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  • 1.HARNESSING THE POWER OFDISRUPTIVE INNOVATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR A BETTER NEW YORK CITY Presented by Craig Hatkoff, Rabbi Irwin Kula, Anne Christensen and Melvin Ming

2. Introduction Craig Hatkoff Co-founder, Tribeca Film Festival Co-founder, Disruptor Foundation 3. Some things are right in front of our eyes but we just dont see them 4. Play Video One (security cam) 5. What exactly is DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION? Disruption is not a dirty word Invention versus Innovation Disruptive versus Sustaining Innovation Its all about the economic or social business model 6. Invention versus Innovation 7. Harnessing Disruptive Innovation Rabbi Irwin Kula President, Center for learning and Leadership Co-founder, Disruptor Foundation 8. DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION 101 Anne Christensen President, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation 9. Disruptive How Disruption Changes the Innovation An Introduction to WorldAnn Christensen | ann@christenseninstitute.org | Twitter: @christenseninst 10. What is disruptive innovation?@christenseninst 11. PerformanceDisruptive Innovation 101Incumbents nearly always winEntrants nearly always winTime@christenseninst 12. PerformanceDisruption in the Automotive IndustryAvalon Camry Corolla CoronaTime@christenseninst13 13. General Process of Becoming Affordable and Accessible MainframeMinicomputersDesktops 1. Bring the problem to the solution 2. Then bring the solution to the problem LaptopsSmartphonesSlide rule 14. Decentralization Follows Centralization Health care is beginning to show this pattern Imaging:High-speed multichannel testersMRI, CT, PET ScannersSpecialist physicians ClinicsPersonal physiciansHomesSurgical suitesOffices Nurse practitioners Pharmacists1. Bring the problem to the solution 2. Then bring the solution to the problem 15. In Industry After Industry disruptive innovations are transforming our world. 16. Will New York City Disrupt Next? 17. Huge Impact, Zero Cost When Elmo sneezes kids listen Run video 2 (the big sneeze) 18. An Epic Disruptive Innovation: Sesame Street! Melvin Ming President and CEO, Sesame Workshop 19. Harnessing Disruptive Innovation Talking Transitions November 19, 2013 20. Our mission is to help children everywhere reach their highest potential. 21. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT INITIATIVESEmotional/Social WellbeingHealth & WellnessEarly LearningLanguage to LiteracyLearning is Everywhere 28 22. Thank You!