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these slides are about haskell the functional programming language hope u enjoy them


<ul><li>1.Haskell: a simple introAhmed Sherief Ahmed ELDakhakhnyTwitter:@ahmd_sheriefFacebook:goo.gl/9RKCH</li></ul> <p>2. Haskell is functional programming language Haskell is lazy. Haskell wont executefunctions and calculate things until its reallyforced to show you a result. Haskell allow infinite data structures Haskell can build recursive procedures 3. Haskell is statically typed The type of every expression is known atcompile time-and has type interface if u saya=5+8 then a is a number other examplenum sum(num1 ,num2) if you passed a stringas num1 and a number as num2 it will dealwith the string as a number 4. Haskell is elegant and concise. Haskell programs are usually shorter thantheir imperative equivalents. And shorterprograms are easier to maintain than longerones and have less bugs To program in Haskell you will need text editor A Haskell compiler(GHC is the most widely usedHaskell 5. Some important data structures List Dictionary --lookup Trees (red-black , AVL) Graphs Mutables Io etc 6. Thank youTwitter:@ahmd_sheriefFacebook:goo.gl/9RKCH </p>