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1. Harry Coumnas - Meteorologist 2. Harry Coumnas is a meteorologist working in Ireland's top research institute. He is proficient in using computerized & mathematical models for making short as well as long range forecasts concerning climate patterns. 3. To make precise weather forecasts, he collects data from the satellite images, remote sensors, radars, & weather stations from all across the world. Apart from this, he measures factors like temperature, humidity, and air pressure at different atmospheric levels. 4. Besides forecasting, Harry Coumnas studies the impact of weather conditions on the environment & performs research on climate change & weather prediction models. His research interests span across a variety of subjects, including seasonal forecasting, climate prediction, ocean forecasting, and many more. 5. So far, he has investigated subjects like the physics of clouds & precipitation, global climatic change, and many more. He has also developed many numerical & computer models for predicting atmospheric processes & improving the preciseness of forecasts. 6. Thank You! 7. Thank You!