, behavior, pre-processingExtremely flexible, extensible

  • Solr SchemaSolr Schema Example


  • Making the ConnectionSolrIndexer ToolPart of the File Manager component toolsMap OODT Metadata to Solr FieldsCreate Solr documents from OODT productsNote: only talking about metadata

  • SolrIndexer ToolOrg.Apache.Oodt.Cas.Filemgr.ToolsAvailable since 0.4 ReleaseRecommend to use 0.5+ as some stability improvements were addedSeveral modes of operation

  • SolrIndexer Tool

  • SolrIndexerToolInvocation Examples: Ingest all products from the specified File Manager instance

    java -DSOLR_INDEXER_CONFIG=/path/to/indexer.properties \ -Djava.ext.dirs=/path/to/cas/filemgr/lib/ \ org.apache.oodt.cas.filemgr.tools.SolrIndexer \ --all \ --fmUrl http://localhost:9000 \ --solrUrl http://localhost:8080/solr

  • SolrIndexerToolInvocation Examples: Ingest all products from the specified ProductType(s)

    java -DSOLR_INDEXER_CONFIG=/path/to/indexer.properties \ -Djava.ext.dirs=/path/to/cas/filemgr/lib/ \ org.apache.oodt.cas.filemgr.tools.SolrIndexer \ --types urn:some:ProductType \ --fmUrl http://localhost:9000 \ --solrUrl http://localhost:8080/solr

  • SolrIndexerToolInvocation Examples: Ingest a single product by its unique product id

    java -DSOLR_INDEXER_CONFIG=/path/to/indexer.properties \ -Djava.ext.dirs=/path/to/cas/filemgr/lib/ \ org.apache.oodt.cas.filemgr.tools.SolrIndexer \ --product 19bcb4b8-7999-11e1-b581-8b771498975d \ [--delete] \ --fmUrl http://localhost:9000 \ --solrUrl http://localhost:8080/solr

  • SolrIndexerToolInvocation Examples: Force optimization of the Solr index

    java -DSOLR_INDEXER_CONFIG=/path/to/indexer.properties \ -Djava.ext.dirs=/path/to/cas/filemgr/lib/ \ org.apache.oodt.cas.filemgr.tools.SolrIndexer \ --optimize --solrUrl http://localhost:8080/solr

  • Indexer.propertiesConfiguration file for the SolrIndexerSpecify mapping between OODT product metadata and Solr fieldsAdditional pre-processing features

  • Indexer.propertiesExample Indexer.properties file


  • Use Case IBuilding a searchable data archiveLong-term / Lights-out archiveProducts & metadata immutableMany NASA mission data systems use this modelWant to make it easily searchable

  • Use Case IStandard Data Archive Pipeline + Search

  • Use Cases IIBuilding an interactively editable, searchable data archiveData and metadata mutableWant to dynamically select product(s) to edit based on metadata

  • Use Case IIInteractively Editable Data Archive Pipeline + Search

  • Use Case IIInteractively Editable Data Archive Pipeline + SearchSolr catalog out of sync!

  • SynchronizationTwo ways (at least) to solve this:Modify the OODT Curator ServicesTreat OODT Curator Services as black box and write wrapper service to invoke Curator Services AND update Solr (via scripted call to SolrIndexer, for example)

  • Modify Curator ServicesServices implemented in JAX-RS/curator/src/main/java/org/apache/oodt/cas/curation/service[curator_url]/services/metadata/updateOptions:Utilize Solr Java APIWrap call to OODT SolrIndexer tool

  • Use Case II-AModified Curator Services to Simultaneously update Solr

  • ExampleInteractive event tagging

  • Wrap Curator ServicesCurator Service/API is black boxDevelop custom service that: Issues POST request to Curator serviceUpdates Solr index via, e.g.:Utilize Solr Java APIWrap call to OODT SolrIndexer tool

  • Use Case II-BWrapping OODT Curation Services with Custom UI & Services

  • Example

  • LessonsSolr compliments OODT File ManagerRESTful interfaces (Solr + OODT Curator) allow for great flexibility in designing services and UIBest approach depends on situation

  • Next StepsDevelop SolrCatalog for OODT File Manager?Pros: Reduction in moving partsCons: Restrictive?Implement Use Case II-A as optional mode for Curator web service layer

  • Learning MoreSolrhttp://lucene.apache.org/solrsolr-user@lucene.apache.orgOODThttp://oodt.apache.orghttps://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OODT/Homeoodt-user@apache.org

  • Thanks!Questions?

    Post-ingest success action (crawler action) [ runs python script]*JAX-RS framework flexibilityJAX-RS version of a ServletFilter (intercept incoming request and outgoing response) ResponseHandler- Decouple updates (2nd call to Solr) from the original black-box curator met update call*


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