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Gerald Ford

AgendaHave out Nixon reflection writing to checkGerald Ford notes and video clipsJimmy Carter notes and video clipsIran Hostage Crisis reading & questionsDaily Reflection Writing

Gerald Ford

1974 - Ford Pardons NixonPardoned Nixon for any crimes committed while in officePardon = official forgivenessFord hoped to heal the nation, but his move further divided the countrySome believed he had cut a deal with Nixon. Ford denied the allegation.

Left picture - link31974 - Economic TroublesInflation and unemployment were highInflation = rising prices on goodsFord tried to fix it by cutting spending and encouraging America to be less dependent on foreign nations for goods and oilHere is what we must do, what each and every one of you can do: To help increase food and lower prices, grow more and waste less; to help save scarce fuel in the energy crisis, drive less, heat less.

Left picture - link4Jimmy Carter

Draft DodgersCarter offered a full pardon to everyone who had avoided the Vietnam WarSome people saw this as an apology for an unjust warOthers saw it as disrespectful to the men who did serve

Left picture Link 61978 - Camp David AccordsA series of meetings between the leaders of Egypt and Israel Intended to bring peace to the Middle EastEstablished an alliance between Israel, Egypt, and the U.S.

Picture - linked7Environmental ProtectionCreated programs to clean up toxic waste dumps around the countryInstalled solar panels on the White House roof Created the protected wilderness areas in Alaska

1979 - Oil CrisisOPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) cut off Americas oil supplyGas and heating prices went upAmerica experienced an energy crisis

Right picture - link91980 - Iran Hostage CrisisIranian militants stormed the US Embassy in Tehran as protest against US influence in Iranian affairs52 Americans were held hostage in Iran for over a year

Right picture - link101980 - Olympic BoycottRussians invaded AfghanistanIn protest, Carter decided America will not participate in the Moscow OlympicsOnly American boycott in Olympic history