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  1. 1. Harry Coumnas -A Dedicated Social Worker
  2. 2. Harry Coumnas is a successful businessmanfrom New York. He comes from a largefamily of 100 members who are residing indifferent parts of the world which includingAustralia, India and Western Europe. Hegives lots of importance to his family andlikes to spend quality time with his familymembers.
  3. 3. He has interest in sports and indulgeshimself in many sports activities. He was awrestling champion during his college days.He is also an excellent basketball playerand has played for the popular New YorkKnicks basketball team in New York. Apartfrom this, he also devotes himself to manysocial causes.
  4. 4. He participates in most events related tothe betterment of society. He helps the poorand needy children when he gets a chance.He annually donates money to manycharitable causes, local churches andcommunities. Along with being a dedicatedsocial worker, Harry Coumnas is also aresponsible citizen.
  5. 5. He respects the laws as he believes thatlaws help in developing a better andsafesociety. He teaches other people also thattheyshouldfollow therules andregulations. He is also againsttheconsumption of alcoholic drinks andintoxicants.
  6. 6. He believes that these materials are themajor enemies of any society as afterconsuming intoxicants an individual isntable to make any decisions.A person underthe influence of intoxicants can also pose athreat to other individuals if he is driving asthese might cause an impaired judgmentwhich can lead to accident..
  7. 7. So, he keeps a distance from such harmfulhabits and also guides the persons he is incontact with to do the same.Harry Coumnasis an adventure lover and involves himselfin many adventurous activities likehitchhiking the country, camping in thewoods, sky diving from high mountains,riding in the roller coaster etc.
  8. 8. He also loves driving fast cars. He is also agood chess player and enjoys it in his freetime. He also spends his free time byreading love stories, watching movies onHBO channel and playing with his petswhich gives him relief from all the workrelated stress.